Fat Stacks Bundle Review – How Well Does it Stack Up?

Fat Stacks Bundle is a collection of courses created by Jon Dykstra for bloggers and affiliate marketers. In this post I’ll be doing a fairly quick breakdown of the program so that you can decide whether it’s a good bet for you or not.  

Let’s get started.

Overview and Ranking of Fat Stacks Bundle

Before we dive in, let’s just give you the general gist of this program and some key things to know about it right off the bat. Then, we’ll get into a more comprehensive review.

I don’t promote this program and have not owned it before. But I actually do and teach a lot of the same things he teaches in his bundle. I’ve been a blogger and affiliate marketer for several years and all my reviews are based on facts that I’ve gathered from extensive research. I then put them together into my reviews.

Product: Fat Stacks Bundle

Owner: Jon Dykstra

Product Type: Educational Mini Courses on Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Price: $499 for the 1st year, then $47 for subsequent years, plus extra costs.

Best For: Experienced Bloggers

My Ranking: 8 out of 10 stars.

Recommended? For experienced bloggers looking to improve their skills and increase their revenue, yes, but not so much for beginners. This bundle is a bit hard to navigate and for being so focused on blog monetisation, it’s rather surprising that it has so little training on blog content. There are also extra costs amounting to a lot of money, such as an Astra Pro and AHREFS subscription.

Fat Stacks Bundle Review In Full:

Now let’s get more in-depth with this review and explore it in detail.

Ready? Let’s go!

About Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra, a man from Canada, used to work as a Lawyer but ended up pursuing an online career as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

After seeing success with his own business, he later went on to create a series of courses that helped bloggers to get the most out of their websites.

These 11 courses collectively are the Fat Stacks Bundle training program.

Jon has a blog where he also shares his income reports and a YouTube channel where he shares educational podcast style videos.

From his monthly income reports that you can see here, it is clear that he is very good at what he does and as a person, he is very honest and pleasant.

He has a members forum in which he is always very active and shares tons of detailed information to help other bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

He also makes it very clear to his students that making money with a blog is not a fast process but takes a lot of time and effort.

What is Fat Stacks Bundle?

Fat Stacks Bundle is the flagship course of Jon Dykstra that gives access to the 11 sub-courses and private forum which teaches affiliate marketing, but with the focus mostly being on niche sites and how to monetise them with display ads and ads with affiliate offers.

Who is Fat Stacks Bundle For?

Anyone with an interest in niche sites and how to effectively monetise them would benefit from this course. Some parts of it might be very useful while others may not, depending on where you are and what your experience and skill level is.

With a lot of detailed content, it might be overwhelming for total beginners.

What’s Inside Fat Stacks Bundle?

Inside Fat Stacks Bundle you will get clear and well presented courses that cover these topics:

  • Niche and Domain Selection
  • Setting up a Website
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Site Autopilot
  • Natural Link Building
  • Display Ads Deep Dive
  • On-site SEO Deep Dive
  • Facebook Magnate
  • Site Speed Magnate
  • Content Service Comparison Case Study
  • Niche Exponential
  • Premium Content

There are also two other courses from Jon that are not yet part of Fat Stacks Bundle: Baseline Blogger and Freelance Deep Dive Course.

Anyone who purchases Fat Stacks gets a membership for the private forum where there is plenty of expert help, both from other members and from Jon himself, who is actually very active and helpful.

What are the Costs for Fat Stacks Bundle?

The cost of Fat Stacks Bundle will set you back $499 for the first year. Then $47 for each following year.

However, though they aren’t all necessary, there are other costs which if added up, make Fat Staks Bundle really quite an expensive investment.

You’ll need:

  • Bluehost for website domain and hosting for roughly $100/year.
  • Ahrefs Subscription, which is one of the top keyword research tools out there that Jon teaches you to use. It costs $97/month. However, he does say you can get by using other methods, and even teaches you about them as well. But most people who are unfamiliar with Ahrefs and want to learn from the course will probably want to sign up for the software for at least one month.
  • Astra Pro which is the recommended WordPress theme. $47/year or $249/lifetime. You can do without it but having it will certainly facilitate the process of following the training.

Newsletter and Discount

If you go to Jon’s website, you will be able to subscribe to his newsletter and as a bonus you will have 24 hours to avail of a $200 discount for Fat Stacks Bundle.

$200 is a generous discount and worth taking advantage of if you are thinking of giving his course a go.

Refund Policy

Fat Stacks Bundle has a clearly stated 30 day money back guarantee. This gives people plenty of time to test drive the course for themselves and see if it works for them.

There aren’t any complaints about people not getting a refund when requested, so that won’t be something to be concerned about.

Is Fat Stacks Bundle A Scam?

Oh no, this is a sophisticated training that anyone can benefit from if they go through it and take action accordingly.

There are a few drawbacks about it that we’ll get to in the pros and cons but over all, the content of this course is good. It teaches you about niche sites and affiliate marketing methods that are perfectly ethical and proven to work.


Here’s the key things I like about Fat Stacks Bundle:

  • Jon Dykstra is the real deal – his good reputation is well deserved
  • The course goes in-depth on affiliate marketing with display ads
  • It’s a helpful resource for bloggers, especially experienced ones
  • He’s realistic: makes no false claims about making money fast
  • The business model is legitimate, not shady or scammy
  • The course has a generous refund policy
  • The price is reasonable, considering that there is also a $200 discount available


  • The training itself can come across as somewhat disorganised
  • Old and updated modules are all in one bundle
  • It can be a little challenging to navigate once you’re inside the program
  • There aren’t many success testimonies from students
  • You aren’t told about the hidden costs beforehand (i.e. hosting and Ahrefs)
  • Doesn’t provide much training on content creation

Final Thoughts

So, does Fat Stacks Bundle stack up?

After what I’ve mentioned in this Fat Stacks Bundle review, I’m going to say it does. It is a very informative course and can really help you with your blogging and affiliate marketing skills.

That said, it’s not something I would invest in as a beginner. I think it would be too overwhelming and besides, there’s other options out there that offer full affiliate marketing training, mostly though websites, plus provide the extra help and tools you need, such as hosting and a keyword research tool. No extra costs, and you can start for free, with no credit card required.

I hope you have found this Fat Stacks Bundle Review to have been useful. Always feel free to share your thoughts with us down below in the comments.

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