Can You Make 1K a Day? – Merlin Holmes Says So

Hello and welcome to my 1K A Day Fast Track review (aka The Fast Tracks). After doing a thorough study of the ClickBank program, also called ‘The Fast Tracks,’ I came to the conclusion that while it has some pros, there are a lot of cons as well.

But after this review I am hopeful that you will be able to make a decision for yourself as to whether this is something worth investing in or not and whether there is something better that you want to try instead.

Quick Overview of 1K A Day Fast Track

Product Name: 1K A Day Fast Track

Product Type: Email Marketing System

Creator: Merlin Holmes

Price: $997

Recommended? Perhaps to experienced affiliates. It’s quite a serious investment.

My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars.


First of all, this program is categorised as a Done for You System (DFY), something I’ve always seen a lot of problems with, being myself someone who was scammed numerous times by having such programs promoted to me. It plays on that side of human nature that wants a shortcut to wealth. But in reality, it is often very hard to make such systems work, especially if one wants to rely on it for a long term business while at the same time being a beginner in affiliate marketing and making money online.

Anyway, despite that, it is designed quite well compared to other programs in the DFY affiliate marketing system niche. Those who already have considerable experience and a budget may want to give this a go and I wouldn’t strongly suggest they don’t.

How Does it Work?

This program will provide you with templates for promoting ClickBank products. The idea is to have a 2-page website, one of which is a poll page where people can answer yes or no to some question, and then there is an offer page as well as the option for people to give you their email which will add them to your autoresponder.

Within the system there are several products, mostly focusing on high ticket options.

To send people to these web pages you need to buy traffic and Melvin shows you a cost-efficient traffic source, but you are still paying both for the program and the traffic, all in the hope that you will make your money back, but with no guarantee.


Is There a Better Alternative? Yes:

In my opinion, a far more valuable, affordable and successful way to start and grow an online business is to use Wealthy Affiliate.  Starter membership is completely free. No credit card required.  This is an all-in-one platform with tons of success stories.  I especially recommend it for it’s high level training, live 24/7 help and included tools and hosting.

wealthy affiliate review

1K a Day Fast Track Comprehensive Review:

So let’s get in depth here so that you can take away all the information you’ll need to make your own decision on whether to give 1K a Day Fast Track a shot.

This program is also called The Fast Tracks (just another name for the same thing.) Anyway, what it offers is a 6 module course. But it is really a course on how to use the program which is categorised as a DFY system.

The modules are designed to cover a 6-week period, each containing a certain number of lessons on particular topics.

Here’s how it goes:

  • You become an affiliate using ClickBank and find products to sell
  • You build a website consisting of 2 pages, one a poll page and one an offer page
  • Using solo ads, you pay to have visitors click on your site
  • After clicking yes or no on the page with the poll they are directed to the offer on the 2nd page
  • They may buy the offer but if not they also have the option to opt into your email autoresponder


Who is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes is a successful internet marketer, however, there isn’t actually much known about him. He’ll tell you a bit about himself and all the money claims to be making on his sales webinar for 1 K A Day Fast Tracks, also called The Fast Tracks.

There is also a basic LinkedIn profile for Martin but it doesn’t provide much detail about him.

If I’m thinking of shelling out $997 on the course alone, not to mention the extra costs of The Fast Tracks, I want to have a good idea of who is the creator who wants to sell it to me.

It is possible to make the massive amount of money he claims to make if one really knows what they’re doing. Online marketing is a big place.

I just prefer it when I’m given more details and more assurances. However, in the course, Martin, does show you some of his income reports.

Video Review of 1 K A Day Fast Tracks:

The 1K a Day Fast Track Modules:

In brief we have seen how the system basically works. Here are the more precise details of what you will find inside the program.

Module 1. Commissions (9 lessons)

Here you’ll be taken through the process of setting up a ClickBank account, becoming an affiliate, learning the basics of affiliate links etc.

You’ll be encouraged to find a product to promote, most likely a high ticket one such as the Super Affiliate System.

Then you’ll be shown how you are going to use this with his system to start earning affiliate commissions.

Module 2. Polling (9 lessons)

You will be able to look, learn and copy as Merlin guides you through a series of lessons showing you how polling works and how to set it up as part of a 2-page website that you will also be creating under his instructions.

To create the poll with the yes and no answer such as ‘are you interested in golf?’ and the opt-in page, he will teach you to use Click Funnels, which is the popular but pricey creation of Russel Brunson.

Polling is a marketing strategy that Melvin is a big fan of. It is easier to collect emails after people have taken a poll to express their interest. When they do, they are prompted to give their email.

This can be better than having the registration form put in front of people straight away.

Module 3. Email Marketing (9 lessons)

The third week is where he takes you through the whole process of email marketing. There will be a registration from in one of the pages you will use. This is where you will collect emails from hopefully, most of the people who land on the page containing the poll.

If visitors do not buy when they arrive at your site but they do leave you their email, the idea is that you still have a chance later on by sending them follow up emails.

Melvin recommends the email autoresponder, SendLane to collect emails.

Again, you’ll need to bear in mind that this is another tool that doesn’t come free. So far, we are already required to sign up to ClickFunnells and SendLane if we want 1K a Day Fast Tracks to work for us. And we haven’t even got to the ads network yet, where you will need to pay for traffic.

This is very much unlike the platform I went for and stayed with: Wealthy Affiliate. It has all you need included in a monthly Premium subscription and a good bit of it in the free membership as well.

However, the training provided on email marketing in this module is comprehensive. You will learn about email marketing methods and strategies, setting up and running campaigns, as well as tracking data and other things.

Module 4: Automating Your Business (5 lessons)

In this module you will be taken through some useful ins and outs of making your business as automatic as possible.

This is certainly one of the great things about affiliate marketing – the fact that you make your business automatic, at least to a large extent. An example would be the use of scheduled emails sent out automatically, promoting ClickBank offers, as in the case of the 12 Minute Affiliate System.

However, there is still tweaking and testing to do and checking up on your business regularly. This is important to keep in mind.

Melvin gives a lot of advice in this module on how to find the best ClickBank products to promote and also how to get the upper hand when it comes to your competitors.

Module 5: Native Ads (4 lessons)

If you use this system, your traffic won’t be coming free. You will be shown in this module how to drive traffic to your 2-page website using paid ads.

Melvin reveals a place where clicks can be purchased at a cheaper rate than many of the more common traffic sources.

This source is RevContent. But besides this, he doesn’t show you any other methods of driving traffic to your landing page.

The fact is that there are many other methods and places you could use to potentially get a lot of free clicks. Examples include using SEO, YouTube, Twitter, Pintrest, Quora, or your own Facebook Group,

Module 6: The Future (5 lessons)

This is a concluding module that gives fairly standard tips and advice for growing and scaling your business.

He will teach you how you can expand and sell other affiliate products and such like.

And there you have it. That’s what’s inside The Fast Tracks course.

Now, the next thing we may want to ask is, does it deliver?

Is It Possible to Make 1 K a Day with this System?

Firstly, there can be no guarantee in a business like this that you will make any money at all. It’s based on hope and a bit of luck – it’s not an unfailing success formula.

However, with affiliate marketing, that kind of money is possible. Can it be done? In some cases, yes. Is it difficult? Oh yes! As a beginner or someone trying this system out for the first time, it is highly unlikely that you will make money immediately, let alone 1K a day.

But an advanced internet marketer could potentially pull it off. This kind of marketing requires testing, experience and a healthy budget. Not recommended for newbies with a low budget.

It is also possible to make money but no profit, depending on how much you spend on ads. Or worse still, you might even end up losing money. It is a gamble. The system and tools that go with it are expensive and you really need to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

From my own research and experience, I know that there are better, cheaper and more reliable ways to learn and run an affiliate marketing business than by using The Fast Tracks program.

Who is This Program Made For?

1 K A Day Fast Track is for anyone looking to use the internet to make money. It is in fact made with beginners in mind, but experience in affiliate marketing and making money online is going to be a huge bonus.

This method of promoting ClickBank products does not have to be for those who are aiming at making it a full time income. It can also be used as a means of extra, or side income.

To sum this up, it is intended for:

  • Anyone seeking self-employment and wanting to quit their job
  • Affiliates wanting to learn and earn more online
  • People looking for a side hustle from home
  • Those who want to build their own email list
  • People willing to invest money in the hopes of making a profitable return

Although Melvin makes his course beginner friendly, it seems a lot more likely that those who are already familiar with affiliate marketing, funnels and paid advertising will actually be able to benefit from this.

Often beginners do not start off with a budget large enough to invest in 1 K A Day Fast Tracks.

That is another reason why I am far more in favour of using the training I myself have used to become a successful affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur. This training is loaded with both educational value, live support and all the tools for the job. All in one, with a generous free starter membership. Read more here.

But that being said, let’s get a clear idea of what one would be expected to spend in order to really go with 1 K A Day Fast Tracks as intended by the producer.

What are the Costs of Using This Program?

The program itself is priced at $997, one time fee. To most people, that is a lot to hand over in one go. And personally I don’t think the information and few tools provided, such as templates is worth that kind of money.

However, there is a way to pay with PayPal whereby they pay for the program and you need to repay them within six months.

I see a lot of affiliates promoting 1 K A Day Fast Track, but with a very biased approach. They’re out for a commission rather than trying to sell you something that they really believe to be worth your money. They usually haven’t got the program themselves. This is something to be watchful for with everything you review and/or purchase online.

Here are things you will need to pay for to make this program work, including the additional costs:

  • The Fast Tracks program – $997
  • ClickFunnels – $97 (base price)
  • SendLane – $99 per month (base price)
  • RevContent – starting at $100 a day per campaign

So we have the course, but then the added monthly bill of about $200, and that’s the just the minimum. There is the opportunity to spend a whole lot more on RevContent, starting at $100 per day for a single campaign. That really is quite an investment.

However, due to the money back guarantee, you will have 30 days to try this system out for yourself and see if it helps you make money.

I do know that this program is pricey, but I also know that there is a certain amount of value in it and that the creator is a man with a lot of experience in affiliate marketing industry.

So, in more detail, let’s go through the things I like about this program and the things I dislike about it.

Things I Like About 1 K A Day Fast Tracks

Any course or package that can help you make money online is a significant thing. Before I go into whether I regard this particular program to be a scam, let me first outline the key things I like about it and then the problems and drawbacks I see with using The Fast Tracks.

Merlin’s Money Making Strategy is Legit

The way you are shown to make money with this program is by the well tested and proven method of email list building and affiliate marketing.

These are fully legit ways to make money on the internet. Merlin teaches a fast way which is generally more risky than using SEO methods, but still, it is a solid blueprint.

If you follow the course and implement what is taught, you can generate income with Martin’s system. He will teach you to:

  • Use an offer page and a lead capture page
  • Send traffic to these pages
  • Collect emails
  • Follow up with your leads
  • Generate affiliate revenue

You can also promote other offers using the same techniques that are shown in the course and use the templates provided.

Merlin Holmes is Experienced and Successful

He may not be famous in the online world of affiliate marketing, but Martin Holmes is a learned and accomplished online entrepreneur. That much is clear if we look at his background and record, somewhat limited as it is.

It is always a bonus to learn from someone with a lot of knowledge and who has actually made it to real self-employment online.

If you want to generate your own income through an online business, it makes perfect sense to listen to a proficient guide and follow at least some of his professional advice. It’s going to be advice backed up by his own experience. He can teach you a good bit about what works and what doesn’t work in this industry.

Beginners Won’t Get Confused

Martin’s program is newbie friendly, meaning that anyone, no matter what their skill level is, can get cracking with this program and understand how it works.

He is sharing his quickest method for generating income and the actual blueprint he follows and teaches really isn’t very complicated at all.

Any entry level affiliate can learn the process use what is provided to launch potentially successful money making campaigns.

Free Sales Funnels Templates Are Provided

Having ready-made funnel templates is especially handy for those with little of no experience in creating these themselves. The ones provided by Merlin come from his experience in using what works; what attracts visitors to the site and converts them into buyers.

Those with more knowledge on sales funnels templates can still use what is provided as ideas for creating their own modified versions of the same type of thing.

1 K A Day Fast Track has a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Thanks to this being a ClickBank product, it does come with a generous refund policy.

Thirty days should be long enough for anyone to get a real feel and trial run of this program, and probably any other ClickBank product for that matter.

With ClickBank, you are allowed to get a refund with no questions asked which is really helpful for those who are worried about possibly wasting their money when they invest and have to pay a large upfront fee for something.

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Things I Don’t Like About 1 K A Day Fast Track

While it may have some good things going for it, The Fast Tracks also has several drawbacks. In fact, many people have the same issues with it that I myself do.

A Large Upfront Fee

A program priced at an upfront fee of $997 is going to be off-putting to a lot of people. To learn affiliate marketing and get started with your own business, having support and tools all in one place is possible for a much lower cost.

You don’t actually have to spend a grand to get started with an online business. That is another reason why I recommend the training community that I myself am with.

However, those who do go with 1 K A Day Fast Tracks are making an investment and if you think about it, they probably get more than their money’s worth, if indeed they are successful as a result of Melvin’s training and help.

All the same, ‘997’ is a scary number – you are paying a thousand quid in the hopes of making it back later, but with absolutely no assurance that you will.

Extra Costs on Top of an Already Pricey Program

Paying the $997 for 1 K A Day Fast Tracks is still only getting in the door. To really follow it through and copy what Merlin does and hopefully make money with this program, you need ClickFunnels, and the SendLane autoresponder.

Added to this, if you are really following his method, you need to send paid traffic to your offers, making money once again, really quite an issue.

Now, you could find other ways to drive traffic to your site, but those methods won’t be as fast or effective. And you can’t rank organically for a 2-page website that other people/students use besides yourself.

Making it Sound Easy and Fast to Make Big Money

Honestly, Merlin’s income claims can really sound, overhyped and too good to be true. However, it could be true that he makes as much as he says he does on a consistent basis. In the internet marketing industry, big money is possible.

What I’ve never been a fan of though, is being told that I can make large amounts of money fast and with no experience. Often, those who fall for this idea, never become successful entrepreneurs. It’s a bad mentality and just doesn’t ‘t work.

In the end, The Fast Tracks is a get-rich-quick scheme – let’s face it. The idea is a fast way to make a thousand dollars a day. However, because there is also a good bit of educational value in the course, it’s better than many other programs out there – programs that are all about self-promotion and giving you no value other than enabling you to promote their thing.

Using Shortage Tactics

In the sales webinar, Melvin uses a common sales strategy by creating a sense of urgency, warning of limited spaces and ‘grab it while you can’ kind of thing.

But being a digital product, it’s not like there is a shortage of supply.

However, it’s still true that his offer may change one day and what is now available might not be further down the road.

Lots of Flashy Talk about Money

Sure! We all want more money! But a lot of people who teach some from of internet marketing, including Merlin Holmes, really blow up the idea of stacks and stacks of cash, a scenic beach, being slumped in a hammock and a massive, stunning house with a McLaren sports car in the driveway etc., etc.

But those are extreme cases, and generally just not realistic at all. Sure, you can have an amazing life working for yourself and having an automated online business, but that still doesn’t mean you’ll be literally rolling in money and buying fancy cars within a year or two.

A lot of the money talk is there to get people hooked, but the approach I prefer is more honest and appeals to your higher self and not just the money loving side of you. For example, the way I recommend and have been taught, is to turn something you are naturally passionate about into a business that actually helps other people with similar interests.

This is a very fulfilling way to run a business and it can be highly lucrative. It is more fulfilling than just sending traffic every week to a 2-page website and basically doing no work at all. I’m a big lover of having more freedom and quality time, but I don’t promote a completely lazy and carefree life.

Pros of 1 K A Day Fast Track

  • With a Budget, this system can make you money online
  • Martin Holmes is an authority figure in internet marketing – he’s legit
  • The course is easy to follow and implement – newbie friendly
  • It has a good refund policy

Cons of 1 K A Day Fast Track

  • Pricey and has extra costs – too expensive for a lot of people
  • A risky investment, especially if one relies on Native Ads
  • It promotes a get-rich-quick mindset
  • It only teaches one method of getting traffic
  • It’s not an organic business model – all a bit of a gamble

Does 1 K A Day Fast Track Count As A Scam?

There is not enough actually wrong with this course for me to call it a scam. There are six weeks of solid training from a professional online marketer, where you are shown how to replicate his method of making money with Ad campaigns and email marketing. So no, 1 K A Day Fast Track doesn’t qualify as a scam. It’s method of making money is legit, albeit not the best way in my opinion.

However, there are some off-putting and misleading things about the program that may lead some to consider it a scam.

For example, the income claims and sales video seem overhyped and the overall mentality is ‘get-rich-quick.’ Usually, that is a red flag and one is right to be skeptical or suspicious.

But not only does Martin teach a legitimate money making strategy, but his product is backed up with the ClickBank 30 day refund policy.

Concluding Thoughts on 1 K A Day Fast Track

Overall, 1 K A Day Fast Tracks is not a program I would recommend, especially to beginners in the affiliate marketing and make money online industry.

I think it focuses too much on paid ads, which are really quite tricky and unpredictable. It also focuses on making money the fast and easy way, but without encouraging people to learn more about how an online business functions.

I also think it’s too easy to lose money and too pricey when every cost is added up. There are more valuable, fulfilling and more affordable ways to get into affiliate marketing and build your own business on the internet.

However, I do believe that those who are already experienced could benefit by using this program to boost their income. If they know what they’re doing and have the budget for it, there’s nothing wrong with giving 1 K A Day Fast Tracks a go. Ultimately, it is a legitimate way to make money.

My Preferred Method of Making Money Online

The key to really being successful online and being your own boss is to consistently learn and take huge action. This takes a lot of work, but eventually gets easier and becomes more automated.

But most beginners believe that it takes very little time, effort and experience. And who can blame them? There are so many product creators out there who tell them that this is possible if you only sign up to their program.

The method I found that finally worked for me was to join the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It is packed with all the educational value and tools needed to start and grow an online business, mostly through blogging, but it teaches other things such as creating videos and running ads as well. You could even get a business rolling on the free starter membership alone. Then all the rest comes with the Premium membership at $49/month.

Here are some of the attractions:

  • It’s Free to join the starter membership – no credit card required
  • It teaches you to turn a passion or interest into a highly profitable online business
  • It teaches you to do something fulfilling that helps other people
  • It teaches you to attract tons of organic traffic to your business
  • Great training on SEO and running a website
  • A very warm and helpful online community
  • Hosting for websites and the use of Jaaxy (WA’s keyword research tool)
  • Personal coaching and instant help available 24/7 from many experienced affiliates

I hope this 1 K A Day review has been informative and helpful to you! Thanks so much for reading and please share your own thoughts and/or experience with this program in the comment section below!

Wishing you every success in your online journey!

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3 thoughts on “Can You Make 1K a Day? – Merlin Holmes Says So”

  1. I’ve fallen all too often for these kind of shiny object “done for you” systems, but from my experience they always end up in disappointment and loss of investment. A DFY system is one I would tend to run from, even though there probably is merit in this system. You just need a big upfront investment, as you’ve pointed out. 

    Although it is possible to make money online legitimately, it is hard work and there’s really no easy, overnight way of doing that, as you’ve explained. I think as long as someone is trying to sell you a program to make money online that is dressed in glitter, it’s one to probably take a pass on unless you can afford to part with that huge investment. Thanks for explaining all the details on this program. It was very helpful to learn the inside scoop.

    • Thank you for this.  Very true that there is no easy, quick way to making lots of money.  People need to learn marketing.  And take a lot of action. That is the only real key to a successful business online. 

  2. The 1K A Day have read about the program before and booked marked to research more. Many of the click bank programs offer fast richest to lure you in for that credit card number. I tend to stay from programs like this, for the simple fact this its click bait with the saying 1K A Day just by implying referring people to do same thing you are doing for clicking and promise of quick riches. 


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