1K Daily System Review – Will It Make You Fast Cash?

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Welcome to my 1K Daily System Review! Glynn Kosky is at it again with yet another version of a program he created previously. 1K Daily System is the 7th rehashed edition in a series of very similar looking programs:

  • CB Profit Sites
  • Freebie Commissions
  • High Ticket Hijack
  • Profit Sniper X
  • MagicFunnels
  • 10X Profit Sites

Throughout this 1K Daily System review I’m going be explaining why, in my opinion, this is not a program you should take seriously as a way to make money online.

It’s a blatant get-rich-quick scheme with all the usual hype and false hope of you getting to sit back and do virtually nothing while the commissions roll in. Real Marketing Doesn’t Work That Way.

1K Daily System Review: Summary

Product Name: 1K Daily System

Product Type: DFY Affiliate Marketing System

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Price: $18.98 plus upsells amounting to $339 and autoresponder for $600 p/a

Recommended? No

You’re bound to be disappointed with 1K Daily System.

It will not deliver as promised because it is full of over-hyped, exaggerated and misleading claims.

It does not teach you affiliate marketing and is just very low quality in my opinion, as I will elaborate later.

The method I use is to utilise free, targeted traffic using SEO methods.

For a much better alternative, and to learn real marketing, check out my #1 Recommendation:

How Does 1K Daily System Work?

Glynn says 1K Daily System works in 3 steps (much like all his other bogus programs).

  1. Purchase 1K Daily System
  2. Login to the System and insert your affiliate link
  3. Use the built-in traffic to generate sales within 15 minutes!

Yes, he says this is a way to make money in 15 minutes. He is getting you to build an email list even though he says in his pitch that this system doesn’t require email marketing.

He also says you don’t need paid traffic but strangely, in the back office he teaches solo ads.

So how this system works is that you get some sales pages ready made but which you can modify if you want.

Back Office of 1K Daily System

Then you promote ClickBank products and other products he has created to a list of email subscribers, and/or to people who are sent to your offer via solo ads.

You will need to pay for an autoresponder to make this system work by the way.

You also don’t need 1K Daily System at all, considering that you can make use of ClickBank and everything it offers for you to promote independently of this System.

Who is 1K Daily System For?

This system is for newbies to affiliate marketing who want to make money online and who are prepared to believe that it can be done quickly and with no experience.

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No advanced affiliate would really take something like this seriously. It offers nothing. It doesn’t teach marketing.

If you follow Glynn’s advice and try to drive traffic to offers with solo ads, you will mostly likely lose your money because solo ads are not reliable and you tend to lose more than you gain.

Also, his approach of getting traffic from social media sounds easy to newbies but advanced affiliates know how tricky that can really be.

7 Red Flags I Discovered With 1K Daily System

Here are 7 red flags with 1K Daily System and why I would never buy it myself of recommend it to someone else:

Red Flag #1: The sales page is over-hyped and misleading.

In the sales page you are made to think you can generate $1000s daily plus unlimited traffic, heck, all this even in under 60 seconds. Don’t even begin to believe that. Just don’t.

Red Flag #2: Glynn has made a plethora of programs which are all much the same.

He wants you to think this is the newest and latest, but it offers nothing different from the usual and nothing of real value for your money.

Red Flag #3: He is a big promoter of the get-rich-quick mentality.

But his programs don’t deliver what they promise precisely because DFY systems and get-rich-quick schemes have about a 98.5% failure rate. Why? Because it’s simply the wrong way to do marketing.

Red Flag #4: His traffic methods suck.

He says he’ll show you free traffic methods – 100% free traffic.

But he contradicts himself because as soon as you get into the back office, he teaches you solo ads, where you pay someone to send you clicks from their email list, which may or may not be suitable traffic, and often isn’t. It hardly ever converts.

Or he’ll tell you about social media traffic. But these days, that just doesn’t work. People are more alert to the fact that someone is always trying to make a quick buck from them online.

Without building a relationship with your customers, you can’t expect them to just click and buy because you promoted something on Facebook or Twitter.

Red Flag #5: The products associated with this system are of such low value that they are neither worth buying or promoting to others.

Come on, we’re in business to help people, not scam them, right? I don’t sell stuff I don’t believe in. It’s not even a good strategy anyway. It decreases your credibility and people complain and refund.

Is 1K Daily System a Scam?

I would say yes. This system just doesn’t deliver what it claims and seems to be there solely for the benefit of the owner.

In my view, that right there, qualifies as a scam.

Alternative & Better Way to Succeed Online

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