Buildapreneur Review: Spencer Mecham’s Secrets

Hello and welcome my Buildapreneur review. Here I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the Buildapreneur opportunity, what you can expect to learn from it and about the guy behind it, Spencer Mecham. I am happy to say that Buildapreneur is a program that has made it onto my recommended list.

I’ll be telling you why that is throughout this Buildapreneur review but also why it’s still not my top recommendation, especially for those on a budget and who are still very new to the internet marketing world.

Overall, I agree with most of the methods that are taught by Spencer in Buildapreneur because in my 5+ years of online marketing experience, I myself have leaned and now use most of the same methods myself in my own online business.

With that said, let’s get into this Buildapreneur review and after you have this information, you should be able to decide whether it will be the right thing for you or not.

Buildapreneur Review: Overview and Ranking

Product Name: Buildapreneur

Owner: Spencer Mecham

Type: an LLC company with a blog providing a wide range of online business training

Price: There’s plenty of free stuff, but Affiliate Secrets 3.0 $1497

Recommended? Yes.

Buildapreneur was put together by an expert in affiliate marketing and making money online. He keeps his training updated so the information stays fresh and relevant.

Spencer has a good reputation and really does try to help people succeed online.

He has a very successful YouTube channel and provides a great deal of free information both on his channel and his blog on affiliate marketing and things relating to creating and running an online business.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

What is Buildapreneur?

Buildapreneur is a LLC company created by Spencer Mecham with the intention of helping people to either start learning affiliate marketing or improve their skills if they are not yet successful.

Through video and written content, much of which is free, the learner becomes familiar with the strategies and methods that Spencer uses himself to generate income, particularly through affiliate marketing and ads.

It provides solid information and training on blogging, social media marketing via Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, email marketing, and other topics, overall helping you scale up your business and brand.

You can opt into the main course, called Affiliate Secrets 3.0 to get the full, in-depth training. However, you can also get a good amount of training from Spencer through his YouTube channel.

Who Is Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham is a man with a variety of skills and has pursued several different kinds of careers.

Eventually he set out to learn how to make money online and tried one strategy after another. It took him a long time to become proficient in affiliate marketing.

He tried many things that didn’t work out for him.

But he kept going, kept learning and experimenting.

Today he runs Buildapreneur where he helps out others who are in the same position he was in for a long time: a struggling digital entrepreneur wanna be.

He also has a big interest in ClickFunnels and is in fact its top promoter. He even reached a million dollars in commissions. He helps anyone who uses ClickFunnels by his special training dedicated to getting the most out of the software.

He is also an expert at YouTube and on how to rank videos. His subscriber count, last I checked was 150K.

Pretty good…

He monetises the channel with both ads and affiliate marketing.

Other roles he plays include being a business coach, a mentor, a course creator and a crypto dealer.

Spencer has good profile, a successful and very experienced marketer who has a lot to offer. He is a legit person to learn from.

Who Is Buildapreneur For?

Buildapreneur is for anyone wanting to make money online, but particularly for those who are willing to learn and put a lot of work.

It is also for those willing to invest in the paid course where one can learn the full scope of what Spencer has to teach.

Those who are already advanced may still learn new things with Buildapreneur, but it is beginner friendly.

Is Buildapreneur a Scam?

No, it’s definitely not a scam. The methods Spencer teaches such as blogging, YouTube and affiliate marketing are very legit and he has used them himself, and his students, with a lot of success.

What I Like About Buildapreneur

I like the fact that Buildapreneur has a lot of free information. And from what I know, it is very valuable information because in my opinion, he teaches some of the best and ethical ways to make money with affiliate marketing and YouTube.

What I Don’t Like About Buildapreneur

It may be a bit overwhelming and confusing for newbies. Where exactly should they start? etc.

The price for Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is steep and probably too high for those on a budget. (Not that it isn’t a very valuable course).

Buildapreneur Review: Final Thoughts

Buildapreneur is a great resource for anyone looking to learn the skills and secrets of building and running a lucrative online business.

Spencer covers a lot of things and shares a good deal of free information. He is someone who can be trusted and he does help many newbies to become proficient in the ways of affiliate marketing and success with ClickFunnels and YouTube.

I do think the upfront cost for his main course could be a drawback for some people but at the same time, I think he does provide great insights and walkthroughs.

He has learned how to be an online entrepreneur and he is out there to help others to do the same thing.

As for me, I stayed with Wealthy Affiliate where I gained most of my knowledge on marketing, SEO, blogging, video production, YouTube ranking and paid ads.

I hope this has been interesting and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below.

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