3 Step Method Review – 5 Facts You Need To Know


You’ve probably stumbled over a program called 3 Step Method and are wondering if it’s worth jumping in or not. Okay, well done for doing your research. 

I hope to clarify your questions about this program in this review which is the result of my extensive research.

I’m someone who has over 5 years of experience in internet marketing and putting together accurate program reviews plays a large role in what I do.  

This program, 3 Step Method was aggressively marketed to me via email. (Somehow they got hold of my email address.) So I did my homework on it and decided in the end to stay away.  

I might add that when they noticed I still l wasn’t buying it after many attempts at selling it to me, they got really snappy! 

I did discover that the actual method they teach follows a legit online business model but the training is vague, difficult for beginners and greatly lacks depth and in my opinion not much can be said for their level of tools, support and overall value.

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Overview of 3 Step Method

3 Step Method gives some basic training on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a Legit Online Business Model that you can use to make money, big or small entirely through internet.

It involves promoting products physical or digital, to people who want them and earning a commission from the vendor for each sale you make.

With 3 Step Method you will be taught to

  1. Select a niche and related products to promote
  2. Build a website
  3. Make money as an affiliate through the site

The process isn’t all that complicated but on face value it seems a lot easier than it is because it does involve a lot of learning and experience before you can really get results with this kind of strategy.

You also need plenty of coaching, tools and technical support along the way which 3 Step Method just doesn’t provide.

It makes the whole process sound far more easy than it is. This stuff is difficult if you’ve never done it before. There’s a lot involved.

They make it sound easy and give you the bare basics because unfortunately, they probably want to give the least amount of value for the most amount of money.

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What It Promises

It will promises that you can use it to make you rich!

If you follow a link to the 3 Step Method Program, you will land on a fairly hyped up sales page which will prompt you to get access to the webinar by providing your name and email.

On this initial sales page, they make 3 promises or claims, each with a green checkmark next to them.

See below…

As you can see, they make some pretty wild claims about 3 Step Method:

  • It will allow you to generate income on autopilot, paying you like clockwork
  • You don’t need experience
  • There are limited spaces available – you’d better get in quick!


Firstly, it promises a push-button method to passive income.

These guys need to get real and so does anyone who falls for this kind of pitch.

Sickeningly salesy language combined with shiny object marketing is what I see all the time with this program and many others like it.

To say the least, the first claim is very misleading. This program can’t deliver what it’s promising because although it’s possible to create an income stream that pays you, it still needs to be maintained.

An online business allows for more flexibility, but it’s still a business. If you just leave it, it will start to produce less and less results.

3 Step Method really doesn’t provide enough training or resources to justify this kind of claim.

Secondly, it says you Need No Experience or Special Skills.

Well you do – that’s the long and the short of it.

You DO need EXPERIENCE and SKILLS to be successful with affiliate marketing and avoid complete failure.

An online business is much like any other business.

You need to:

  • Learn the trade (properly)
  • Do the work (plenty of good quality work)

Only then is it even possible for an online business in affiliate marketing to become a real success.

And once you do reach some success, you can always get better at the game and earn more money – that’s one of the many beauties of affiliate marketing.

Thirdly, it Creates False Scarcity.

No matter where you’re from, it will say that there are only limited spaces available for people in your specific region.

If you’re in the Philippines, you’ll be told that there are limited spaces for new members from the Philippines. But here is a completely different example, showing the same landing page but this time mentioning the United Kingdom.

I was in Ireland at the time I stumbled over this program and sure enough, it was telling me that there were limited spaces available for new members in Ireland!

It’s a digital program. There are no ‘limited spaces available.’ You just pay for it and then get access.

What 3 Step Method Actually Delivers

3 Step Method features a sales video with a speaker who doesn’t identify himself. We don’t know who this guy is or who the creator of 3 Step Method is either.

Anyway, it turns out that the spokesperson is a hired actor.

He doesn’t explain what the product is so I found this video to be a big waste of time. It waffles on about making money online and who wonderful that would be etc. But we don’t ever hear how 3 Step Method is going to help us get there.

3 Step Method also shows some guys who say they made big money using the program. But they too are paid actors.

These people are hired from fiverr.com to speak about the product and tell you that it works, etc.

One said. ‘it’s basically a way of making money online with no BS.’

No BS? Really?

Anyway, it does provide training on how to make money using the 3 steps.

But the entire training is crammed ONE blog article. It’s very generic and makes the money making process sound ridiculously fast and easy.

Heck, I could do a better job myself in a single afternoon.

Compared to other training platforms out there, this 3 Step Method is lacking significantly in detail as well as overall quality.

The Steps to Making Money Explained

What they teach in 3 Step Method is that you need to pick a niche, create a blog and then promote ClickBank products.

Now I do a similar thing myself with my online business. But it’s 4 steps:

  1. Chose a niche (something that interests you)
  2. Create a blog
  3. Write a lot about the niche on the blog to attract traffic
  4. Recommend products as an affiliate on the blog

But if you’re going to teach someone else to do this, they need far more information and support than what you get inside 3 Step Method.

You also need to let people know that this business isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3.

3 Step Method doesn’t show people how to go about setting up and getting hosting for a website. Or how to maintain that site and how to produce good content, how to do good keyword research, how SEO works and so many other things.

The program I discovered teaches you all this stuff and more in a thorough, step by step way.

There is so much that goes into a serious online business like an affiliate website. There are so many complexities and things that need to be learned gradually and with good coaching.

The number of those who succeed at affiliate marketing is less than 1%!

Is 3 Step Method a Scam?

Strictly speaking, the very general outline they give of how to make money isn’t false – you can make money using a blog and promoting affiliate products on it. So as far as that goes, it can’t be said to be 100% a scam.

However, it is a product going for $37 (with hidden upsells), created by an unknown person and promoted using fake testimonials.

The content is very unthorough and low quality. It’s a bit like me selling you a program on how to lose weight, but after you buy it, all I tell you inside the program is to cut down on junk food and eat more green vegetables.

And then go on and on about how awesome it would be to lose weight fast. This is very much the feel I get with 3 Step Method and which you are most likely to experience as well.

5 Problems I Discovered With 3 Step Method

The more I looked into it, the more issues and red flags I noticed. 3 Step Method is riddled with problems but I’m going to list 5 that I think are the most significant:

  1. The owner is untrustworthy
  2. It comes with hidden costs/upsells on the backend
  3. Tools and support are seriously lacking
  4. No technical support
  5. A great lack of success stories from students

Although they’re very vague about it, the methods they teach, if implemented properly and aided by the right tools and community support, could help you to make money online.

But due to all the problems I’ve pointed out, my conclusion is that you will really struggle to be successful with 3 Step Method.

To me, it’s quite clearly designed for the owner’s profit (whoever he is) and not a serious program that will help you along the way to become an online entrepreneur.

My Verdict and Rating

I’d give 3 Step Method a 1/10 rating because I don’t know how anyone who is new to affiliate marketing and making money online could use this to get all the information and support they need to be successful.

The few people I’ve found so far who claim it works have been proven to be paid actors with who give fake testimonials.

You can scratch the surface of affiliate marketing with a blog using 3 Step Method, nothing much more.

To go further, you need something far better and more adapted to your skill level.

Doing this the real way is all about playing the long game and not being under the common illusion that you can make money online fast and with ease.

That’s get-rich-quick nonsense which is unfortunately a very successful mind trick used by low value program producers.

These programs are typically very hyped up and cheap to get started with.

But then they usually upsell you many times with offers that cost far more than the product itself.

If you see this, take it as a warning that you are probably going to end up learning little or nothing and wasting lots of money.

A Better Alternative to 3 Step Method

The program I use is Wealthy Affiliate; it has been going since 2005 and is the best training course and community you’ll find.

You’ll find others that are good as well but Wealthy Affiliate gives more value for your money and is an all-in-one platform:

  • 2 in-depth, expert training courses
  • a supportive community
  • 24/7 help from experts and advanced affiliate marketers
  • technical support that is very responsive
  • hosting for your websites
  • a keyword research tool
  • a site comments and site feedback feature
  • a site health feature
  • a domain finder tool
  • weekly and monthly classes
  • tutorials and friendly, informative blog posts from members
  • your own blog at WA
  • a live chat area
  • a questions section and more.

You get some of this for free as a starter member but as a paid Premium member you get all this for $49/month or you can go yearly and save.

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Wealthy Affiliate tells you the truth about affiliate marketing and making money online. They say it’s a marathon and you’re not going to make money overnight, and that’s just them being honest.

But if you go through the training they provide and select your niche, build your website and learn how to get it ranked on search engines, chances are you will eventually have your own successful online business.

It’s a rewarding business and an enjoyable one as well because you are doing things on your own terms.

You are choosing what to blog about and there’s always a way to monetise an blog as an affiliate marketer.

You can also use ads and other things to monetise your site but affiliate marketing is generally the most lucrative option.

There is a lot involved with all this and you’ll never learn it in one day. But with the training, tools and constant support at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have enough to really get into this online world where you eventually discover that we are always learners and it’s really quite a fun adventure.

I hope this review for 3 Step Method has been informative and I wish you every success going forward.

4 thoughts on “3 Step Method Review – 5 Facts You Need To Know”

  1. Hi Dominic. Thank you for interesting review. I was reading before about 3 step method program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your post Its clear for me I wouldn’t invest money into it. Maybe its not a scam but with hidden upsells, fake testimonials and lack of proper training definitely this is not a good choice. There are much better programs to earn decent money online.

    • Thank you Cogito.  Great to get your feedback.  I also noticed that the marketing emails associated with this product eventually started to get aggressive.. Hahaha.

  2. Wow, I really dislike when a company is dishonest and uses fake testimonials and also doesn’t put their name on the product. It definitely feels scammy! Thank you for pointing out these things that are always dealbreakers for me. I don’t want to share my credit card info with a company that seems to mislead their prospects from the very first interactions.

  3. Hey thanks for this article and for clearing things up!

    It’s super important to check softwares or any website or program thoroughly before signing up to make sure they are legit and not scams. If anything seems get rich quick or too good to be true chances are they are probably fake and scams! Watch out people!


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