7 Problems with DFY Systems and ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Schemes

Ever been deceived? Scammed? Ripped off by signing up for a ‘Done For You’ (DFY) affiliate/MMO system? Don’t be tempted to try another one! Here are 7 serious problems with DFY systems and get-rich-quick schemes.

These are problems that I have discovered on my own mostly, from bitter experience, from trying and failing with DFY systems for over two full years. Many other people have spent a lot longer than that, just investing into something that was doomed to fail from the start, that simply uses the wrong approach to online marketing.

This is a hugely important topic because the first thing people tend to find when they begin to do research on building a business online, becoming self-employed etc. is a whole load of videos and hyped up sales webinars on how they can make lots of money fast.

They are immediately swept into this idea that making money is easy and that they can do it fast, with minimal effort and zero experience.

Now, I’ve tried this approach myself and so have many other affiliates who are now doing marketing the right way. So, let’s get into the real issues with these kinds of systems.

7 Problems with DFY Systems and Get Rich Schemes

There are so many problems with buying into DFY systems, but here are the ones that I believe stand out the most.

1. They Are Designed to Make Money for the Program Creator

Over and over again, I’ve been forced to come to the conclusion that they only people who really benefit from make money fast systems is the producers themselves of these programs, not you the customer.

They create good bait and sell it to you, talking about fast, easy money, a lovely future house and car in a beautiful location and all this flashy stuff.

They insist on the whole process being easy and you can make say 1K a day or 20K in a week with their system and that they are making tons of money themselves.

This method does catch a lot of people out. It appeals to human nature – an easy route to wealth. Minimal effort. Money pouring in while you sleep etc.

Now it is indeed possible to make big money online if you do it correctly. And you can generate passive income and commissions while you’re watching Netflix or pacing on the beach. But does not come free! It comes with huge amounts of learning, experience and effort.

2. They Often Teach you to Spam Affiliate Links around the Internet

Another very common traffic method you will learn from a DFY system is to simply post your affiliate link on places like forums, YouTube and social media.

They tell you ‘No need to pay for traffic!’ Free traffic! And so on, but then they show you all these ineffective ways to promote ClickBank products for example.

But just because you go out there and start sharing your offer around the internet, it doesn’t mean anyone is going to care or buy from your links.

There are several problems with this approach. It’s fast yes, but also notoriously bad at actually making sales for you. One problem is that you will often be caught and marked as spam by the admins and moderators of these various sites and platforms.

It’s a very random and poor marketing strategy. But if you have a say a massive social media following, then you may be in for a chance at making money. However, not many of us actually have a large following, much less one that’s big enough to make good, consistent money.

3. They Rely Heavily on Solo Ads and Paid Methods of Driving Traffic

You will usually find that when it comes to getting traffic, the get rich quick method tells you to buy leads or buy clicks in the hopes of making affiliate commissions.

But here’s the thing. This actually has a closer resemblance to gambling than to an online business. What if you buy a large amount of clicks but still no one buys? It happens! Sales do not come easy!

What if your traffic source is cold traffic? What if it’s not targeted enough? What if your offer sucks as so many DFY systems do, but are still being promoted by thousands of affiliates?

Perhaps the answer is to buy more traffic? If the first round has failed you could strike lucky the next time. But let’s say you do start to make money with a DFY system. How long is that product going to be on the market? You can’t be sure! If it goes, then there goes your business with it and you have to start again from scratch with another program.

I’m not opposed to using some paid methods to generate quick sales, but I would never fully rely on that for my online business. I believe it’s sensible to use both SEO methods and with the income from organic sales, to invest some into paid traffic or ads. Ads would be wiser in my opinion than going to paid traffic sites.

These sites that sell traffic are often dodgy at best. A lot of it is cold traffic, or worse still, bot traffic! Fake clicks which drain your money and leave you with no chance of making any sales whatsoever.

Solo ad vendors are selling leads that are already being promoted to. These leads have likely grown weary of seeing random affiliate offers pop up in their inbox for example. They are not searching for offers but are just getting offers sent to them – a bit like junk mail.

As for running ads, the best method that works for me is PPC campaigns. Microsoft ads (formerly called Bing ads) are a good bit less expensive than Google ads and they work just fine. With a PPC campaign, you are getting clicks from people that are actually putting in effort to find something they want. They are hot traffic as opposed to passive or cold traffic.

A fellow affiliate marketer I know, besides his blog, made $300,000 using Microsoft Ads.

I haven’t yet got close to that figure! But I know that it is a good way to invest some money if you know what you’re doing and Vitaliy can show you just how it’s done. (linked to above).

All the same, I still wouldn’t depend solely on running ads for a sustainable business. Marketing in my opinion, should be both organic as well as paid. That really is a robust business model right there.

And while I believe Microsoft ads are good, these DFY systems don’t tell you to run these kinds of campaigns, but to invest money in buying clicks from various paid traffic sites.

4. They are Never Honest with you on the Front End

Okay I get it, ‘never’ is a strong word, but it’s probably true, or at least it comes so close to the reality that it might as well be never! DFY systems are often sold through a flashy overhyped sales page and/or video webinar. And you are told and promised all sorts of things that just aren’t true!

Typically, some sort of ‘make lots of big money starting from today’ system will have very exaggerated claims, sometimes fake testimonials which are spokespersons hired on say Fiverr to give one example, as in the case of the 3 Step Method program.

They will also use words like ‘easy,’ ‘free,’ ‘plug and play,’ ‘push button system,’ ‘no experience required,’ ‘1 K a day,’ and so on but in reality traffic isn’t free. You either have to work for it or pay for it. Marketing isn’t easy; it requires learning and perfecting. Experience is necessary as well, if you really want to be your own boss. And you can’t make big money overnight on a consistent basis straight away.

Basically, what I’ve learned from experience and what so many other successful affiliates will tell you is that the more hyped up a program is in the sales funnel, the less you should trust it.

A lack of honesty is a red flag, plain and simple. Again, it’s your money they’re after. Usually, they won’t give you solid training on doing affiliate marketing. Chances are that you will gamble your money and lose it without learning anything really useful towards your future online career. Most of these systems are just poor quality and poor value but with a lot of hype to get you to buy.

5. They Come with Hidden Costs on the Back End

To continue the topic of a lack of honesty, a very common thing you will find with DFY systems is that while on the front end the program looks affordable, you can’t actually use it without buying extra things. Or you can’t start promoting it without purchasing all the upgrades.

Added to this, you usually have to pay for entirely separate things like an autoresponder to send out emails and a funnel builder, not to mention traffic costs which we’ve already spoken about.

If they’re promising great results in a short time and all for a low price, don’t believe them! When you get into the back office you’ll quickly discover just how expensive the program really is and how many opportunities there are for you to spend extra money, and always with zero guarantee of success.

6. They Upsell and Downsell Before you even get Access to the Product

I don’t believe in upgrading and buying into the upsells of a product before I even get access to it. But often, that is exactly what DFY system creators will do!

A prime example of this would be a program called Commission Blaster where you are offered a whopping 6 upsells on the front end, one after the other. And if you say no to each upsell, you will be taken to a downsell page. So you’re wading through 12 offer/deal pages before you even get into the members area or back office of the program.

And trust me, Commission Blaster is a shockingly bad program, so if you try it, don’t get any of those upsells!

7. They Promote the Completely Wrong Mindset for Becoming Successful Online

Aside from being expensive, unpredictable and generally ineffective and disappointing, DFY systems do not teach you the way to become an independent online entrepreneur. Instead they are there to tempt you with a ‘quick fix’ to your financial worries, or a ‘fast track’ to wealth. But they don’t work! You lose money and you never get good at managing your own business. This is simply starting off on the wrong foot and drives over 95% of beginners to despair.

The other less than 5% of people who succeed are the ones who have learned not to rely on DFY systems, not to take the lazy path, but instead to really learn marketing, put in massive action, and constantly improve their skills and knowledge.

You don’t need a get-rich-quick/DFY system in order to make money online and become successful. What you need is a good foundation, good training at an affordable price. Training that shows you how to start from the ground up and draw organic, targeted traffic to your business. And from there you can branch out into things like paid ads and email marketing.

You need to work and study hard, especially in the beginning. You need to have a passion and a real commitment to this stuff.

If you have no patience or motivation to learn marketing and put in the work, then frankly, you have no business being in business. There is only real marketing and no marketing. Real marketing makes you money. No marketing makes you no money.

Your own business is something to be proud of. It’s not just a shortcut to cash. It’s something that should become a significant and enjoyable part of your life.

The Method I Use to Make Money Online

The method I use and recommend to people is to start off with a niche that you are interested in and create a blog based on that niche.

Start adding good quality content and drawing traffic to your site through SEO. Then you can promote affiliate products on your website that are related to your niche.

Then you can branch out into YouTube, email marketing and if you like, PPC campaigns.

To get started with all this and hopefully continue on to success, you could try the Wealthy Affiliate online community. It has a free starter membership – no credit card required.

I hope that this has been informative and useful for you if you have ever been cheated by a DFY system or are thinking of going down that road.

Let me know your own thoughts in the comment section below.

Wishing you every success.

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  1. Thank you very much for such a detailed post about Done For You’ Systems and ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Schemes. Actually, I joined a done for you a while ago. I actually spent a lot of money on it. But after buying it, they tell you what you really need to do about that program. They are really misleading. I could not even earn the money I spent on it. Actually, I am saying that it is not good to believe these things. Keep posting like this.

    • Ah, so you’ve had the typical experience of the DFY systems and get-rich-quick schemes.  Agreed!  They are indeed misleading.  In fact, they say you don’t need to learn much or have any experience but that is completely the wrong approach to have.  It’s like a skill.  You need to learn the skill and put in the work if you want the money.  Otherwise, it’s like saying I want to earn a doctor’s salary but without learning to be a doctor or do the work of a doctor.  It’s completely delusional.  Just won’t happen.

      Thanks for the positive feedback:) 


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