How to Sell Online Successfully | Ethical Approach

Hello and welcome to this article where we’ll be getting into how to sell online successfully, using an ethical approach to marketing – the best approach for customer loyalty and long term success online.

What Do People Want?

We need to look at everything from the point of view of our targeted audience, our future customers. If we only look at this business from the motive and viewpoint of personal gain, our visitors are likely to sense this be put off.

So what do they want? The people coming to our site and offers are usually in need of something, or have a problem and are looking for a solution.

They want a solution in the form of information that is accurate and well presented. Ideally, they want someone to inform them from a position of service, as though it’s the seller’s pleasure to present the information.

They want someone to show them rather than tell them the answers to their questions.

Think Beyond a ‘Visit’ and a ‘Click’

We speak about the people we are helping and serving as ‘visits,’ ‘traffic,’ and ‘clicks,’ which is fine; we need to use business terms to communicate efficiently about online marketing. However, this shoudn’t have to mean that we lose sight of that fact that we are dealing with real human people who are perhaps in a struggle and trying to find some genuine help.

The approach of a good marketer is to make them feel that you (the affiliate for example), are the one who is there and really cares about pointing them in the right direction that’s best for them.

Marketing has a lot to do with psychology. But there is a way to use psychology either in an ethical way or a manipulative way. The ethical way works better because you really are providing the value and transparency that people are looking for.

Whereas with manipulative marketing, you are playing on people’s emotions and hyping things up. You are using pressure combined with false information.

Good Products and Accurate Reviews are Purswasive

All you need to give people is a product that you know from experience fits the needs of your customers. Ideally of course, you will have this product yourself and will be able to show how it has benefited you and how it compares with other products of less value.

If you can demonstrate why one product is better than another or that one product works efficiently and has various perks and benefits, this will be enough to inform intelligent people what they’re looking at and why they should check out the product.

Facts are important because if you appeal to emotion, what will happen is that initially, you may get sign-ups and sales, but it is likely, that when reality kicks in and the product doesn’t end up delivering as promised, people will cancel their subscriptions or request a refund.

Show your Personal Enthusiasm for What You’re Selling

As we’ve seen, you definitely want to appeal to reason, and provide actual facts about the product. If you are doing this, then you are also justified in appealing to emotion, such as by expressing your own esteem and excitement for the product you are promoting.

This is what people want. If the product is good, and satisfies the need of your potential customer, then you have every reason to throw some passion into your review and apply some ‘Call to Action’ techniques. And those who follow your recommendation and purchase are far more likely to remain happy with the product and stay as your loyal customers.

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