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Welcome! In this Review of Affluent Academy I’ll be sharing with you the facts you should be aware of before you purchase this program by Jordan Platten.

Affluent Academy could be suitable for you if you are considering building a digital marketing agency.

The package will set you back $947, so you’ll want to be sure you have a good idea of what you are signing up for before taking the plunge.

We’ll be looking at the creator, what a digital marketing agency is and the course content offered by Affluent Academy.

With that said, let’s dive right into this review:


Affluent Academy Overview

Product Type: How To Build Your Own Digital Marketing Agency.

Product Name: Affluent Academy.

Creator: Jordan Platten.

Price: $947 one time fee.

Recommended? Yes, for some.

The process of running a digital marketing agency looks simple enough on paper. But it’s not something I would go for and here’s why.

It involves cold calling people in order to get clients who need someone to run Facebook ads for their business.

They hire you for a certain rate and give you an ad budget.

Both cold calling and running Facebook ads are far from my taste. Cold calling is stressful; I’ve worked in a Call Centre myself and have been offered several sales jobs which I turned down.

As for Facebook ads, it’s more tricky than a lot of people think.

Aside from the numerous yet rather vague rules Facebook has for allowing which ads can run and how often people suddenly get banned from advertising, you have to have a lot of experience, do a lot of split testing and in the process, waste money in order to make money later on – if you finally get the hang of it.

Although Affluent Academy is a well-structured course that covers a large amount of material and value, it’s not within everyone’s budget and there are other courses that teach similar things at a lower cost.

Personally, I’ve already found something that works really well for me that doesn’t involve running ads, or even worse, cold calling. This way is so much easier and costs far less.

Check out my #1 Training Recommendation.

Who is Jordan Platten?

Jordan is a British guy who dropped out of college at age 21. He ended up getting several jobs that he didn’t like. He worked in sales.

Some years later a friend of his taught him about how a digital marketing agency works. This friend already had a successful business in this field and Jordan decided to go down the same route.

Jordan took the plunge and invested his savings in the new business venture.

It payed off well.

He was able to quit his 9-5 job within weeks.

He scaled his social media marketing contracts until he had reached an impressive $10,000 a month within 90 days.

It was onwards and upwards for Jordan.

He was good at the business and started his own training academy which was originally called the Social Media Marketing School.

It really took off and made him a 6 figure income in no more than 6 months.

Later, in 2019 he renamed the program, now baring the brand name Affluent Academy.

Jordan is also an author.

His book is called The 15 Minute Agency.

How Does Affluent Academy Work?

The program takes students through an in-depth course on how to build and grow their own Digital Marketing Agency.

Altogether, there are 11 modules in the Affluent Academy course.

Let’s take a look inside these modules.

Module 1: The Foundations

Here you will be given a standard introduction to what a digital marketing is and how the program works.

It’s the preparation before you get into the actual course material.

Module 2: The Launch Sequence

In this module you will be taken through the steps of getting everything set up in preparation for reaching out to get the clients and customers for your business.

The module covers pricing, niche selection, building your own website and brand expansion.

Module 3: Sales Prospecting

This module consists of seven videos teaching you how to get clients to work with you.

There are a number of way to do this which are all shown in the content of this module.

Module 4: Securing Meetings

This kind of business model is not about generating passive income, but about working hard, with a confident and persuasive approach.

The goal is to get business owners to work with you.

This includes organising face to face meetings.

Module 4 teaches you how to get the attention of your potential clients. It teaches various methods for how to do this, such as cold calling, emailing, messaging on social media, and meeting in person.

Module 5: How to Close Clients

This is an important and key part of the course. It has a lot of content.

It focuses on how to actually get your clients to agree to work with you. As a closer of clients, you will be successful and make good material with this kind of work.

Module 6: The Science of Getting Results

The focus of this module is mostly on mindset and customer psychology.

It provides training on various methods of marketing and an introduction to run effective ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Module 7: Comprehensive Ad Creation

This module is on the shorter side and consists of 6 videos that teach you how to create ads that will attract business for your clients.

Module 8: Skyrocketing Return on Investment

This one is a continuation of module 7 and goes more in-depth on how to create good quality ads for the customers of your clients.

It covers training on creating funnels, retargeting and building look alike audiences on Instagram and Facebook.

This is one of the core parts of the course.

Module 9: Masterd Strategies for 2020

Here Jordan teaches how to target various niches for the year ahead.

Niches such as shopping, diet eating out and plenty of others.

Module 10: 7 Figure Agency Scaling And Automation System

Another key module, this one will teach you to scale up your business and make it grow more and more once you have started to have some success.

Module 11: The Bonus Lessons

Here you will be shown various other tips and tricks to help you run your agency and make it grow.

It includes getting likes on Facebook and management strategies for your social media agency.


In addition to the course itself, there are 3 bonuses:

  • Access to the Private Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Availability of email support with Jordan
  • Provision of contracts, scripts and funnel templates

The bonuses provide not only other useful tools, but also personal help, which is a nice touch.


Pros of Affluent Academy

  • This course is a comprehensive one and has proved to be successful for the founder and a good number of his students. It will teach you all you need to know to start and get your own social media agency off the ground.
  • Jordan doesn’t use super hyped up language when advertising his course. A lot of program creators on the internet do this but then fail to deliver. This is a product that provides an honest description and good value.
  • You can get a refund for up to 30 days post purchase.

Cons of Affluent Academy

  • The program comes at a steep price of $947. This won’t be within everyone’s budget. Besides, there are many other courses and business models that sell for significantly cheaper.
  • To obtain clients, you need to run paid ads. You will need to pay for these ads yourself, aside from the cost of the course itself.
  • Most people aren’t up for cold calling. But cold calling is a vital part of succeeding in this kind of business.


Who is Affluent Academy For?

Affluent Academy is for someone with real interest in building a social media agency and who is prepared do and pay what is necessary to succeed, including the price of the course, the ad spend and implement the strategies and methods for getting clients to work for them.

Ideally, one should already have some similar experience or a real taste for the tasks that are required, otherwise, it is likely to be overwhelming and will take a lot of adjusting to.

Is Affluent Academy a Scam?

The answer here is definitely a No! This is a very comprehensive course and holds a ton of value. Jordan knows what he’s doing and how to teach it to others.

Besides this, there are many happy students who have greatly benefited from what he teaches in his program.

It is something that has made Jordan rich and many others who have learned from him.

There are a really good number of companies who want people with these skills to work for them.

The price of the course is one of the main issues I would point out. That and the cold calling. But it’s not a scam.

Do I Recommend this Course? Only to Some.

Yes on some conditions. These are if you are someone who is into this kind of thing, you are able to afford the course and prepared to run ad campaigns all on your own budget, as well as do cold calling and lots of interaction with people.

If you can answer yes to these three things, then I’d say take the plunge.

No, if you don’t want to invest that kind of money on the course and the ads, or go through the stress of certain demanding tasks, particularly cold calling people.

A Better Alternative

I wouldn’t go for this course, partly because of the price and also because I strongly dislike the stressful job of cold calling and used to be in a call centre myself.

I also prefer to use free traffic methods rather than depend on paid advertising for every campaign.

I review products and show people what’s what, helping them to avoid falling for scams. I love this work!

My business model is affiliate marketing through blogging and YouTube – both free methods of attracting visitors and making sales.

The particular program I use is Wealthy Affiliate.

I first joined the free membership, then upgraded. I’m very happy with my decision and it’s far more affordable than Affluent Academy.

Wealthy Affiliate is the largest affiliate network on the internet with a huge volume of success stories from members.

If this interests you, give it a try today. It’s free to join with the option of going Premium or Premium+ if you want to have a serious go at building your own online business.

Sounds alright?

See you on the inside, where I’ll be there to help out!

Dominic, Creator of



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