Can Adam Enfroy Teach you Legit Marketing? My Review

I’m definitely going to say yes to this question because he teaches a lot of stuff that I’m already familiar with and that I know works for an online business.

Adam Enfroy is someone who has worked out how to make money through blogging and YouTube.

For him, the key to making money is in building an audience on these two platforms – Google and YouTube.

To do this, he teaches people to build a blog around a passion they have and to really go all in with it. The YouTube channel can be based on the same niche and link to the site and visa versa.

In his Free Masterclass, he teaches people the methods that he himself uses to generate big money within months as opposed to years.

Such strategies include content creation, link building and monetisation with affiliate marketing. He also speaks about how most blogging advice is incorrect and outdated.

He talks about how to create a wildly successful blogging business in the 2020s.

I have seen his YouTube channel as well and am always impressed by the quality and the educational value of his video content.

His own website, is hugely successful, attracting 100,000s of visitors per month. He has 77,000+ students and his website made him $1.5 million during the single year of 2021.

When I got started on my journey to find out how to make money online I was very far from where I am now. I went completely in the wrong direction of trying to do it fast and with little or no experience – it was the get-rich-quick approach.

When I did finally learn marketing and start to see real success, it was thanks to a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Adam teaches similar things to what is taught in Wealthy Affiliate, but he recommends quite a lot of stuff, which for beginners can get quite confusing, not to mention expensive.

But he is definitely a marketer who I look up to in a big way and someone you will benefit from learning from.

Like all who are ethical, successful, happy online marketers, Adam has learned that you need to learn the skill, and put in 100%.

It’s like learning to be a doctor. To earn a doctor’s salary, you need to A) learn the skills of a doctor and B) do the work of a doctor.

Your online business has to become part of who you are. You are that person who helps people around the internet with a specific thing, such as gardening, cooking, computers, affiliate marketing, spiritual/religious matters and so forth.

And from that whole mission of helping other people with something you are trained in and enjoy yourself, you can make money by various means of monetisation of your online business, the best of which in my opinion is definitely affiliate marketing.

Online marketing is a business like any other business. If you learn it well, you can do it well. And as the well known saying goes, you get out of it what you put in. Like my brother who did the longest version of a welding course and came out the other end with a top qualification. He now has a steady, well paying job. The fruit of learning the skill properly, in-depth, thoroughly, loving it, giving it 100% and always showing up to training on time.

This is Adam’s mentality. He says an online business needs to be treated like a business, not as a hobby.

Now I believe you should try to make it as enjoyable as possible, so that it practically is a hobby, but still a business in the first place.

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