Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Should You Really Go For It?

Hello and a warm welcome to you.  In this Affiliate Marketing Mastery review, I’ll be providing you with both basic and in-depth information about the Affiliate Marketing Mastery training course, created by Stefan James, an advanced and very popular entrepreneur in the world of affiliate marketing.

Let’s get to a quick breakdown of this program and then if you are still interested, a more comprehensive review will follow.

Overview and Ranking of Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Product Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Creator: Stefan James Pylarinos

Product Type: Affiliate marketing online course

Price: $997 or 3 monthly installments of $397

Best for: Beginners in affiliate marketing and anyone looking to make income online

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Recommended? Yes. This is a legitimate online training course, and while it’s not for everyone and does not have a huge success rate, there is still a lot of educational value in it.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a 7-Module online course on entrepreneur mindset and affiliate marketing.

Anyone who goes through the course and applies themselves to it should become knowledgeable about affiliate marketing, get their own business launched and ultimately reach good results.

Is There A Better Alternative? Yes.

Personally, I wouldn’t invest $997 into this course (and I am not an affiliate for it) because, the creator teaches little or nothing new or original and his students do not have a high success rate. Moreover, I believe there is a better option that offers equal value and comes at a much lower price:

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Comprehensive Review:

By the time you get to the end of this review you should have all the information you need to decide whether you want to go ahead and purchase this course.

Let’s get into this!

About Stefan James

Stefan James, aka Stefan Pylarinos, is a 7-figure internet marketer, a life and business coach, and founder of Project Life Mastery. He helps and inspires followers and clients in the millions.

In earlier days, he was once the shyest kid in school – before he rose to great wealth and popularity, teaching self-mastery. He has an article dedicated to him in that speaks about this.

Stefan lives in Vancouver, Canada where he owns a penthouse and uses part of it for his recording studio where he creates his YouTube videos.

He is also an expert in selling on Amazon and a very experienced affiliate marketer.

And yes, he does make serious money – he is someone you will benefit from listening to.

Here is a video where you can see Stefan’s knowledge of Affiliate Marketing and learn directly from him:

What’s Inside Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Inside his flagship course, Affiliate Marketing Mastery, Stefan reveals step by step, his own blueprint and strategies for becoming an affiliate marketing entrepreneur.

The content is a bit general but covers a lot, as we’ll go on to see in the modules. Despite being simple at it’s core, affiliate marketing is actually a massive subject with so much involved.

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Module 1: Introduction, Strategy & Mindset

The training starts off with a module on cultivating a good mindset and methods of procedure that will enable you to succeed with an affiliate marketing business.

I often find mindset modules to be a bit of a waste of a course. It’s such a broad topic and we’ve invested in the course to learn. However, some motivational talk is okay too and can help one to persevere.

But in this module Stefan is also practical in that he shares a blueprint that he uses himself to get maximum results. Things such as the 10 principles of success and writing up your SMART goals.

Module 2: Market Research and Keywords

Here you will learn about niche selection and finding related keywords to target. He will go into the variety of options out there, such as physical and digital products, and how to find the niche that suits you best.

Module 3: Creating Your Online Brand And Presence

In this module he teaches you how to set up your website and YouTube channel. Your online presence will need a brand so he will teach you how to create a good one that is compelling to your audience.

He will also take you through the 10 essential WrodPress tools so that you can start getting the hang of using a WordPress site.

He also goes into various traffic generation methods which are all pretty standard.

Module 4: Content Creation

In this module you will learn about the next step after setting up your online presence via a website, YouTube channel and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This next vital step is attracting visitors – the more traffic you generate, the more potential you have to make money.

a key factor in this process is producing regular and good quality content.

Module 5: Visitors, Followers & Building Your List

Here you will be taught methods that are designed to help you attract visitors and followers fast. Now, I do believe one should always take their time and not focus on shortcuts, but of course you also don’t want to procrastinate.

Anyway, this module takes you through the process of advertising your brand and promoting it through both social media and Kindle.

You will also be taught to build your list so that you can send your subscribers updates and promote offers to them.

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Module 6: Earning Revenue & Monetising Your Traffic

After learning about building your brand and attracting followers and subscribers, you will be shown how to make money with your business. This will include tips and advice on finding profitable offers to promote to your audience.

He will also go into the various ways in which you can monetise your YouTube channel and social accounts, and things to avoid doing before you start doing this.

Module 7: Performance & Analytics

Here you will be taught how to use Google and YouTube Analytics so that you can track the growth in visitors to your online business.

Being able to optimise the results of your business is an important skill to learn and you will be taught it in this module.

Bonuses that Come with the Course

Aside from the course content, Stefan provides you with some enticing bonuses as a reward for investing in Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

  • BONUS 1: My Ultimate List of Affiliate Programs
  • BONUS 2: Case Studies
  • BONUS 3: Expert Interviews
  • BONUS 4: Website Reviews and Feedback

There is also a members only Facebook group for the members where students can collaborate with their peers.

Who is Affiliate Marketing Mastery For?

This course is for anyone looking to discover a legitimate way to make money on the internet. Anyone who wants to learn how affiliate marketing works and build their own online business from it.

It is for anyone looking for ways to monetise an existing online brand or following, such as a blog or a large social following.

All who invest should be able to get something useful out of it. But those who succeed need to be big action takers as well, which leads us to the next question.

Who is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Not For?

Since this program will mostly teach you organic rather than paid methods to succeed online, it is not for anyone looking for fast ways to acquire wealth on the internet.

In fact, there isn’t really a way to get rich quick; in the end, it comes down to applying yourself to regular and steady work.

For more on this, see our article on: 7 Problems with ‘Done For You’ Systems and ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Schemes.

Can Affiliate Marketing Mastery Make you Money?

Oh yes, if you can understand what’s being taught and take action accordingly, you could eventually have your own money making business on the go.

It teaches tested and proven as well as ethical methods for making money online. Methods such as finding a niche, creating relevant content, attracting traffic, building a following and selling via affiliate links.

Pricing for Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Stefan sells his course for a one time fee of $997. But there is also an option to pay it over three months of installments where each installment is $397.

But you will be paying more if you go for the installments option. So to save $194, you’re probably better off going for the lump sum of $997, bearing in mind that there is a good refund policy.

For me, the $997 is too much for this course. Similar to The Super Affiliate System by John Cristani, it is expensive but there is another way to learn affiliate marketing and PPC, with everything you need to succeed and for a far more affordable price. See my #1 Recommendation.

Positive Points About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

AMM is a course with high quality video training that covers a lot of content about starting your own affiliate marketing business.

It is made by a man who created his own success and who shows you his own methods. Stefan is a popular figure in the affiliate marketing industry.

The course has a 30-day money back guarantee. If you find you’re not happy with it, you can refund the program.

Negative Points About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Well, despite the sheer amount of content in his course, Stefan teaches nothing new. There isn’t anything in the training that could be considered unique.

It’s also fairly broad and lengthy to the point where few persevere with it and make good money as a result

That’s right, Stfan’s course is known to have a surprisingly low success rate for those who invest in it.

He is someone who already had a big following online but most people do not have any such huge following, so they have to build it from scratch and succeed if they are to make money with this course.

There isn’t much taught about paid marketing campaigns.

The price of $997 is high in my opinion for a course that provides what AMM does. I think you could the same value and more with a program such as Wealthy Affiliate. Okay, it’s an investment, but still, I just don’t think the pricing is justified for what I consider to be a fairly generic digital marketing course.


As per the above, here are the pros and cons of Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

  • Quality video training
  • Extensive content on affiliate marketing
  • The owner is highly experienced
  • 30-Day money back guarantee


  • Nothing new about Stefan’s methods
  • Low success rate from his students
  • Not a lot of content on paid methods of marketing
  • Course is a bit too general for some, as well as long
  • The owner has allegedly been involved in illegal selling online
  • The pricing is steep for what’s actually offered

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a Scam?

No – I’m definitely NOT going to say this program is a scam. Here’s why: Stefan is showing students the same methods he has been using to generate for himself a very handsome income online.

His methods involve organically growing a brand and audience and using affiliate marketing. He also uses paid promotion and list building as well.

It’s true that he charges a lot for his course, but that doesn’t mean AMM is a scam because it does provide valid information on making money with affiliate marketing.

Concluding Thoughts – My Verdict

AMM is a legit training course on affiliate marketing from a top-level affiliate and very successful entrepreneur.

But Stefan is also a persuasive salesman and is selling you a course on affiliate marketing for $997 when in fact you don’t need to spend this kind of money to learn how to build a long term business in affiliate marketing.

That is why my top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate where I have so far enjoyed 3 years of learning, making progress on my websites and experiencing the rewards. It provides in-depth training, 24/7 live help, weekly live webinar classes, website hosting for 10 sites and a unique keyword research tool. It is free to create a starter membership and there are no hidden or extra costs, as in the case of so many other programs, such as The Fast Tracks or Perpetual Income 365, just to mention two.

I hope you have found this informative and useful. Leave a comment down below; we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. This course does seem rather expensive, and if you think about it, the people who would be interested in buying this course are normally people who are just starting out with their online business, and they won’t have a lot of extra money for courses, as they have to pay for other things like hosting, domains, autoresponders, etc.

    Thank you that you have provided an alternative here, as this option is at least affordable for the newbie. What I like about this course is the fact that the creator has made a living with these methods, so he is teaching from experience.


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