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Here at Affiliate Knowledge Base, I’m here to help you avoid scams and learn the way of real marketing as opposed to fake marketing.

My name is Dominic and I’ve been studying and applying myself to affiliate marketing for 5 years.

The process of affiliate marketing is quite simple in itself, yet most who take it up do not succeed.

Two big challenges to an online business are:

  1. Getting traffic to your offers
  2. Learning the right way to sell to your target audience

Let’s look at these two challenges in more detail.

Getting Traffic to Your Offers

To make money online as an affiliate you need an offer and you need to get eyes on that offer. Without traffic, or eyes on your offer, you will make no money, plain and simple.

A lot of people struggle with the traffic issue. How do you efficiently get consistent traffic to your affiliate offers?

After tackling this difficulty for 5 years, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to get traffic to your online business is by working for it rather than paying for it.

And the best type of traffic is organic traffic from search engines, especially Google, but also others like Bing and Yahoo.

Working for your traffic means selecting a niche and creating content withing this niche that is designed to rank on search engines.

This means you will want to have a website and/or a YouTube channel. The best method would be to use a website and within some or all of your blog posts to incorporate/link to a YouTube video.

You can do this in WordPress for example, by selecting code editor in the back office where you write your articles, and pasting in the url of your YouTube video. This video of course should be related to your blog article.

In this way your site will rank higher in search results and the site and channel can be made to work together, maximising your traffic potential.

In the description of your YouTube videos you can leave affiliate links and also link to your blog articles. This provides backlinks to your website and is another source of traffic.

Problems With Paid Traffic Methods

Don’t get me wrong, there is a right way to invest in some paid traffic. For example, Microsoft Ads is probably the best way to drive paid traffic to affiliate offers.

However, paid traffic is not a good thing to fully rely on. It’s also a bad way to start out as a beginner.

Paid traffic methods are risky. One seldom makes a profit from them and on most occasions, it amounts to losing money. I compare it to gambling. Come on, it’s the same thing, especially if you are using solo ads or sites like Easy Traffic Now where you are literally paying for clicks. And you need to pay a lot!

Now, if you already have an affiliate business that’s generating income from organic traffic, then sure, invest some money now and then in ad campaigns.

But if you never really learn marketing and build your own assets, you are never going to have a sustainable and reliable business moving forward. You’ll just be constantly dropping money on ads and hoping for a good return on investment.

Those who are successful at affiliate marketing are almost always those who have learned to build up a business from scratch. They’ve learned the skills, they’ve put the work in and taken massive action on a consistent basis.

They become an authority in their niche. They offer VALUE! Value always comes first. And from value they gain trust, and with trust, they get sales – they get people who are willing to buy from them.

Learning to Sell the Right Way to Your Audience

Affiliate marketing gets a bad reputation due to there being so many scammers out there who teach new affiliates that they can get free traffic to their offers by spamming affiliate links around the internet.

They will teach people to sell low quality or overpriced products by leaving links on social media and online forums such as the Free Ad Forum, Quora and all sorts of other places.

The problem is that this comes across as spammy and you often get kicked off from certain platforms such as Facebook groups, Quora and other places because it’s clear you’re just trying to sell to people and make a quick buck. It’s a lazy and unethical way to do marketing.

It doesn’t create trust and most people won’t click and buy your offers just like that. Its been proven time and time again to be a very ineffective strategy.

Again that is why building your own business and providing real value is the true way to sell to your audience. Not just throwing your offer in their face before they have any idea who you are or what you’re about. Are you there just to sell to them or to help them with a problem?

How I Help People to Do Affiliate Marketing

What I do with this site, Affiliate Knowledge Base, is 4 things:

  1. Expose the wrong ways and programs used for Affiliate Marketing
  2. Explain the right way to Affiliate Marketing
  3. Promote what I consider to be the best Affiliate Training Community
  4. Review other useful programs and methods used for Affiliate Marketing

You can navigate this site using the top bar menus where you will find both informative/how to articles and program review articles.

Again, a big welcome to the website and enjoy your time here. I am always here for you my valued visitor and I’m ready to answer any questions you may have.

Wishing you the very best!

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