Amazing Selling Machine Review: Should You Invest In This?

Heard of a large, serious program out there called Amazing Selling Machine? It’s a big deal and could make you even bigger money if it’s your type of business model. Question is, should you invest? Or is your money better spent on some other opportunity?

Stick around for this review and I’ll uncover for you all that you need to know about Amazing Selling Machine.

There is any number of dinky little programs out there that claim to help you make money on the internet and the vast majority of them are worse than useless.

But that’s not the case with Amazing Selling Machine. This is a very in-depth program, jampacked with information and resources. It’s for serious people who are ready to take serious action.

It’s a very successful program and has been going for about a decade now. But they are constantly updating it so you don’t need to worry about it being old. In fact, that only adds to its credibility if you think about it.

So, any catches?

Yeah. It’s expensive by most people’s standards. That’s probably the biggest hurdle, besides it being a fairly challenging thing to get into.

You see Amazing Selling Machine is a type of business model that is not affiliate marketing or dropshipping but is a form of eCommerce involving Amazon FBA and it takes a lot to learn the process properly and apply it successfully.


Following the Amazing Selling Machine formula, you could expect to be learning about the business and applying yourself to it for about 2-3 years before you become a real expert and get that jaw-dropping success you’re looking for.

Here’s the thing. This business model, if learned properly and put into action could lead you to HUGE amounts of wealth, but you just need to understand that it is a serious, complex business that will have endless costs. That’s simply the facts about an opportunity like this.

Whether you will get a good ROI cannot be guaranteed, as is the case with any online business, but to repeat, it CAN make you BIG money – that is a real possibility.

Now if you’re scared off already by the sheer scale and high price (close to 5 grand) of Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), learning to leverage SEO and affiliate marketing might be better for you. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about ASM.

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Amazing Selling Machine – Overview

Name: Amazing Selling Machine.

Product Type: Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) 8-week video training course and online community.

Owners: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Price: $5,000 approx.

Recommended? Definitely not for everyone. But perfect for those who have the budget and like the business model.

My Ranking for Amazing Selling Machine: 4 out of 5 Stars

The owners of Amazing Money Machine have created a very impressive course where you really can learn all the ins and outs of the FBA eCommerce business.

It is not easy to run this kind of business, as any ASM student will tell you, but again, for those willing to learn and take consistent action, it can be done.

I don’t doubt that the offer is worth a good bit of money. But at the same time, the steep price as well as all the other costs that are involved, such as inventory and packing fees, and marketing costs, rules out all potential members who don’t have a big enough budget.

If you’re one of those people, you could do worse than start a business in blogging and affiliate marketing.

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What Exactly is Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine, the work of two eCommerce and Amazon FBA experts, is a highly developed training course that teaches students to start and grow their own online business with Amazon FBA.

It features training, support and many other resources needed to go from beginner level, to advanced and all the way to expert in the Amazon FBA business model.

You will learn to get hold of products which you will store and sell through the giant Amazon marketplace.

You won’t need to handle stocking, shipment or customer support. All that will be done for you by Amazon.

Amazon FBA – The Process

However, you will need to find and be in contact with suppliers. Searching for, selecting and buying from suppliers, as well as building good relations with them is all part of the process and you will be taught all about how to do that as part of the training at ASM.

You could say that Amazing Selling Machine is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to get into eCommerce in connection with Amazon.

It’s a long and bumpy road to do down but the program is legit and has become a life-changer for many.

Who is this Program For?

ASM is designed for anyone who wants to create a passive income generating online business. Since there is a lot involved, it’s definitely not for people looking for fast results.

Generally, anyone looking for shortcuts doesn’t do well in online business anyway. But I would also say that learning to start an Amazon FBA business is even more complicated than doing some form of affiliate marketing so you would need to have a head for it.

Essentially, Amazing Selling Machine is for those who love the idea of Amazon FBA and want the high level training and other resources that they need to become successful.

What do you Get Inside Amazing Selling Machine?

There’s no way you’ll get through all the content in ASM in one sitting, even if you stay up till the early hours of the next morning!

This is a huge training program with:

  • 8 modules
  • 102 lessons
  • over 20 hours of proven Amazon FBA content

It is designed to be gone through over the course of many weeks, 8 in total or more if you need extra time. This certainly isn’t a ‘hurry your way through it’ kind of thing.

Briefly, here is what they cover in the 8 modules:

Welcome Module:Firstly, the welcome module is an introduction to ASM and goes through what you will be learning and doing in the course.

It also provides you with a plan blueprint that you can follow to scale your business from one grand to ten grand in 12 months.

Module 1: Find your first Product. There’s a lot to be taken into consideration when you are choosing a product. Things like profit, competition, whether it’s the kind of thing that interests you and is withing your budget and other things.

They teach you to find the best, most suitable product with the help of a tool called Zoof.

You’ll also start to learn about suppliers in this module; how to find good ones and order your first product sample.

Module 2: Setting up your Business:here you’ll be learning to set up a Seller Central account which you’ll need to work with Amazon.

They teach you how to sell on big marketplaces: US, Canada, UK and Australia.

You also learn about tax details and what you need to have set up in the early stages of your business and which things you can leave until it grows more.

Module 3: Ordering Inventory and Creating your Brand:You’ll learn more about working with suppliers, finding the right ones and the right shipping companies so that you are in the highest possible profit margin.

Here you’ll also be learning about best product inspection processes to implement for quality assurance.

ASM also has a brand creation system that they say is trusted by over 35,000 students.

Module 4: Build your Brand Assets:They will teach you a strategy for building a following. This will include using social media and creating your own website.

Module 5: Creating a Profitable Listing: This is about marketing tactics and shows you 5 key things you need for good product listing, optimised for the best results.

They also teach you in this module how to develop your own voice, something that speaks effectively to your customers with out sounding too generic.

You’ll also learn more tips and tricks with Zoof, the Amazon keyword research tool.

Module 6: Launching your Business and Ranking: Here you’ll learn to set everything in motion, preparing your first Amazon FBA shipment and following Amazon’s launch process.

You’ll also be learning to use Amazon sponsored ads.

Module 7: Optimising your Ads:This module is a deep dive into everything ad related, from Amazon’s 3 ad types to being wise with your spending and how to analyse your progress and improve based on the data of your ad campaigns.

Module 8: Scaling your Business:Once your business is off the ground, the 12 lessons in this module will show you common pitfalls and how to avoid them. It will also teach you about some of the best ways for expanding your product portfolio and your business overall.

Price and Other Costs

Currently Amazing Selling Machine goes for something very close to $5,000.

But you’ll also be required to have cashflow for the other expenses that are incumbent on this type of business.

Other costs will include marketing, ads and products for your inventory.

What I Like About ASM

I’d have to say this program is really good content-wise, in my opinion. And that’s coming from someone who is usually not happy with the make money online products that I review on this site. So much of it out there is just hype devious tricks to get your money.

The training ASM isn’t just good, it’s also frequently updated by the creators. You shouldn’t need to look any further if you are someone interested in growing a business with Amazon FBA.

It also has good support and a pretty lively online community; something that can really boost morale.

It is teaching a legitimate business model that is the work of real Amazon FBA veterans.

I believe strongly in the need to learn a lot and to gradually build your success online. The get-rich-quick idea simply isn’t the right attitude; it never leads to real, long-term success.

The owners of ASM are clearly passionate about teaching people the real blueprint to success that they themselves follow. A blueprint that has several layers of complexity.

What I Don’t Like About ASM

There a few things about Amazing Selling Machine that I can’t say I’m happy with.

Firstly, I think it has a big, scary front end fee. If I were going to charge that amount for a training program, I’d probably give people a pay by installments option in stead of just the lump sum.

But it’s not just the initial price, but the whole chain of other costs that come with running a real Amazon FBA business. You know, things like advertising, using a high-end keyword research tool and various marketing and eCommerce related expenses that you need to handle as well.

Second, it’s just not the kind of business model that I could see myself enjoying. There’s a lot of dealing with outside people that you need to manage on your own, such as suppliers, shipping companies and Amazon staff members.

Overall, I think it’s too much on the complicated and difficult side for me and I don’t think anyone really needs to pay so much or go for something so challenging if their goal is simply to make money online.

I just think there are simpler and more cost effective ways to make a living on the internet and as you know, my way is with affiliate marketing and leveraging organic traffic using blog and video content.

Final Thoughts

Only you can decide whether Amazing Selling Machine is something that is right for you and whether you should invest, or put money aside to purchase it in the future.

As stated already, I know my own method of making money online is with affiliate marketing and I can’t see that changing in the future for me.

I think that realistically, for the majority of people, following an affiliate marketing formula, such as Wealthy Affiliate is probably better if they are just looking for a way to make money online and will try anything that works.

Affiliate marketing that focuses mostly on organic traffic methods generally comes with a lot less costs and intricacies, although all business models require some practise, experience and investment.

I hope this review has been informative and useful and that you are ready to decide whether you should invest in Amazing Selling Machine or perhaps try something else.

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