Auto Profit Links Review: Legit or A Big Disappointment?

Looking for an informed and honest Auto Profit Links review from someone who isn’t a promoter of Glen Kosky’s program? You’ve come to the right place.

On the sales page, Auto Profit Links says it can help you make money in less than 47 seconds. But I’m sure you at least take that with a pinch of salt.

I’ll be exposing the facts about Auto Profit Links in this review.

I’ll tell you how it works, what it offers, the creators behind it, leaving you to decide whether or not you want to give it a go.

My #1 Recommendation has been around for 17 years and is growing daily!

Overview of Auto Profit Links

Product Name: Auto Profit Links

Product Type: Software

Creators: Glynn Kosky, Leigh and Rod

Price: $17 + 10 upsells amounting to about a grand

Recommended? No.

While there are a few small features in this program that could be useful in a very basic way, such as a tool that lets you customise a landing page and a thank you page, I don’t see much value in this program overall.

There really is no push-button way to make money online as this program is designed to make you believe.

Among so many other problems, it is one of those programs that encourages the wrong mindset with which to approach an online business in affiliate marketing.

I also have pretty much zero trust in the traffic methods taught in Auto Profit Links.

Auto Profit Links Full Review:

Okay, let’s get into the details of this product, shall we?

What is Auto Profit Links?

Auto Profit Links Sales Page

Auto Profit Links is an MMO digital product consisting in an automated system that allows you to make use of done-for-you campaigns with sales funnels that you can customise and gives you instant permission to promote 3 affiliate products. (Some affiliate marketing platforms such as WarriorPlus require you to get permission first before you can promote offers and this can take some time).

You will be using social media platforms and/or paid traffic to (hopefully) get sales.

Auto Profit Links Back Office

Auto Profit Links: How Does It Work?

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • You are given done-for-you sales pages for marketing campaigns
  • You can customise these funnels and thank you pages if you want
  • An Aweber account (Free version available) is required to connect to your opt-in pages
  • If people opt-in, they will automatically be offered a bonus and something that uses your affiliate link
  • The products they promote are Commission Pages, Passive Profits Funnels and The Wifi Profit System. (You will need to get access to these for free in order to plug them into the system).
  • On the back end, they will teach you some sales strategies that will hopefully motivate people to take action.

This is what you get for the base level of the program (for the $17).

You won’t learn to build a successful online business if all you are investing is $17. It costs a bit more than that, as well as plenty of practise and experience.

But you will get $17s worth of information and some basic tools. This however, just isn’t enough to become successful at this business if you are completely new to it.

Auto Profit Links does give some training on driving traffic but to me, it’s nothing to be excited about.

Auto Profit Links: Poor Quality Traffic Methods

The done-for-you pages and automatic permission to promote the above mentioned affiliate programs isn’t bad for a fee of less than 20 quid.

But the pages aren’t the best quality. They’re pretty basic.

And really the problems start when it comes to traffic. They recommend certain ways of promotion via social media. Now not a lot of us have a really large following on social media and even if we have, that doesn’t mean that this kind of ‘free traffic’ is targeted.

But fair enough; if you are getting free traffic then you may just make a few sales here and there. Some people may buy.

However, if you’re going for paid traffic, well, let me tell you that it’s highly unlikely that you will actually profit. You are far more likely to spend more on getting people to the sales funnel than what you may potentially earn on the back end.

That’s just how it works with most paid methods such as solo ads.

There’s no fast, automated and easy way to make money online. The reason why so many people think that is because there’s so many people out there using that kind of jargon in order to sell you some low quality product.

But with such programs, they are not really designed to help you and provide good, honest value but to get money out of you.

I believe Auto Profit Links looks like many other programs which are designed for the profit of the owner rather than you.

Here are some other similar programs I’ve reviewed and that follow a similar pattern:

Who are the Creators?

We know that Glynn Kosky has been in the marketing industry for many years and in that time he has produced a large number of programs.

The team he worked with on Auto Profit Links have produced other internet marketing programs such as Commission Blueprint, Neo Commissions, Traffic Beast, Six Figure Influx, Commission Shortcut, Traffic Takeover and Instant Traffic Jacker.

There is a lack of proper name information for the other two producers, Rod and Leigh so it is hard to know anything much about them. Not a good sign if you are a creator of multiple digital marketing programs.

Personally, I think they are using a shotgun approach. Simply by putting enough low quality or disappointing products on the market, you maximise your chances of everything balancing out in the end moneywise.

Who is Auto Profit Links For?

I think it is aimed at newbies who haven’t really stepped into the internet marketing world much. But more advanced affiliates could make use of the tools provided.

It’s definitely for people looking for a shortcut to wealth which is already a big mistake for an aspiring online entrepreneur, let’s face it.

The web is crawling with all sorts of programs like this that are designed to get you hooked on the idea of somehting that is automated, quick and no work or experience required.

I’ve been down that road myself. I’ve invested in these types of programs and to me they’re all BS. You waste your money, you don’t profit, you don’t learn all the important skills of marketing and it just isn’t sustainable. It’s more or less the same thing as gambling. That is not running a business.

Related article: 7 Problems with Done-For-You Systems and Get Rich Quick Schemes.

The Base Price and 10 Upsells

The price for Auto Profit Links starts at $17.

Then you get offered a lot of upsells – 10 in total:

  1. Unlimited – $47
  2. 100% Done For You – $197
  3. Unlimited Traffic – $97
  4. 10x Automation – $67
  5. ATM Max Edition – $147
  6. Ultimate Income – $47
  7. License Rights – $97
  8. 1K Daily – $47
  9. Super Affiliate Edition – $37
  10. Million-Dollar Edition – $97

To be honest, to sell someone a cheap product and then maybe offer them one upsell seems fair enough to me. But to offer someone a whopping TEN upsells on a $17 product, altogether amounting to $897… Well, to me that’s a joke!

Pros of Auto Profits Links

  • Good refund policy – 180 days money back guarantee
  • Nothing wrong with a cheap page builder for $17. Could be useful for some.

Cons of Auto Profits Links

  • Hyped up and misleading sales page
  • Exaggerated income claims
  • Ridiculous talk about making money in seconds
  • A fake timer on the sales page to make you hurry up and purchase
  • Promotes the get-rich-quick mentality
  • Doesn’t teach real marketing
  • Has tons of pricey upsells – squeezing as much money out of you as possible
  • Traffic methods are ineffective and spammy
  • Doesn’t deliver what it promises
  • The Creators are constantly making new programs
  • It’s a mistake to put trust in producers of DFY systems

Is Auto Profits Links a Scam?

While I agree that you can buy this product for the sake of having a page builder for your marketing at a reasonable price, I don’t think this is an answer to making money online.

You can’t just go and leave links on social media as a way to get steady traffic to an online business. And buying Facebook ads as a newbie who is perhaps on a budget is a bad strategy.

Buying solo ads is also a bad idea because what usually happens is that you lose more than you gain.

Since there is talk about making money in seconds on the sales page and hundreds of dollars a day but ultimately, it doesn’t deliver that, I would say this is a scam to get money out of you rather than help you do real marketing.

Common Red Flags to be Aware of

Here at Affiliate Knowledge Base I’m all about helping you detect and avoid scams and pursue real marketing, equipped with the knowledge you need for this business and the resources and skills that come with top-level and affordable training.

Taking action is an absolute must, but even more importantly is taking correct action. If someone is showing you how to do something the WRONG WAY it is possible that you will end up being scammed, unless you can detect it and ignore what they are telling you.

Some common red flags to watch out for on your digital marketing programs research include people telling you something is absolutely amazing but at the same time very cheap.

Also cheap products which have a plethora of upsells on the back end.

Programs that teach spammy or risky traffic generation methods such as spamming forums and social media with affiliate offers (where you are likely to get banned anyway, not to mention how ineffective that approach is since you are not building any trust with your audience) or using solo ads.

Programs that are designed to help you make money by having you recruit others to the same program. In other words, Pyramid Schemes in which members make money simply by selling the system but not because the system or program has any significant value in itself besides the opportunity to promote it to others.

Programs with shady creators who have little or no information about themselves or go under another name as in the case of My Mobile Money Pages by so called “Andrew Davidson.”

Make money opportunities which provide massive income claims from random people who are sometimes hired on Fiverr or other places on the internet as in the case of the 3 Step Method program.

Programs that start out with a big, long webinar and feature a load of talk about money and flashy objects such as an expensive sports car like a Lamborghini and a mansion overlooking the beach. Usually they end up telling you that you can have all this yourself in next to no time and with very little or no effort, time investment or experience. Sorry, but that idea is an illusion; a shameless sales tactic.

Are you looking for an authentic way to make money online? See how I do it myself. It’s the realistic, honest and ethical approach to internet marketing.

How I Make Money Online

I make money online by leveraging niche websites that I have learned to put together, add content to and monetise.

Realistically, the way to make money online leads you through the journey of proper, in-depth training and a gradual ascent to success.

Some cheap programs out there give you 5-12 minutes of information. That’s just not enough to understand how to do affiliate marketing as a serious, money-making business.

I would say these are some key points:

  • No short instructions – this is real business that requires a learning curve
  • Organised training in video and text format that has tasks for you to complete for each lesson
  • No cutting corners and trying to make money fast using a DFY system
  • Applying your knowledge by taking consistent action (in my case, blog content creation and YouTube videos)
  • Being patient in waiting for results – this stuff takes time but is 100% worth your time and effort

If you can be guided properly and get the training that works for you, it will be very possible to achieve success online, provided you take due action as well of course.

The program I used to become a blogger who monetises blogs with affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. The largest online training community that provides an all-in-one platform to get started and grow your business.

They provide a starter membership for free (no credit card required) and this is enough to get you started.

There will be access to the first part of the top-level training, (10 lessons) the opportunity to create a free website to get you rolling and many other features and perks that you will have partial access to, such as the use of Jaaxy, their exclusive keyword research tool, 1-on-1 coaching, personal affiliate blog and more.

Below you can see the content of the first 10 lessons that you get access to for free as a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate:

Here are the free beginner course benefits and learning outcomes:

And here are some of the member’s reviews:

You can also watch the video they provide on how to create a website in 30 seconds:

For me, and for you as well I hope, the Wealthy Affiliate business blueprint is a fulfilling and rewarding way to be an online entrepreneur.

You are dedicated to your niche and running a business that really helps other people out there.

It’s more than just making money.

My real joy is more to do with the help that I am able to provide for others, rather than just the commissions I make as a result.

To join the free starter membership and/or to read my full review, see below. Wishing you the best in your online journey.

Leave some comments below if this has been of interest or if you have any issues with the content.

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