1 Page Profits Review – A Shiny Object You Don’t Need

Brenden Mace is at it again, producing yet another cheap and cheerful WarriorPlus product. Another one of his get-rich-quick schemes aimed at unsuspecting newbies to the internet marketing industry.

But I’m here to show you some eye-opening truths about Brenden and 1 Page Profits in this review.

I do affiliate marketing as a means of making money online, but I have to tell you (if you don’t already know) that most people don’t do it properly and huge numbers are mislead by shiny object creators like the aforementioned Brenden Mace and many others like him.

But let’s get into the details of 1 Page Profits and then you will be able to make your own decision on whether or not to give it a try.

My #1 Recommendation for making money online is something I’ll talk about as part of this 1 Page Profits review/rant!

Okay, let’s get started.

1 Page Profits Overview:

Name: 1 Page Profits

Creator: Brenden Mace

Type: Presell page builder for affiliate marketing

Price: $7.63 + numerous upsells amounting to several $100s

Recommended? No!

While there is a LOT of hype on the sales page for 1 Page Profits, the software is extremely low value. On top of that it isn’t anything you would need for affiliate marketing because you can build or get hold of presell pages for free.

The traffic methods taught in this program are a joke because they consist in spamming social media platforms, many of which are very dated.

My Rating for 1 Page Profits:0.2 out of 5 Stars!

Paying a few dollars for a program with no useful training, tools or support is no way to start a business in affiliate marketing.

I don’t have any confidence that you will make money with 1 Page Profits because it is deficient in everything:

  • Training
  • 1-1 coaching
  • Community support
  • Technical support
  • Effective tools
  • Proper traffic driving methods
  • Long-term reliability (if the owner stops hosting 1 Page Profits, your whole business dies)
  • And more…

If you want to do this properly, you need far more information, expert and community support as well as all the necessary tools to succeed.

On top of that you also need the right mindset which means continual learning, on-going hard work and experience.

Video Review of 1 Page Profits:

Who Is the Creator of 1 Page Profits?

1 Page Profits was created by a guy called Brenden Mace in April 2020. He is also the creator of many other similar WarriorPlus products.


He uses a shotgun approach whereby he will keep creating programs that are supposed

His stuff does not seem to have a good name in the internet marketing industry. On the contrary, I tend to see bad reviews, mostly.

He comes out with MMO programs which probably make him a few bob and then he makes new ones.

What is 1 Page Profits?

1 Page Profits is little more than a basic pre-sale page builder (something you can easily do on WordPress with a template).

It’s described as a plug-and-play system that allows you to promote 5 of the top selling Clickbank products through the site and through a list of social media channels, many of which you’ve probably never heard of:


You then sit back and let the money role in. All automated and easy… Right? I just hope you already have a large, targeted following on these random sites.

Another problem is that you can’t rank on Google with a system like this where all the members are doing the same thing.

Also the niches are all different so you can’t establish trust or authority in any one niche.

And then you have the problem of social media as a means of traffic. Social media doesn’t work well as a traffic source for the average person who doesn’t have a huge following and whose followers don’t necessarily have interest in what you’re pitching to them.

Marketing is about more than getting some system to promote for you. You need to work hard and establish trust and build authority in your chosen niche, like they teach you at Wealthy Affiliate where you will build your own site rather than rely on a pre-sell page on a system that may or may not be running long term.

Who Is 1 Page Profits For?

Advanced affiliates and online entrepreneurs would hardly go near something like 1 Page Profits.

It’s aimed at beginners, especially those who are under the illusion that you can make money easily, fast and with no experience.

It reminds me of Commission Blaster. Another hopeless system I reviewed. One promising to make you money but failing dramatically.

There is no push button way to make money online, not in a consistent way at least. You can gamble with your money but that isn’t a long term business model by any means.

>>Show Me A Better Alternative

What Are the Costs of 1 Page Profits?

The entry fee is $7.63. You will get offered a load of upsells including resell rights that allow you to promote the system and get 100% commissions but really, this kind of system is a hyped up piece of garbage.

If you are only willing to pay a few quid to make money online you are delusional.

There’s huge competition with the other members in the system who are all promoting the same thing. You won’t get ranked on Google because this is all duplicate, copy and paste stuff.

You can promote 1 Page Profits from Clickbank as well without needing to buy it.

It doesn’t offer any value in terms of training and showing you how to build your own business like with the program I use.

How Does 1 Page Profits Work?

1 Page Profits works by allowing you to chose a suggested offer(s) and use ready-made presell pages to put in front of potential buyers.

How does it do this? Well, through the site in a mysterious way that isn’t clearly disclosed and with the help of backlinks which I discovered to be useless and from, well, one doesn’t get to know where.

The other traffic source is via all these random social media platforms, most of which I’ve never heard of and stuff that isn’t even around anymore or brings up a 404 error. Besides, you need a big following on social media and if you did, you wouldn’t be promoting something like 1 Page Profits.

These strategies do not work, generally. At least not in the way Brenden is telling you. Affiliate marketing on social media used to be easier. Now people are smarter and it is harder to sell to them. These are dated methods. Google is also incredibly smart and you won’t get traffic to your offers using 1 Page Profits. There are too many complications with SEO and today’s method of selling to people on social media that are overlooked.

Is 1 Page Profits A Scam?

Well, it’s misleading, that’s for sure. Technically, you could sell the offers that he recommends. But you don’t need his system to do that.

I think it’s a waste of money and doesn’t really help you make all the money he’s boasting about.

Let’s just say you may get a little something for your money, but not an answer to making money on the internet. It’s much more complicated and demanding than that.

Reasons To Stay Clear Of 1 Page Profits

It’s unreliable and you don’t need it. You can go to Clickbank itself and promote all the stuff he suggests yourself, either on a blog, or on social media. Or by other means.

It promotes the get-rich-quick mindset which is the completely wrong approach when it comes to online businesses.

List of False Claims

Related: 7 Problems with DFY Systems and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes.

It’s not trustworthy: if we could all rely on a system like this, we’d all by wealthy by next week.

Just take a look at the ridiculous claims on the sales page. Only those who are seriously ignorant will take it seriously.

Firstly, right off the bat, it says the usual shiny object jargon:

“The World’s Fastest and Easiest Breakthrough For Automated $300+ Commissions From Free Traffic.”

There’s no way you should take that seriously. It’s all stuff that you want to hear in order to make you want to buy the program.

Plus there’s all these other false/highly exaggerated claims on the side. Not something to be fooled by. Nonsense. You can’t just make money by a buggy system that won’t bring any traffic worth talking about to your offers.

A Better Alternative

A better alternative in my opinion is Wealthy Affiliate where you learn to do things properly.

At the core of the training you will learn to:

  • Choose your own niche (something that interests you)
  • Build a website (in half a minute)
  • Add content on the site relevant to your chosen niche
  • Attract visitors from search engines (organic/free, targeted traffic)
  • Make sales

Wealthy Affiliate is first on my highly recommended list for its in-depth training and all-in-one offer that includes top level training, website hosting, 24/7 live help, a lively, friendly community, a community blog to update other members with, a keyword research tool to help you find the right titles for your articles that are SEO-friendly and many other brilliant features as well.

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