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If you have a blog or are considering producing one, you have likely considered the question of how to earn money with blogging. In this article, we’re going to cover five of the best ways to do so.

#1 Using Affiliate Marketing

#2 Selling your own Products

#3 Using Banner Adverts

#4 Charging for Sponsored Social Media Posts

#5 Working with an Agency

Using Affiliate Marketing

A blog can become a means to promote products with affiliate marketing. The best way to do this by creating a website focused on a specific niche or interest. The content you produce should be based on this and should promote something using an affiliate link within the text. This should be done within every few articles you post but not every article. You are likely to get better rankings in Google if you avoid overdoing affiliate links. Your blog will also look more natural and get better engagement if you are not attempting to sell something on every page of your site. But once people are on your site, they will be able to navigate to other posts and may still end up becoming a customer. Blogging is a great way to attract organic traffic to your affiliate offers. And it can be an enjoyable way to make money online, provided of course you enjoy blogging.

Selling your own Products

Maybe you have a product that you’d like to sell. Whether it is physical or digital, you can use blogging to gain free traffic from Google and get people to read about and purchase your offer(s). It’s just another great way to promote whatever it is you want people to buy from you.

To do this, you may either base your entire site around what you are selling or have several posts within your blog about your product. The blog should be as relevant as possible to what you want to sell people.

As with affiliate marketing, you will need to produce a lot of content on your blog before it is ranked by Google and brings in traffic. The key difference as far as money is concerned is that with affiliate marketing, you will only earn a certain percentage on each sale you make, whereas if you are selling your own product (and remember it can be a digital product which you have created yourself) you are gaining 100% of each sale rather than say a 10% commission per sale.

It is also possible to both sell your own product(s) and do affiliate marketing on your blog. But you will want to keep the affiliate products as relevant as possible to your own product(s) for consistency’s sake and to get good ranking in search engines.

Using Banner Adverts

Within your blog, you may use banner ads. These generally consist of images displayed within posts of your site that link to another website. This other website will be a brand that relates to your readers. The company will pay you a fixed amount for the clicks that their ad receives. One way to get started with this is to set up a Google AdSense account.

This will only be possible if you site is already generating substantial traffic by being ranked in Google. But it can bring in a good amount of revenue and is a great addition to either a blog or a YouTube channel. It is an opportunity not to miss out on.

Charging for Sponsored Social Media Posts

When you have a sufficiently strong social media presence, brands will be attracted to the potential your blog has to spread their own social media posts. There are bloggers out there who make full time income just from sponsored posts on social media. If you charge per post and/or re-post, the fees can really add up.

This will mean first building up a good following on social media. Brands will see your high number of followers as a kind of social proof that you could be suitable to post positive things about them which will bring them profit.


Working with an Agency

We live in a time when there are agencies out there who work to promote bloggers to big brands. They charge high rates so that it is the bigger brands rather than smaller ones who are likely to buy into this.

Working with an agency can provide you with a good level of security and being highly lucrative.

Again, this will require a large following on your part. But if you do not have this yet, it is still something you can work towards. It could really sky-rocket the revenue of your online business.

You will also need to know whether the larger brands are the ones you really want to promote.

A Golden Rule for Blogging

The Golden Rule for anyone who is a blogger is to produce consistent, good quality content. If you are consistent, you will visibility and traffic sooner. Google also favours original and good quality content and this also helps your rankings. As long as you are consistently posting accurate and good quality articles, you are going to succeed sooner or later with blogging and can begin to enjoy the rewards of your effort in the form of sales, commissions, money!!

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