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Welcome to my article on how to use Wealthy Affiliate for Success. As you may know, there are two courses within the Wealthy Affiliate system: The Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. The first of these is focused on helping you build a website based on a particular niche you are excited and passionate about. The second is focused on the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. You could also call it the Make Money Online (MMO) niche.

Being a dedicated member myself of Wealthy Affiliate, I am going to go through what I consider to be the key points for gaining success with the system and which have helped me to succeed as well as other members. For a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate, click Here.

Here are the points we will cover:

#1 Take your Time

#2 Choose a Niche you Love

#3 Follow the Training without Skipping Ahead

#4 Ask for Help Often

#5 Engage with the Community

#6 Keep Adding to your Website(s)

#7 Keep Learning about how to Improve

Take your Time

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money blogging. It is a gradual process. You will need to produce a lot of content to get good SEO ranking and attract organic, targeted traffic to your site. You content will also need to be unique and good quality. All this goes to say that taking your time is key and being in a rush will get you nowhere.

Chose a Niche you Love

If you’re going to be blogging and continually adding to your website, it is important to pick a niche that you are interested and passionate about. Your work is going to be ten times harder if you don’t love what you’re doing. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to think of something that interests you to and base your website around that. Almost any interest can be turned into a profitable niche for an engaging and profitable online business.

If you love the niche for your website, your blog posts will have real charm and persuasiveness about them. No one wants to read something that is soulless and boring. But content written with energy and care is going to keep people on your website and will convert them far more efficiently into buyers.

Follow the Training Without Skipping Ahead

With so many lessons and tasks, there’s always going to be the temptation to jump ahead but trust me, that’s really not a good idea with this training platform. It is set out in a very systematic and well-thought-out way, designed to bring you from newbie to experienced throughout the courses. Even if you do already have some knowledge about WordPress and affiliate marketing, it is still important to follow the training all the way through because it is top quality training and a lot of it relates to using the Wealthy Affiliate system.

To skip ahead and then realise that you are not sure what you’re doing is only going to add frustration and hurt your chances at success.

Ask for Help Often

There is always the option to ask a question, get advice or help of a particular kind at Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, members are frequently encouraged to make use of this option at the end of video tutorials. Helps comes fast in the from of replies from experienced members of the community. It is a great way to keep moving forward and not have to do extra research all on your own.

As soon as you find yourself wondering what to do, whether it be to do with the technicalities of WordPress, keywords, writing content or something from one of the lessons that isn’t quite clear, just go straight to the questions section and ask about the issue you are having. There are categories which are there to match the topic of your questions.

Engage with the Community

Besides asking questions, there are other ways to communicate with your fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate. There are live chats as well as the option to write blog posts for the community to see and comment on. This includes updating them on your progress, success stories, badges you’ve earned, such as having your website indexed or ranked on Google. You can also see and comment on other people’s posts and updates.

Wealthy Affiliate also allows members to earn what they call Credits. You may earn credits for example by offering comments on other people’s websites. They must be original, quality comments and lengthy enough for approval. This will then earn enable you to request comments on your own website articles.

Engaging with other people is an opportunity to be inspired, to learn, to be encouraged and helps you along the way with good connections and general moral support. It definitely helps with fostering an attachment to the community at W.A. And with this you are again, more likely to stick around and work towards your online success, encouraging others as well, just like a group of genuine friends or a family. The members really care about you and you develop a care for them by interacting with them.

Keep Adding to your Website

Just keep rolling once you have your website up and running. Keep adding content to increase the level of your ranking in Google and to keep attracting organic traffic which should ultimately convert into sales and add to your revenue. As they say, ‘practice makes perfect.’ You get better all the time and the work of producing quality content gets both easier and faster because you’re good at it and you’ve become used to it.

Having a habit of adding content to your site is a bit like always aiming high – have no limits in mind! Never say enough! Well, unless you really want to focus on another website or a different niche.

Keep Learning how to Improve

There is always going to be more to learn with affiliate marketing and running your own website. The more you learn, the more efficient you become. You are also able to teach others and give good sound advice which can be very fulfilling in itself.

There is so much content in the Wealthy Affiliate training, besides all the information you can gather from the other members of the community. And you are always able to do your own research on anything related either to the course material.

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  1. Hello Dominic

    I have been with WA for a year now, and your article reminds me to get back to the basics and follow the training step-by-step without skipping ahead. I can testify based on direct experience that skipping ahead does not work. Okay, back to the drawing board for me. I gotta go, and get back to my lessons! Great work my friend.



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