Blog Content Marketing | 5 Super Effective Techniques

One of the most effective and efficient ways to make money online as an affiliate is through blog content marketing. Setting up a blog in the niche relevant to whatever products you are promoting.

The affiliate stands in between the provider of a product and the buyer. A buyer wants accurate information about the product they are considering purchasing. It is the job of an affiliate website to provide this.

To get this information, they may search on Google and come across a website with an article that lists all the features and provides a pros and cons list, or anything that enables the potential buyer to make that final decision.

To be an affiliate with a blog, you will need more than just patience and dedication; there are some super effective techniques that really help you as the affiliate to make sales using blog content marketing.

Here’s a list of 5 of these techniques that can be used to your great benefit:

1. Review Posts with a Call to Action.

People reading reviews of a product are usually ready to buy. Well at least buy something, though it may not be the very thing they searched for. They may go on to find something similar that suits them better.

As the affiliate, you will want to write plenty of review posts about products that your visitors are searching for.

take action

A good review gives the person all the information they are looking for. If the product is good, you’ll want to write positive, factual and persuasive review. This leads the potential buyer to make the purchase, resulting in you as the affiliate earning a commission. If you do not think the product is all that good, you should let them know, but you can refer them to something that you think may be better for them and that meets their needs or solves their problem in a more efficient way.

Your call to action will be something you’ll want to insert into the post in one or even 2-3 places, but you should avoid making it salsey. The call to action should have a good lead up, clearly showing the reader the benefits of the product and how it meets their needs. Then drop your affiliate link, or a link to another alternative review or product.

2. Keeping up the pace of regular posting.

One of the big challenges with blogging, especially if you are doing it as an affiliate, is making it grow until it draws a sufficient amount of traffic from search engines.

Many lose patience with a website that is still young and needs effort to get off the ground.

Consistency is key. Let’s assume you already have a good grip on keyword research and what makes for quality content. You have to be able to clock in and post regularly, without worrying too much about which posts will get ranked and noticed by users. Focus on consistent, quality posts, relevant to your niche, and you can’t really go wrong.

Some of your posts will not get traction, others will. That’s just a fact of being in the blogging industry.

But if you are posting on the regular, that is a huge achievement and will be rewarded by an ever-increasing flow of organic traffic to your site.

Blog content marketing is certainly a process that takes time and a bit of faith, but you can be sure it’s worthwhile in the long run. Its enjoyable work if you are passionate about your niche. And generating free traffic is huge. It’s the doorway to passive income.

3. Refreshing your knowledge Regularly.

To be able to provide good information on whatever your blog is about, you’ll often want to brush up on your knowledge by keeping an eye on trends, new releases, and just watching videos and reading other blogs.

This will go towards better content on your site. The information will be fresh, up to date and you will come across more and more competent in your specalised field.

Google will rank you higher the more in-depth and relevant your content is to search engine users. You will also build trust that will grow over time and from a small site, you will eventually become an authority site.

4. Producing a High Converting Post and Frequently Linking to it.

Here’s a definite way to boost your conversions and make your blog become lucrative. You’ll want a well written article promoting your top recommended product which you will link to from most or all of your future posts.

This is a way of getting maximum attention on what you really want to offer to your visitors.

You can also link to this through email marketing campaigns. That way, even those who visit your site but don’t see your main promotional page, can be directed to it later if they subscribe to you.

For a promotional page you’ll just want to take your time and provide plenty of reasons and examples that demonstrate the quality and benefits of the product or program.

Among the examples, one of the best will be how you personally have benefited from the product and why you consider it to be better than various other options.

You can always go back and tweak your main promotional article in the future.

5. Be Authentic – Value Comes First!

A lot of affiliates make the mistake of having the making of sales as their number one priority. But what actually works better is to put your visitors first, delivering value to them. When this is done, money is the side benefit.

People are far less inclined to buy from someone who shows more interest in making profit out of them than in providing accurate information and good quality content.

Affiliate links can certainly be used within most blog posts, but if they are too frequent and too obvious, this can be a turn off, not to mention that it can hurt your rankings if you’re not careful.

You want a natural flow. You want your blog to immediately give a sense of competence, authority and value.

That’s the kind of thing that makes people stick around, read your posts, believe in what you say, and ultimately make purchases from your affiliate site.

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