Human Proof Designs Review – Worth Your Money Or Not?

Hello! Dominic here and welcome to my Human Proof Designs Review. From the research I’ve done on this program and the experience I already have with website affiliate marketing, we’re going to see what exactly this opportunity is about and what it offers.

By the end of this review, you should be able to decide if this Human Proof Designs is right for you or not.

Ever heard of the strategy of buying ready-made websites that are equipped with affiliate links and the potential to make you money? That’s what Human Proofs Designs is about, in a nutshell.

You get scam or extremely low quality versions of this, but HPD is actually good because there is no duplicate content, unlike with sites you’ll find sold on Flippa or programs like Passive Profits Pages for example. Added to this, you have the advantage of a skillful hand working for you, experienced heads on the job.

Human Proof Designs Review – Overview and Rating

Name: Human Proof Designs


Owner: Dom Wells

Product type: DFY Affiliate Websites and Training Platform

Cost: $998 or Premium offer for $1,298

Recommended? Yes, if you have the budget and learn to put your own work into the sites you buy.

My Rating for Human Proof Designs:4 out of 5 Stars.

Alternative? Yes. See my #1 Recommendation for How to Make Money Online.

Video Review of Human Proof Designs:

Human Proof Designs: What Is It?

Human Proof Designs is a dramatically improved version of website flipping. It sells websites and trains you how to maintain and manage them yourself.

Sites that you can purchase from a lot of other places will cost you a small fortune but it will all be for nothing because they are selling the same websites to other people and duplicate content does not rank on Google.

In contrast to this, Human Proof Designs offers original, micro niche websites with original content, created by a team of specialists who know what they’re doing and are actually out to help you succeed. They’ve helped newbies and people of other skill levels in the hundreds.

Human Proof Designs – Affiliate Sites for Sale

You are being offered done for you affiliate, dropshipping and other types of websites that are calculated to rank on search engines and make you money. I say calculated and by providers who know their stuff, but I don’t say guaranteed because that’s not possible when it comes to SEO and all the complications that come with the continually updated algorithm.

Every two weeks Google’s algorithm is modified/updated. The updates are named after animals, for example, the Panda update, or the Penguin update. The level of sophistication is such that it is virtually impossible to manipulate the search engine in your favour. What this boils down to is that you have to earn your place when you want to rank high in Google and get your content seen by viewers.

And if you rank today, your position might be different in a few weeks. I have a piece of content that eventually made it to position 7 on page 1 of Google. Later it went up to position 5, then to position 3 and then back down to position 5 again.

You can of course modify your stuff but ultimately, the algorithm itself will decide where to rank you and while you cannot control it, you can follow certain guidelines to give you the best chances of getting on to page 1 where 92% of the traffic is. There are all sorts of memes about the second page of Google and how it’s a desolate wasteland compared to the fist page.

There’s a whole lot that goes into it but if you target the right keywords and write good stuff, or have this done for you, you should get good results.

The creator of Human Proof Designs knows all this stuff; he’s an SEO expert. Let’s talk about him next.

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Dom Wells: Creator of Human Proof Designs

Dom Wells, Founder of HPD.

Dom Wells is someone who learned by his fair share of trial and error to make websites that ranked well on Google and made him affiliate commissions.

In the process he learned a great deal about SEO, keyword research, the Google algorithm, affiliate marketing, website design and more.

It took him a long time to succeed, but when he finally did, he was equipped with all the skills and experience necessary to lead others down the road of success with affiliate websites.

A lot of affiliates and online entrepreneurs who have learned to succeed the hard way after a lot of failure, become very competent at teaching others. They have the drive for it and real empathy for those who are still struggling on the way and close to giving up.

Unfortunately, you also get plenty of people who learn how to make money online but use that knowledge instead to further their own wealth rather than help others and they become scammers or producers of hyped up but rubbish programs.

Clickbank and WarriorPlus for example are online affiliate marketplaces that are both teaming with such products, although they do also have some good stuff as well, especially Clickbank, at least when it comes to other niches besides the MMO niche.

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Dom noticed that it was very difficult to find places online where people could buy ready-made websites that were actually any good. All too often the sellers were providing websites that were simply copy and paste sites; sites that weren’t even very modern, flashy or appealing. Sites that were being sold to multiple customers for big money.

Many of these sites may look good in terms of the money they say you should be able to make with them, but sadly, it’s often not the case that buying a website really works. Often, as we’ve seen, they are recycled sites and the niches tend to be far to broad; not prudently narrowed down to reduce competition.

After realising that he could be the person to do a better job of producing and selling websites, Dom Wells decided he’d take the plunge in 2013 and later got together a team of about 100 people to work with him.

Every two weeks they come out with 20 brand new websites ready for sale.

He also realised that in order to do all this properly, he would need to create a kind of community that offered support and training besides just selling done for you affiliate websites.

He gradually went from success to success with his venture and was featured in where he was praised spoken of as someone who should be listened to and followed.

Other authority sites mention him as well.

Human Proof Designs is known to provide high quality websites and content. They have created well over a thousand sites and the number continues to grow.

Testimonials and success stories can be found on the official website.

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Human Proof Designs and the SEO Strategy for Affiliate Marketing

Going with something like HPD means that you will going down the road of using SEO as your strategy for getting customers to your business.

There are many different ways to do affiliate marketing and make money online and SEO is just one of the many, which in the case of Human Proof Designs, means getting a blog ranked on Google so that you can attract organic traffic to your business.

This does usually take several months to achieve however, especially if your site is relatively new. You could say SEO it’s the slow but steady way to do affiliate marketing. It provides a strong foundation for an online business.

The milestone is met once you start getting a decent number of visitors to your site on a regular basis.

From there, you can lead your visitors to do certain things like subscribe to your email list and/or buy products from your site.

Getting traffic the faster way usually involves running paid ads which can be extremely tricky if you are inexperienced.

It also comes with a significant level of risk. Many people get into it, only to lose their money or they make the odd sale but make zero profit because they’ve also spent money on ad spend.

So it is not easy to get good ROI when you use paid methods to do affiliate marketing.

Another common way people will drive paid traffic to a site or some affiliate offer is by using solo ads, which I always tell people is a bad idea.

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HPD is meant to help you avoid the headache of having to figure out SEO for yourself and potentially end up with a site that isn’t great and with content that doesn’t get ranked.

However, sooner or later you will need to learn this stuff anyway if you want to pursue the SEO method of affiliate marketing long term which presumably you would want to if you are thinking of investing in Human Proof Designs.

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A Deeper Look at HPD: What’s on Offer?

Human Profit Designs offers several things ranging from training modules to aged websites that are in a better position to rank than newer websites

To me, everything looks pretty pricey, but at the same time, I believe they do have good quality stuff.

Let’s take a look at the offers and prices of HPD.

Training offers in HPD

Above you can see examples of the training they offer. The idea is that those who invest and buy a website may need to learn how to manage the site moving forward.

They’ll need to know all about the back office of the site and adding content, images, affiliate links etc, lead generation, possibly Dropshipping, SEO, etc.

So they are offered courses to help them with that, the most comprehensive but expensive one, Human Proof Method, costing $499!

The other training courses are:

  • Affiliate Marketing Success – $99
  • Dropshipping/eCommerce Success – $99
  • Local Lead Generation Success – $99

Frankly, if you’re going to buy a website but then have to pay for training as well so that you can run a website yourself, you might want to seriously consider just starting from scratch.

With my #1 recommendation, you can have all the training, tools and support you need as well as hosting for up to 10 websites. Premium membership for all this is only $49/month.

Affiliate Sites

The affiliate sites offers vary a lot with pricing. But they all have the same key features. A site in a niche, like blenders or hunting knives with a certain amount of articles freshly written and usually monetised with Amazon offers that you can use your own affiliate links for.

I had a look at some of their prices and there was one on offer for a whopping $8.999.00! That’s a lot of money for anyone who is on a budget and wanting to start affiliate marketing. And again, they may need to purchase a training course on top of that. If they were to buy the Human Proof Method Course, they’d be looking at needing to fork out approximately 13 grand.

Aged Domain Sites

The aged domain site offer allows you to purchase a site that has more authority so to speak, and will enable you to rank faster than with a new domain.

They also come with a ‘strong backlink profile,’ which again, is good for getting more visibility and traffic online.

Aged domain sites will cost you more but the idea is that you will make your money back faster if your site proves to be successful.

HPD Aged Domain Site offers

Dropship Sites

With a dropship site offer, you are looking at something similar to an affiliate site, only the strategy is dropshipping and not affiliate marketing.

The concept is still a site that hopefully ranks well and you can do your own dropshipping with it.

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Local Lead Gen Sites

The idea with a local lead gen site is that it is designed for you to collect leads, people who leave their email and/or their phone number so that you can sell these same leads to other businesses.

They need leads and you can sell them leads for them to market to.

As I mentioned above, I’m not a big fan of buying and selling leads. I don’t think it works as well as people think. It’s similar to solo ads which I have often experienced to be ineffective. It’s very hard to get good ROI from purchased leads.

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On the other hand, email marketing is quite a central component of most online businesses. If you are struggling to generate your own leads, then provided you trust a seller, you could try going down the road of buying leads from them.

HPD Lead Gen Site offers

Of the site offers we’ve seen from Human Proof Designs, I would be most inclined to go for an affiliate site.

I don’t have the same level of confidence in a lead gen site or a dropshipping one. But if a lead generation service or dropshipping site is for you, HPD has offers for both of these, although the last time I checked, there were no dropshipping sites currently on offer.

Other Services of Human Proof Designs

The site, Human Proof Designs offers other services to help people out with their online businesses.

Services include:

  • Content services
  • SEO services
  • Investor services
  • Marketing services

Content services will help people out with their online content and enable them to improve what they have.

SEO services include things like keyword research pack and PBN links. Generally, tools and links that boost your site on search engines.

Investor services would include websites that are already generating income. They call them revenue generating websites.

Marketing services include deals that help your business grow. Examples can be seen below.

HPD Marketing services

Who is Human Proof Designs For?

Human Proof Designs is for anyone wanting to make money online using SEO. It is probably aimed especially at beginners.

As a beginner, you can avoid all the hassle of starting a website yourself and trying to figure out how to get everything right on your own.

So there is a bit attraction for those just starting out. A website that is ready to go and has all the expertise of well trained bloggers and affiliates is a good deal for those who can afford it. Results however are not guaranteed and learning and work are still required on the part of the customer.

There is also training provided in Human Proof Designs, so it certainly doesn’t appear to have been made for those who are advanced in the online industry.

Is Human Proof Designs a Scam?

There’s no way the creation of Dom Wells, Human Proof Designs is a scam. He is a highly successful entrepreneur with a thriving business. What his team offers is legit and certainly offers real value for money.

As to whether some buyers may end up disappointed, that is a possibility, but there is no claim expressing a guarantee of results, so HPD remains in the clear against any credible accusation that it is a scam.

Dom Wells has worked hard to help others and continues to do so with his team at Human Proof Designs.

Pros of Human Proof Designs

There are several pros to HPD. I think that’s only fair to say.

Let’s have a look at them:

  • It can be highly beneficial to have a website made for you if you’re a beginner
  • The sites offered by HPD are known to be good quality
  • Dom Wells is a legit online marketer – someone to learn from
  • There is a good variety of products and services offered by HPD
  • They offer training so you can make progress with a website if you buy one
  • HPD has helped many people and has a good reputation

Cons of Human Proof Designs

While I think it’s commendable, there are some things about HPD that would make me draw back.

  • HPD websites are difficult for most people to afford
  • A DFY site is not an answer to making money online; you need to learn and work hard
  • There is no guarantee that you will rank and make money with a HPD site
  • The ‘done-for-you’ mindset isn’t the best for being an online entrepreneur

Human Proof Designs Review – Conclusion and Final Verdict

I think a lot of credit is due to Dom Wells for creating HPD to help people out and enable them to really get off the ground with a potentially lucrative affiliate website or other revenue-generating site.

He and his team are very skilled at what they do and having a site made by experts in the field SEO and affiliate marketing field can save people an enormous amount of effort and headache since it is a tricky thing to get into.

That said, I still think there might be a better way to go about building an online business.

What about other alternatives?

In my opinion, I think you could save more money and become more independent if you just learn affiliate marketing yourself with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to build a site in niche of your own choosing, (something you already have an interest in) and get it ranked on search engines, enabling you to attract free, targeted traffic to your site.

It is a business where you can really help people and blog about something you love.

Within about 8-10 months, you could be earning a full time income online. All you need to do is follow the training, complete the tasks and ask for help whenever you need it.

Wealthy Affiliate is the largest online training community for affiliate marketing. If HPD is too pricy for you, this is definitely a better alternative for you.

Wishing you the best on your online journey!

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