Can You Earn a Full Time Income as an Affiliate?


Okay, so they do exist, people out there who somehow make a ton of money online as affiliates and upload photos and videos of themselves standing with a big smile next to their Lamborghini in The Bahamas.  But what about the average person?  Let’s say you are an average person.  Can you earn a full time income as an affiliate?

The answer is most certainly Yes!! Yes, you can free yourself from your dead end job and set yourself free by earning enough money to live on and live well, using only a laptop and leveraging the power of the internet!

Affiliate Marketing can be a Small or Large Business

Before we go into our 5 significant reasons why you can earn a full time income as an affiliate, let’s be clear on how this kind of business goes. It really depends on you; your own effort, your own dedication and willingness to lean, your budget, your general means to give yourself to the pursuit of an online business. It is something that can be a side hustle, a barely sustainable full time job, or a massive scale, permanent business.

Affiliate marketing is the road to generating passive income for years and years to come, but the bulk of the work will usually have to be done in the beginning, and that is going to be hard work and a lot of work. You get out of this business what you put into it. It is more a question of will you do what it takes to succeed rather than can you make it happen for yourself.


Here are 5 Reasons why you can earn a full time income online as an affiliate marketer:

#1 You Can Base a Business on an Interest: If you give it some time and thought, you can come up with something you’re interested in, such as iPhones, cameras, books, fishing, child care, digital informational products, etc. and become an affiliate for products in that niche. If it’s something you have a passion for, the chances are you’ll stick at it for long enough to see some great results. This is the best way to start moving forward with affiliate marketing.

#1 You Can Develop Your Own Marketing Method: There are so many ways to do affiliate marketing, all of which are quite doable by the average person, whether it’s running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Video Ads, writing blogs, selling ebooks, being active in forums, running a YouTube channel, etc. What you want to do is identify what you are most comfortable with; what methods and strategies you’re particularly good at and that come more naturally to you. Doing what you’re good at makes working online far less of a burden and you can even find it recreational and fun.

#2 You Can Learn to Enjoy the Process: Once you can do something that leads to making money as an affiliate, you can soon learn to enjoy it, in fact, this should come naturally as mentioned in point 1. However, even if there are aspects that you do not initially enjoy and that require a learning curve, once you put your head to it, you can actually enjoy the learning process, giving you even more stability and comfort in your business efforts.

#4 You Can Sell Products with Recurring Commissions: One of the surest ways to make sustainable income online is to sell digital products provide you with recurring commissions. An affiliate can sell both low ticket and high ticket products, but either way, if a good number of products are sold, all of which have a monthly or annual subscription plan, (monthly subscription plans are more common) the income will flow in steadily on a regular basis. Add to this that there is indefinite potential for an affiliate to increase monthly earnings by simply making additional sales and multiplying profit. ClickBank is a very popular affiliate marketplace, full of digital products and covering a wide range of niches and products with both upsells and recurring commissions.

#5 You Can Get Good, Affordable Guidance: Finally, you can get professional guidance at a very reasonable rate. For example, you could sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, which I highly recommend. It has the most advanced training in the industry of affiliate marketing, particularly blogging and website based affiliate marketing. Or there are some in depth courses, which while they may cost a certain amount more, are still very reasonable for the amount and quality of their content. The Super Affiliate System for example.

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