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Welcome to my article on how to be an affiliate and make money.  Certainly one of the best possible ways to make money on the internet is through affiliate marketing.  No need for your own product, no need to deal with customers, no need to worry about delivery to your buyers or anything required by either owning or being part of a company.  If you make enough, you have no need for a boss or a 9-5 job and no need to stay put in one place!  You can literally be your own boss, create a passive income and work whenever and wherever you want!  Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?  Is it something you can do?  Yes!  Is it a simple process? Yes!  Is it difficult?  Well, it really doesn’t have to be because the process really is straight forward.

There are basically three steps:

#1 Sign up on an online marketplace as an affiliate

#2 Chose one or more products to promote

#3 Learn one or more ways to promote you offers

#4 Make Money! 


Becoming an Affiliate

There are countless websites and online stores out there which allow individuals to sign up as Affiliates or Associates.  You will usually see an option at the bottom of a website’s home page called Affiliates.  If you click on that you will be taken to another page where you will need to fill in some basic details and set up an account as one of their affiliates.

You can join Amazon Associates for example, or go to a marketplace specifically designed for affiliate marketers such as ClickBank, Jvzoo or Warriorplus.  Once you have an account you are free to browse all the products which you can promote.  Once you have chosen one, you will be able to generate your affiliate link (also referred to as a hop link). This is the link you will use when promoting your chosen offer.  If someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you as the affiliate will make a commission on that sale. Depending on the online store, you may get a smaller or larger commission per sale.

Chose One or More Products to Promote

It is possible to become an affiliate for some online company but then feel stuck, not knowing what to promote.  A lot of affiliates get niche specific and find something which tends to sell well but is not too competitive.  This is generally a good route to take and tends to lead to success.  But you don’t have to focus on one niche or one product.  You can promote multiple products within multiple niches.  However, if you are new to affiliate marketing, it is probably the wiser thing to start with one product which you are comfortable promoting and have either bought and used yourself or have researched it and genuinely believe it offers value to people.  Having knowledge and interest in what you are promoting will lead to better conversions.

Some affiliate sites including ClickBank, have what are called affiliate pages or marketing tools for affiliates as shown in the image below.  Affiliate pages for example, besides giving a ton of useful information about a product, will provide many useful resources for affiliates facilitate the process of making sales.  They will include such tools as email swipes, Facebook and Google ad samples, banners and more.

Learn One or More Ways to Promote your Offers

So you’ve become an affiliate, you’ve chosen one or more offers to promote and you’ve got some useful tools to help you out.  Now you simply need to develop the method or marketing strategy that works best for you.  Is it website marketing, email marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, YouTube videos, some other method or a number of other methods?

Some affiliates get good at one method but are not good at other methods.  That is Okay!  There are many ways to go about affiliate marketing and there is something that is going to be the right thing for you.

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Make Money!

Finally, you will get to the stage where you earn your affiliate commissions!  There’s nothing like the excitement of waking up to good news… getting sales notifications in your inbox!  If you want this, you only need to take action.  If you are stuck on how to go about promoting products, see my #1 Recommendation above.

If you are making money with paid traffic, be careful to manage your budget in such a way that you still make enough profit.  For more on traffic methods, see our article on How to Make a Full Time Income Online.

Wishing you every success on your online journey!

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