10 Minute Traffic Review – Is This Legit or a Big Scam?

10 Minute Traffic is a program that promises, well, a lot of things! At the core of it is some training on getting your content ranked very quickly on Google so that you can start getting leads and sales for your online business within days or even hours.

Sounds good?

Well, does 10 Minute Traffic really deliver on what it claims? That’s what we’re going to uncover in this review.

10 Minute Traffic Quick Overview

Name: 10 Minute Traffic

Type: Software to help you get traffic and sales for your business at a low price

Owners: Shawon & Saikat

Price: $7 plus numerous upsells

Recommended? No

What I really see 10 Minute Traffic as is some short and basic training on leveraging YouTube to get organic rankings for your affiliate marketing business.

I say short and basic because it is and it doesn’t really offer anything original. You hardly need to pay for the information you get in 10 Minute Traffic.

It does have some other features as well but most notably, it has many expensive upsells.

They claim much more than what they can really give and make the process of getting good, fast rankings on Google sound far easier and quicker than it really is.

So, although there is some value in it, overall, I see it as a program designed to profit the owner; something that’s hugely overhyped and teaming with pricey upsells.

The Program I use to make money online is a far more realistic way to go about building your own online business. But it’s for serious people who are prepared to learn a lot and put in a good bit of work.

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10 Minute Traffic – Full Review

Having given you the highlights of this program, here is a look at it in more detail.

What Is 10 Minute Traffic?

10 Minute Traffic is a program that promises it can help you generate web traffic in 10 minutes and results in 72 hours.

They say they are using a system that makes $150/day and that you can copy and paste their strategy by getting 10 Traffic.

They say you don’t need your own website, email list or any technical skills to find success using this product.

How Does 10 Minute Traffic Work?

Well, there is some training on how you can get traffic very quickly and that is by using YouTube.

You see, YouTube videos do come up in Google search results even if you’re not on the YouTube platform itself.

And what’s more, YouTube videos rank in no time because YouTube is very high in authority and trust etc. It is a part of Google itself and Google likes to rank it’s own stuff.

A bit like with Google Sites. These do quite well when it comes to ranking because it is part of Google. Of course the content still has to be good enough to be indexed and ranked by the search engine algorithm.

There are some other details about this program which aren’t quite clear unless you actually buy it.

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How Much Does 10 Minute Traffic Cost?

Well, you’d think with all they are promising, that it would be worth investing a mini fortune. But it costs something like $7 or $7.50.

However, that is the frontend price.

Once inside the system, you will be offered multiple upsells that cost far more than the product itself.

This should tell you that what you’re buying for your $7.50 is worth no more than that – a few dollars.

And I wouldn’t get too excited about the upsells eithers.

This kind of thing is just a shiny object in my opinion and that is why if you’re after the real way to go about affiliate marketing with no BS, my #1 Alternative could be for you.

Who are the Creators?

Two guys called Shawon and Saikat but there isn’t much information on them that I could find.

Can It Bring you Traffic and Sales?

You might actually get somewhere with this system. But it will probably nothing to get very excited about.

I mean it’s possible you could use what they offer in this program to get some eyes on your business and offers pretty quickly but that’s if your lucky.

It’s actually not nearly as easy as they want you to think to get organic traffic.

It’s something you need to work at over time. You need good, consistent content creation and A LOT of patience.

This is a marathon, building sufficient organic traffic to have a lucrative online business. But definitely something highly rewarding if you do it correctly.

They’re trying to tell you that there is a push-button way to get consistent traffic AND affiliate commissions by doing hardly anything and that’s just really not true.

This is a business – affiliate marketing using free traffic I mean. It’s a REAL business, not some trick or secret hack to wealth, although you can gamble with your money in affiliate marketing but it usually doesn’t bode well for your pocket.

Technically yes, I’d say you could see some results with 10 Minute Traffic though I certainly wouldn’t risk it myself of advise anyone else to do so.

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Who Is 10 Minute Traffic For?

It’s for anyone who want’s to find a way to get traffic to an online business that is monetised with affiliate marketing.

I don’t believe advanced affiliates would take a system like 10 Minute Traffic seriously.

But it appeals to beginners because of their lack of experience.

Beginners are unfortunately, more likely to trust the creators of 10 Minute Traffic and to believe the hype on the sales page.

Is 10 Minute Traffic a Scam?

Since you are getting something for your money I would have to say this program isn’t exactly a scam, however, it is very misleading which is almost as bad.

If you buy it, you can get a refund but that doesn’t apply to the upsells.

Any cheap make money online product that has expensive upsells is usually designed just to get your money and call it whatever you want but I don’t think anyone would be far from the truth if they called 10 Minute Traffic a get-rich-quick scam.

The claims are so overdone and the hype is downright annoying to anyone who’s been around for a while in this industry.

It’s the same old marketing tactics with different products, all low quality and unable to deliver what they harp on about.

Pros of 10 Minute Traffic

I can’t think of many real pros for this software.

But you will get something for your $7.50 – not that I would even pay that much for this.

The other pro is that it is sold on a platform that has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Cons of 10 Minute Traffic

10 Minute Traffic is severely lacking in value in my opinion. It claims far more than what is delivers which is bound to cause huge annoyance to anyone who goes ahead and buys it, especially if they have also bought the upsells.

The upsells cannot be refunded, though the base product can.

The program just isn’t able to send you all that traffic in 10 minutes, in fact nothing can do that for you without you investing a significant amount of money.

You’d probably be better off just learning how to do paid ads.

The fact is that you can get some fast rankings by utilising YouTube. However, that is still a long way from being a solution to your traffic needs. It’s very hard to generate a significant amount of targeted traffic without doing a lot of work over a considerable amount of time.

YouTube is not easy to succeed with because it is a very competitive platform. The same goes for Google.

With the experience I have with programs like this, I know it’s not really possible to get serious traffic and sales in 10 minutes – just No!

A Better Way to Make Money Online

You’re probably thinking well if 10 Minute Traffic isn’t going to bring me traffic and sales, what will?

The answer is that you need to learn affiliate marketing properly and trust me, there’s a lot to learn. You also need to work at your business seriously and go in long term.

To do this, I recommend to people, serious people mind you, Wealthy Affiliate because it is the most comprehensive and at the same time most affordable training. But there’s more to it than the core training. Wealthy Affiliate includes all you need in one offer: in-depth training, tools, community support, website hosting, live updates and training, technical support and more.

Anyone who takes this program seriously and applies themselves to the training will most likely see results within a few months. At about the 10 month mark, or even before that, it is more than possible to generate a full time income online.

I hope this review of 10 Minute Traffic has been informative and useful. My strongest advice to anyone who is new to affiliate marketing and making money online is that there is no shortcut to this. You need to learn the skill and get good at it by continual practice. This is a real business that requires knowledge and committment.

It is a common pitfall to believe the hype of cheap programs with wild and ridiculous claims that have upsells costing a lot more than the base product.

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