How Hard is it to Start Your Own Business? – Easier Than You Thought!

Hello, and welcome to this article where we’ll be addressing the question: ‘how hard is it to start your own business?’ And yes, you are likely to come away from this article with the realisation that it is indeed easier than you thought. All you need is ‘know how’ and action in order to become successful at something.

So what are the building blocks of a self-made business? And what is a good, reliable strategy that can be followed? These are the questions we’ll be dealing with.

The Building Blocks of a Self-Made Business

To start a business of our own, we all need some basic pillars or building blocks to give it some structure. I would pin it down to these:

  • A business idea
  • A target audience
  • Resources for your business plan
  • Sufficient motivation and drive
  • Confidence in your ability to succeed
  • Being prepared to learn on the go
  • Consistency

The business idea is of course the general plan and direction you decide to go with. I’ll be giving you some tips and ideas for that a little further on.

Your target audience is your customers. Who are they? Where are you going to find them, and how will you go about getting their eyes on your offers?

Motivation and drive are essential if you are going to persevere with your own business. It takes time, effort, a bit of faith and a strong ‘why.’ Why do you want your own business? Do you love what you are doing with your chosen business plan?

Self-confidence is a big one. Experiencing moments when you doubt yourself and think ‘I can’t do this’ can be devastating to the future success of your business. Believing in yourself does not mean that you ignore facts about what works and what doesn’t. It means that you don’t give up and you maintain a ‘can do’ attitude. Belief is a lot more powerful than many people realise. Thinking you will fail leads to failure and thinking you will succeed leads to success.

With every project we take up in life, we’re going to need to start with what we’ve got and what we are. But as we apply ourselves to it, we gain further knowledge and experience. To start your own business, you don’t have to know everything that there is to know about it. Start now with a basic knowledge and you will learn on the go.

Finally, you’ll clearly need consistency if you want to see growth and ultimately, success. Once the blueprint for building up your business is in place, it remains to keep at it until you see results, and when you do see results, don’t slow down!

Your Business Idea

Your business idea is going to depend on you, your present circumstances, and whatever skills, assets and resources you have available. Perhaps you have a supply of your own products. Perhaps you like making things and collecting. In this case, an eBay store could be a suitable option for you.

Maybe you’re into writing or graphic design? You could go freelance on Upwork or Fiverr. Maybe you like making videos and could leverage the many different ways of using YouTube to earn revenue.

You might be into photography. You could build a large following on Instagram and other platforms and become an influencer.

You could translate video to text… the options go on and on. But what I’m going to focus on as an example is the business plan I myself went for – selling products as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger

The business idea I settled for and which I believe to have been the best for me out of all the other options I looked into, was to do affiliate marketing using websites. You won’t actually need more than one website to make a lot of money online but if you have multiple interests, you can always create more websites with more than one target audience.

If you do it correctly, you can build a business out of an interest you have, such as camping or travel. This will be what your website will be about and using keyword research, you will be able to publish blog posts that focus on the various aspects of say camping and within some of these you will be able to refer your visitors to related products and in this way sell as an affiliate.

The resources for this kind of business plan are simply a computer and internet connection because you won’t be selling your own products but promoting various products as an affiliate and earning commissions.

If the niche you go for is something you love and are excited to talk about, you will have that building block of sufficient motivation and drive to persevere with your website. Your passion for your niche and for sharing your knowledge about it with others so that they can benefit is what will fuel your efforts and make it so much easier to be consistent and ultimately persevere to the point of success.

It’s a lot easier to become a blogger than you think. We communicate every day by writing and you just need to be yourself and throw some passion into what you write. Having a passion for you niche means that you will already have a good bit of knowledge and can use this to give accurate information to your target audience.

As you progress, you will certainly get better at everything you do; writing, selling, keyword research, sprucing up your website, and many other things.

If you are working, this may have to be something you tip away at whenever you can get round to it. But it is a real business model and is widely used by successful affiliates.

I found it to be very rewarding and fulfilling, despite the fact that it takes time and consistent work. It is a business model that actually helps people and feels enjoyable at the same time.

I did join a training community to get to where I am. It has everything you need all in one place: expert training, all the tools and support you would need and all at great value for money. You can read more about that here. The good news is that the program offers a free starter membership as well.

Once you have a blog up and running that you enjoy working on, you can always branch out into other things. Perhaps you can add a YouTube channel and connect it to your website. You can build a social following on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest where you will share you blog and video content.

This is one of the best, if not the best way to generate that beautiful passive income we all love!

I hope this has been of some inspiration to you! Let us know your own thoughts down in the comment section.

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Wishing you great motivation and constant, steady progress!

4 thoughts on “How Hard is it to Start Your Own Business? – Easier Than You Thought!”

  1. What it’s not easy to make it in this business what I must agree on however that the training ou get can help you to have good success. Once you are linked with the right platform you can make it. Wealthy Affiliate has such teaching that can help anyone to have success in this business helping you to live your dreams. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you Norman.  Yes, absolutely; getting the right platform is key in regard to actually achieveing success. And W.A. is the perfect place!  

  2. This is a great post about how easy it is to start your own business.  As an affiliate marketer myself, I have found the experience to be fun and fulfilling.  I enjoy writing (much to my surprise) and I enjoy my niche (cooking)   You’re correct when you say that your business can be anything.  Absolutely anything.  Open your mind and ask yourself what you like and how that can translate into a business.

    The most important advice you give here is to be consistent and be patient.  It’s been two years for me and I’m now beginning to see some real progress.  This is partly due to the fact that I came into affiliate marketing knowing nothing about it (I had never even heard of it).  But I worked, I wrote, I researched, I networked and I listened to those who knew more than I did. Most importantly, I did not give up!

    • Thank you for sharing this.  How interesting.  I also found that I enjoy writing once I get down to it.and yes, it really does hlep with perseverence to have something your really interested in.  

      It’s great that you found it a good reminder to be consistent and wait for the results, but that is something I haven’t be great at myself at all!  But I do believe in this method and I have seen results myself with it.  Well done on never giving up! 


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