5 Online Business Challenges – How to Start Well

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I remember the first time I began to realise that making money online without having any boss to answer to, was a real possibility and that I could do it. I was so excited, so fascinated by the idea. Imagine any ordinary guy like me being able to simply turn on a laptop and use it to bring in money!

My name is Dominic and here are 5 online business challenges I faced as an aspiring affiliate marketer and how I overcame them. My intention is to show other ebusiness seekers how they can be prepared for these challenges and what to do about them. These are common problems most of us entrepreneurs face and I want to share some information as someone who has “been there.” I have put Action Points after each challenge which you may consider implementing.

#1 Affiliate Marketing is Simple so we Think it’s Easy

I believe one of the first challenges a lot of us face as newbies and which I certainly did myself, is falling for the idea that because affiliate marketing is a simple process, it must therefore be pretty easy. We are then bitterly disappointed and tempted to quit. Unfortunately, just because something is simple, that does not mean it’s going to be “easy.” Many beginner affiliates fail because, right off the bat, they have the wrong mindset; the belief that affiliate marketing is a way to quick and easy cash. It can be hard to keep going if you were expecting an easy ride. But to start off with the right approach, here are some Action Points you could take.

Action Points: Change your thinking, if possible before you take on affiliate marketing, so that you look at it as something difficult rather than easy, but something you can do if you have the ambition and determination to succeed. Start thinking realistic and long term; free yourself from an impatient, “get rich quick” mindset. Write down your goals to keep motivated.

#2 Learning not to Throw your Money Around

It can be a really easy thing to do; listen to some convincing sales video, sign up to a “Done For You” program and once inside be offered countless upsells, all before even making any profit, and instead blowing your money on some system that you hope is going to do your work for you. Or perhaps you are simply running ads but are risking too much money on an ad that doesn’t convert well. Or again, perhaps your whole business depends on paid traffic and it’s a constant worry for you that people won’t buy and your money will be gone, like sand in the wind.

Action Points: Read and watch plenty of reviews before you sign up to any MMO program. Try to avoid systems in which your only part is to spend money. You want to be learning on the go with affiliate marketing. You want genuine educational value as part of any program you sign up to so that you are always growing in knowledge and experience. Test ads with similar ones. Scale your ads and avoid spending big until you are actually profiting well. Try not to depend solely on paid traffic for your business. Ideally, you want to leverage both organic and paid traffic.

#3 Giving your Business Time to Grow

There are so many sleazy Gurus out there telling you that they and their students are making 10k+ per week and there you are at your small budding business with no sales yet, or maybe just a few here and there. These people aren’t motivating you. They are discouraging you. They want you to buy a course, sign up to a program, get on to their autoresponder. It is a common challenge for new online entrepreneurs to have to allow their business time to grow and expand while others are already making big fat commissions.

Action Points: You can make the decision now to be your own motivator. Looking at the success of others has a much higher chance of discouraging you than inspiring you. They too had a long, slow, troublesome beginning with many hard learned lessons along the way. We all struggle in the beginning. We all take time to grow out our online businesses. They don’t happen overnight. Don’t look too far ahead. Do what you can today with your business and please, try to enjoy it!

#4 Learning to Identify Scammers

Ok, so the MMO world is full of scammers. Let’s just get that out of the way. If you’re set on making money online, you will soon know all about scams. Unfortunately, people who are out there to trick you into handing over your money are getting smarter all the time. They can pop up all over the place; on forums, Facebook groups, website ads, YouTube ads, your email spam or promotions inbox, you name it. They are usually trying to get you to buy something or at least become a lead by getting your email.

Action Points: If you feel pressured to give some program a try or to give your email it is usually a bad sign so just ignore it. Try not to trust anyone on the internet until you have good reason to after researching thoroughly what they’re all about. I have avoided so many pitfalls by doing this myself. Don’t engage with anyone who seems even slightly suspicious.

#5 Going Easy on Yourself in the Beginning

Creating a successful business online is certainly something you and I can do. But for a beginner it can be a real challenge not to expect too much of themselves too soon. This is a similar challenge to giving your new business time to grow, but it’s also about not being to hard on yourself and ending up too stressed out to focus.

Action Points: Each time you apply yourself to what you need to do, say to yourself “I’m going to keep getting better.” This is true with everything. The more practise you get, the better you become until what was difficult to begin with has now become natural to you. Keep this in mind and don’t waiver because you are not yet preforming how you would like to.

If you can see affiliate marketing or online business for what it is, avoid rashly spending money, allow your business to grow, identify and avoid scammers and allow yourself to scale up continually in skill and experience, you will be well on your way to massive success online. You got this!


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