How to Get Out of a Rut in Life – Follow These Steps

Being in a rut sucks, no matter what kind of rut we’re talking about. Welcome to my article, ‘how to get out of a rut in life.’ Follow these steps that I took and you too can get out of whatever rut you are stuck in.

Firstly, what is a rut anyway? It’s that annoying habit or that dull ‘same old’ routine in which you lack interest or joy, but it seems really difficult to change.

For me, the rut was either trying to find work because I needed the money or working in a 9-5 job that I wasn’t happy or fulfilled in. My CV didn’t qualify me for anything very exciting, and the work day with travel included felt physically and mentally draining. But for me, there really didn’t seem to be any alternative.

At a push I may have seriously considered university and tried to go down the road of a more interesting and higher paid career. But even then, I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to do, except perhaps teach religion or something. Computers was what I was good at, but I was a thoughtful, creative, and almost contemplative type of person who just really wanted more time and better quality of life. But I wanted this while still being able to contribute and give value to the world in my own way by the skills I had and the knowledge I could share.

My Brainwave – Affiliate Marketing!

I remember receiving an email one day about a job offer. I’m not sure how they got my email, but it was really a digital product called Paid Social Media Jobs and the idea was that I would be trained to work online as a Social Media Manager. I found this very interesting, but what really got me thinking was this idea of working entirely online, by myself, full-time! So I got down to it and began research.

For some time I tried to go down the route of being a social media manager. It’s a kind of freelance job where you get hired by companies to run their social media for them since they are often too busy and a lot of them also lack the know-how of keeping up a productive and efficient social media presence. But this proved to be more difficult than I thought. You would be hired based on experience rather than on some random little qualification.

Sooner or later I learned that Affiliate Marketing was the primary way people made businesses and money online.

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I found a course on Udemy that taught me how to run Microsoft Ads, (still known as Bing Ads) and I made money by following the course and running a few campaigns. I liked Microsoft Ads because they are significantly cheaper to run than Google Ads. However, it was still a real challenge to make profit. Running ads is a fine art.

I fell for some scammy products, and managed to refund one or two but one that actually made me money was this software called 12 Minute Affiliate. I learned that the traffic you could order from within the system was a bit pricey, so after some research, I discovered EasyTrafficNow, and this proved to be a good bit cheaper and still converted well enough. So I had a little business which could potentially grow a lot.

[12 Minute Affiliate System by Devon Brown.]

12 Minute Affiliate was very much an automated system. It didn’t teach you anything much about marketing but it could make you money alright. And it would automatically follow up with all the leads gathered from EasyTrafficNow. It could do this because it is designed to be connected to an autoresponder called Aweber.

A More Fulfilling and Enjoyable Approach

But I did realise that I wanted more than just an automated system that may or may not end up very profitable. I wanted to learn more and not have to keep buying traffic or blowing money on ad campaigns that were difficult to get right. At least, I didn’t want my entire business to be based on spending money to make money.

Eventually I came across Wealthy Affiliate where I got excellent training within a lively online community. They get you to build and grow your business on the go. There are action steps to be taken before you move on to the next lesson within two the courses.

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Once I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I knew I was in the right place and would never look back. I did slip up for a while by choosing a niche I was not very passionate about. But when I found the niche that was right for me, I stayed on the platform and grew to love it.

I now use 12 Minute Affiliate as a means to add email marketing to my business. On top of this, I also use YouTube, the strategy being to base the YouTube content around the content on my blog. For more tips on using YouTube, click Here.

But here I am, out of that rut and now doing the thing I should be doing, the thing I love and that makes me fulfilled and free. Running an Online Business!

A Few Steps You Can Take

So what did I do to get out of that rut exactly? Let’s break it down into a few steps and then see how you could do the same or similar things to free yourself and get wherever it is you want to be.

Step 1: Knowing what I wanted and what I didn’t want. Okay, so my first step was where I faced the issue of feeling unsatisfied in many ways with my day job. What I wanted was to contribute in my own way to the world rather than robotically working for some supermarket or small office. I also wanted better quality of life through more home time. I didn’t want ordinary employment. I wanted self-employment.

Step 2: Researching: Next I researched how to achieve the goal I had set my heart on. I put in the effort to get myself trained up, to think outside the box. With enough research and experiment, I finally found Wealthy Affiliate – the answer to my problems and the key to future success.

Step 3: Action Taking: Once I knew I was comfortable training and growing an online business with Wealthy Affiliate, I followed the steps and simply took action. I also took action by using 12 Minute Affiliate to build a huge email list.

Step 4: Consistency: A lot of people see clearly what needs to be done for online success, but then they don’t go ahead and do it! At least, they are not consistent, they keep wanting an easy option or for someone else to do their work for them. The solution I learned however, is to love and be proud of what you do. Be consistent and it soon becomes enjoyable because you get better and better at it; it’s what you do and becomes part of who you are. Consistency is the ultimate formula for success. But for God’s sake, be consistent in a niche you love! You can’t be in a long term business just to make money. You have to be in it to share your knowledge, your passion and as they always say, to provide value!

Leave some comments below if this has inspired you and let us know if you yourself are struggling in some kind of rut.

I wish you peace, motivation and great quality of life!

8 thoughts on “How to Get Out of a Rut in Life – Follow These Steps”

  1. Hi there Dominic, 

    This is very inspirational especially because you have explained the transition process from what you didn’t love to more awesomeness, something that is really difficult to do. I was also feeling the same way when I was doing a teaching job a few years ago. I made the transition too and I now have my online business, which I am proud of. People should really make up their minds and go for it. 

    • Thanks for this feedback Dave,

      Yes, actually getting down to something is often the hardest part of achieving our goals.  That’s amazing to hear your own news about changing your life like that and starting your own online business.  Bravo! 

  2. I feel you! Living life in routine is quite a practice one does for a long time. Therefore is very challenging to get out of a rut in life. Digital marketing and affiliate marketing are definitely something to think about as a tool to changing life – a complete life experience! Wealthy Affiliate is my number one recommendation when comes to training, community, platform, the program itself, and an opportunity to make online income! 

    • Thank you for this Sunny!  Yes, WA is a life changer for those who are serious and dedicated.  It is also very interactive and supportive so that is why I too recommend it to anyone looking to follow their dream of an online business. 

  3. A really interesting topic,

    I know how easy it if to feel in a rut about life and career as I felt that way too. Sometimes it is really important to make that change for your own personal well being. I like the tips you have given to being a success and for me consistency has to be the biggest driver when going online for your business.

    Really good article

    Thank you


    • Thanks so much for this encouraging comment Imelda; and yes, definitely consistency is a core element. But with a real passion that shouldn’t be much of an issue!

  4. Hi Dominic,

    Very well done. I like the explanation and history you placed in the post. I am intrigued by how you set up yourself and how you found a great way out of your rut. Everyone has a rut they find themselves in and its the attitude towards that rut that determines if you will get out of it. 

    I am appreciative of how you laid out the process. Thanks


    • Thank you Jovianeb,

      I suppose I stumbled on what I really wanted by accidentally getting the idea in my head about working online. I didn’t even know that was a real thing that an average person could just decide to do!

      Online work is good because you can be creative and really be who and what you want to be.


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