How Calming Your Anxiety Leads to Success

Hello and welcome to my article! Here I will be explaining to you all about how calming your anxiety leads to success, both in a general way and specifically in regard to your business.

So let’s start by looking at anxiety. What is it basically? Anxiety can refer to a lot of things since it’s a small word but has multiple meanings. I’m going to focus on how it is an excessive worry about what might happen. Or it is an obsessive what if? mentality: what if I fail? What if I’m wasting my time and effort? What if this blog or video I’m doing isn’t good enough and never will be? What if there’s a faster way to success, albeit less authentic and fulfilling? I might not get any results. I might be seen as a loser… I might lose friends over this and damage relationships. And on and on it goes.

This can happen to you even subconsciously, or spring up on you while you are working on a business you love – ‘hang on!’ You think, ‘what if this is all a waste of time, or me being delusional?!’ Etc.

It’s not You but your Anxiety that’s the Problem

Okay, let’s talk about this. You are not the problem at all. It is the worry itself and your pointless anxiety – that’s where your problem lies; that’s why you either slow down, give up or fail. That is what leads you to become halfhearted in your pursuits, in your business; it’s why you produce lower quality or less frequent content.

If you can only learn to say ‘this is my irrational anxiety talking’ when you feel worried, doubtful and sad, you will get a far better grip on reality and free up your potential rather than stifling it.

Below are some steps you can take to tackle your anxiety about making progress in your business:

Step 1: Less Thinking, More Action. If you can just start to act and follow your plan rather than sitting and thinking about how it will go or whether it will succeed, you are off to a great start in shaking off your anxiety and all the harm it brings with it. The very act of worrying and overthinking is what’s hindering your progress. So you need to do the opposite – less thinking, more action.


Step 2: Learn to Distinguish Constructive Thoughts from Destructive Ones. Only use or act on thoughts that actually help your business. Leave the rest aside in the dump heap – they are not helping; worse, they are harming your progress. Destructive thoughts are the ruin of your hopes, plans and dreams. They really are! It’s all in your head. Now there is a place for critical thoughts as long as they are constructive. Constructive thoughts build your business up and go towards improving it, whereas destructive thoughts bring it down.

Constructive thinking goes something like this: ‘I think I should use this approach instead.’ ‘This strategy is better than my current one.’ ‘I’ve learned a better method for achieving such-and-such, and should ditch the old one.’ Etc. These are good thoughts because while they are negative, they are constructive. But destructive negative thoughts simply lead to despair. You can distinguish them by where they leave you. Do they leave you despondent or fired up with a new idea? This new idea can also include doing more research on your problems or challenges.


Step 3: Be Consistent. The minute you stop putting effort in, you are on the road to failure. Your business will quietly die. It’s that simple. Stall on effort and you immediately, you start to sink where you stand. It doesn’t matter if your strategy and content aren’t the best! You learn by everything you do, and I mean everything. We all have those moments when we look back on our work from last year and cringe at how “bad” it is. But you know what? I don’t care what it was; it wasn’t bad! It was one of the many stepping stones that got you to where you are today! Simply stay consistent with what you’re doing now and you will become a success. It pretty much always works that way. Consistency is absolutely key.

These three simple steps should be enough to get you started kicking out that anxiety and moving forward with the type of mindset that leads everyone who is successful to their desired goal! I wish you the very best!

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7 thoughts on “How Calming Your Anxiety Leads to Success”

  1. Thank you for this very interesting and thought provoking post.

    As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety on a daily basis I can fully relate to what you are saying.  This last week has been particularly bad and has very much brought me to a stand still and I am unable to do anything.

    I have however, taken some encouragement from what you say.  I really need to be more conscious of the thoughts that I allow to cripple me and deal with them.

    I think being consistent is very important, as it drives you through the worst times, when you can keep going on auto pilot.

  2. Thanks for the most powerful lesson on how to deal with anxiety and let it lead to success! I’ve never read a deeply touching post like this ever. In fact, every struggling veteran and newbie blogger needs to read this to become a success. Otherwise, over 70 percent of these people will fail. You strictly addressed people’s weak points while building a business and the way to go. How I wish everyone could stumble at this post today!

    I’ve bookmarked your site and will visit it daily to read posts. I agreed that the best way to shake off anxiety is to think less and act more. Also, being consistent with our strategy and turning constructive thoughts into actions will guarantee success in a lifetime. Thanks so greatly! You just changed my life for the better today! I will never stop posting until I find success.

    • Thank you so much Joyce!  I’m really happy that you got value out of this and that you are also interested in reading further content on my site!  If you have any suggestions for articles, be sure to let me know!  

      This is very generous feedback and I do think the topic is important since people’s mindset is at the core of whether they succeed or fail.  

      Keep posting!  I wish you the very best, but it is you who can and will make your goals and dreams become a reality!

  3. This is an excellent post that gives worthwhile advice on how to deal with anxiety and turn it around. I am fortunate in that I have never suffered from anxiety, my world is a positive one. But your highly descriptive post enabled me to understand just how debilitating anxiety can be. I am sure it will be of great benefit to those who are anxiously among us.

  4. I agree that excessive overthinking and worrying are indeed harmful to our success.

    We all make mistakes at one point, but we shouldn’t let them destroy us. 

    I try to learn from my mistakes, stay positive and continue moving forward. 

    I have also picked some techniques here that are of great value to me.

    Thank you for reminding us about the dangers of anxiety and how to overcome it.



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