Another CV Rejection? Try Self-Employment Online!

In this article, I’m going to be talking all about how you can start down the road of self-employment online today, before you go to bed tonight.

Maybe you’re currently working or maybe you are in the job hunting process and have received yet another ‘no’ from a place you applied to work for. But wait! That may be a good thing.

Aside from applying for new jobs, now is a good time for you to start up a business. It will take some months to a year for this business model to be able to replace a regular job, so right off the bat, I can assure you that I’m not offering you some low quality, program that promises easy money fast.

There is a long but authentic way to build your own business online and reap the profits later on. Here is a 4 step breakdown of how this works:

  1. Choose a niche; something you are interested in and love.
  2. Build a website related to that niche.
  3. Attract organic traffic to this site.
  4. Earn revenue.

The Longer Approach Works: “Done for you” systems don’t

The four steps listed above show the realistic and honest way to make a living online. But most people who get into this industry are tempted by supposed easier and quicker ways to make money.

The problem however, is that there is no such system that makes money for you fast, consistently and on auto-pilot. All such programs that claim they can do this are self-promotional programs and require you to spend money, with no guarantee of results. They teach you little or nothing about affiliate marketing, and are generally low quality and low value for money.

Here are some examples:

Commission Blaster

Passive Profits Pages

There’s just too much risk involved in this approach in my opinion which is also based on wide research as well as personal experience.

If you get something that’s cheap, you’re not going to get much information out of it. A lot of Done for You systems have a low entry fee of say $9 or something ridiculous like that.

Well in that case, guess what? You’re only going to get nine dollars worth of information. Now, they also try to upsell but they are always the ones benefiting rather than you.

Anyway, you can read more about all this in another article, 7 Problems with ‘Done For You’ Systems and ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Schemes.

Use a Website and Write Informational and Review Posts

Easily one of the most successful affiliate marketing business models is to create a website based on a specific niche.

You will produce content on this site and you will review relevant products.

But part of online marketing is to build a relationship with your visitors and followers. This is actually very important and overlooked.

To do this requires practice and experience but one thing you want to keep in mind is that you need to give VALUE. Value creates trust. Trust leads to sales.

People don’t buy things immediately. But if they are impressed with your site, they like the in-depth information you provide and you aren’t coming across as too salesy, you’re doing well and you will be able to generate sales.

But that is your blueprint for an online business that is long term and sustainable.

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