Commission Blaster Review: Avoid a Big Disappointment

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and factual Commission Blaster Review, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be telling you why I do not trust Commission Blaster and why I would not recommend it to anyone.

I will also be drawing your attention to alternative and much better options that are available to help you succeed with affiliate marketing and making money online.

Video Review of Commission Blaster

Let’s start this off with a brief summary of this program review and then we’ll go more into detail so that you can be sufficiently informed and make your own decision based on this information, whether Commission Blaster is right for you or not, and whether you should give something alternative a try instead.

Commission Blaster Review

A Brief Overview of Commission Blaster:

Who are the Creators?

Chris X with the assistance of Rich Williams and Yves Kouyo.

Other products they have created are: CB Traffic Bots, Tube Profit Sniper, Affiliate Video Bots 2020, Affiliate Funnel Bots, TrafficUnleashed, and others.

I’m already really skeptical about these other programs after fully looking into Commission Blaster. Also, for me it’s a sign that they are using a shotgun approach. Release a bunch of low quality products and maybe some of it will stick.

But anyway, let’s get on with this.

Cost of Commission Blaster.

$12, apparently down from $27.


Once you pay the initial $12, you will be hit by upsell after upsell; 6 in total.

The Commission Blaster –

  • Unlimited for $29
  • 300X edition for $39
  • Autopilot for $39
  • Done For You for $197
  • Resell Right for $197
  • Mega Bundle for a one time fee of $97

A program that tries to get a load of money off you on the front end is usually going to be poor quality. For me, it’s always a bright red flag if I’m being pressured to buy half a dozen upsells before I even get to see the product itself.

What is Taught by Commission Blaster?

They aren’t going to give you any substantial training on affiliate marketing or making money online. What they will do is basically show you how to use their system, which is quite straightforward:

Step 1: Choose a niche from the list they give. (A good number of the ones they suggest are so broad or vague that you can’t really call them a niche).

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen your so called niche, you will need to select a relevant product from ClickBank to promote.

Step 3: Create a script for the predesigned ad that goes with whatever niche you’ve chosen.

Step 4: Choose an image for your ad.

Step 5: Get ready to share it on a total of 30 platforms/social media sites.

To someone who doesn’t have much experience with affiliate marketing, they are likely to simply start spamming their ad on all these sites which is never a good strategy and simply doesn’t work, as has been proven time and time again by so many people who start out trying things like that.

Again, no solid training. The gist of everything seems to be something like this: ‘go out there and throw your link around on all these platforms, and good luck!’ That’s the ‘blaster’ element right there, and is hugely disappointing in my opinion.

My Rating for Commission Blaster: 1 out of 10.

Recommended? No.

Commission Blaster, like many other similar programs does it’s best to get you excited by the hyped up sales page, promising to help you make a ton of money in next to no time at all, but once you’re inside the program, you are offered six upsells, some really pricey ones and the actual software offers nothing really valuable.

You are given an ad with your Clickbank affiliate link to promote on social media. It would be an easy task to create an ad like the ones they offer simply by using an image and text that you could create and edit yourself on for example and then go to all those places they suggest and promote it to a target audience.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up sending this ad to anyone and that’s just going to come across as spam – well, it is spam. I wouldn’t just buy from a direct link on some ad that promotes a product I’m not necessarily interested in, so why would I do this to other people? It’s a classic bad approach and an unprofitable marketing strategy.

Perhaps there may be some value in the upsells, but if this is all the base program offers where it already feels like $12 is a rip off, I wouldn’t put any more money into Commission Blaster because I just don’t have any faith in this kind of system.

Better Alternative Available? Yes!

The Full Details of Commission Blaster:

Before Buying

When you land on the sales page of this product you will hear a lot about how it can blast your affiliate links to a massive number of so called secret traffic sources and that is how you are going to make a ton of money.

It turns out that you will be sending your ad with its affiliate link to the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Another platform is WhatsApp! Really? Sending messages to people on WhatsApp?

While there are several other platforms they recommend, they are all very little known and unpopular. This leaves me to conclude that I don’t trust these other “secret” sources actually get much traffic.

After Buying

You can buy Commission Blaster for $12 but before you get to the actual registration page to access the software, you will be presented with six upsells.

If you say no to any of these upsells, you’ll be taken to a downsell page where they try to offer you a lower priced deal. So in total, there are 12 pages of upsells and downsells before you even get access to Commission Blaster itself. Now that, I believe, is insanely frustrating for most people.

It’s as if the product is really all about squeezing money out of you before you even know what you’re dealing with. I always say to people, never be fooled by a program that offers you so many upsells upfront unless you have clear knowledge about what you’re getting into.

Getting into the Members Area

Once you finally get past all the upsell and downsell pages you will be given tutorial videos on how to set things up.

It won’t take long before you’re in the members area and ready follow the 5 steps that you need to take with this program to make money – if you’re lucky.

Before you get into the 5 steps you need to put your Clickbank ID into the system.

The 5 Step Formula for Commission Blaster

As I said, there’s a 5 step process with this system, but as I’ll be explaining later, not only do you not need Commission Blaster for this, but there are far better ways to go about affiliate marketing.

But anyway, let’s crack on with how this works:

#1 Choose a Niche.

They suggest 9 niches for you to chose from. But it’s a sloppy list and includes several ideas that aren’t even niches because of how bored they are. For example, Music, Health, Make Money.

But let’s say you choose “Diet” for your niche. Now you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

#2 Enter your Website URL.

Once you choose a “niche” you’ll be given a list of products from Clickbank related to it. Pick one of these and then move on to the next step.

#3 Chose Content.

In this step you are given some question and answer blueprints. You can choose a question and then an answer. This is going to be your content or text.

It might look something like this:

“Do you want to burn belly fat fast? Click here to shock your body into losing weight.”

Then you select an image to go with the text of your ad, such as someone’s belly and a measuring tape or whatever; something like that.

They do allow you to come up with your own text/question and answer, and your own image if you want.

#4 Preview and Edit.

You’re basically ready to promote now. This last step is for you to make sure you are happy with your text and image.

If it’s fine for you, move on to the next step.

#5 Save and get Traffic.

Okay, this is where the whole program becomes ridiculous in my view. You are given 30 social networks and sites to promote your offer to.

But you can’t just click on each one and blast your link out to all these places.

Instead, you have to create an account with each one you want to use.

So the only way to make sales is to message people on these networks and hope they buy, or leave your link on these sites for people to see.

But the ad is a direct link to a product which will probably get you banned pretty quickly since it’s just some spammy affiliate leaving links around the internet.

Now, maybe if you had a big following on some of these sites, you might find a way to gather a bit of interest from people but let’s face it, the average person simply doesn’t have a huge social media following – much less a following who are ready to buy from a direct link.

That’s just not how affiliate marketing works; people don’t just buy straight away after clicking on a direct link to a product.

So this system is full of holes as I see it and I’d never adopt that method of marketing myself or encourage anyone else to do it.

Similar programs I’ve reviewed include the following:

You can do Everything Yourself without this Product

If you wanted to, you could fairly quickly join Clickbank, if you don’t already have an account, get an affiliate link, go on to Canva or some other creation/editing site, get a template, or even start blank, add text and an attractive image and you’re good to go. You can then promote this in whatever way you chose, which makes Commission Blaster completely pointless in my opinion. Keep your $12!

As I see it, not only do you have no need for Commission Blaster whatsoever, but you can either do exactly what they do yourself or better. Or you can find an alternative way to learn affiliate marketing properly and get serious results.


  • It’s a refundable product.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • You don’t just have to promote Commission Blaster itself to make money – (if you manage to make any at all).


  • Hyped up sales page with exaggerated claims and misleading information.
  • Endless upsells and downsells before you can even access the product itself.
  • The actual value you get is not worth the money you invest.
  • No real training on affiliate marketing.
  • A DFY system and “get-rich-quick” scheme that’s bound to disappoint most users.
  • Unnecessary for anyone who can create a basic ad and post it online.
  • Very bad traffic-generating strategy.
  • Lazy and spammy approach overall to creating a sustainable online business.

Concluding Thoughts and Alternative Option

If you’ve read this far, you won’t be in any doubt that Commission Blaster is not a program I would recommend to anyone. It’s approach is the fast track to money that a lot of beginners in affiliate marketing fall for.

The reality is that there just isn’t some secret hack to making tons of money online overnight. Once in a while you might get a commission out of these kinds of programs, but that’s not what you call an affiliate marketing business.

A real business takes learning, time, practice and perseverance.

That is why, if you’re serious and want to do affiliate marketing the authentic and proven way, I recommend you start a Free membership with Wealthy Affiliate, where you will be shown step by step how to create your own thriving online business. No fake promises, no “Done for You” nonsense, but a way to build your own massive success online and be really proud of it.

If you have the budget for it, you could also check out Authority Hacker as well.

Let me know if this has been informative and helpful by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Thank you for this article. A l of people will avoid disappointment. I actually despise coming across programs that are not good for you and just want to exploit you. I will be sure to share this article with friends and family within this industry. I am sure that it will help them out big time so thank you for this 

    • Thank you. This is much appreciated.  It’s definitely part of my mission to warn people against getting into programs like this.  

  2. I find it so amazing how a lot of these so call programs over promise but under delivers, so many persons have fallen for these types of programs who only wants your money, and the upsells is something else also this seems to be the thing a lot of these programs hidden cost and yet you don’t get to benefit. Thanks so much for letting us know to stay far from this program.

  3. Ouch, a rating of only 0.5 out of 5 never bodes well for any product or program, so thank you for the warning about Commission Blaster. I agree that to be presented with soo many upsells, and then downsells, before you even know what the product is all about, is indeed very frustrating. And I bet even if you did go for an upsell, the product would still not deliver what it promises. 

    It is sad how many people do unfortunately fall for this type of low quality products. The only reassurance is the money-back guarantee from Clickbank.

  4. Thank you very much for this detailed review about Commission Blaster. Actually, the rating is very low. That means this is a really bad platform. Everyone should stay away from such platforms. And I want to say something about wealthy affiliate. I am earning money online today because of wealthy affiliate. It has the best training program I have ever seen. Everyone should be involved in something like that. Keep up the review like this

    • Thank you for this input.  I totally agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate and it’s great to hear you are getting some success with it.  Yes, well, that is my rating anyway for Commission Blaster.  I don’t think it deserves anything higher to be honest.  I also review good programs but they are actually quite rare to come across in my opinion.  


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