Perpetual Income 365 Review – The Facts You Need to Know

Perpetual Income 365 is said to be a quick and easy way to start making big, recurring commissions online. I’m excited to be providing you with all the information you need on this product in my review.

Perpetual Income 365 is a program that provides tools and affiliate marketing training so that hopefully, you can make money online from home without doing much work at all and without needing any experience to succeed.

Overall, I can’t say I’m over the moon about it, but now let’s explore the details.

Perpetual Income 365 Overview:

Name: Perpetual Income 365

Type: Software for email marketing

Creator: Shawn Josiah

Price: $9 for 2 weeks, then $47/month + upsells 

Recommended? No.

I have a lot of experience with programs like Perpetual Income 365 and in this case, I’m not overly hopeful that it will lead you to success in affiliate marketing

The strategy they teach has some serious problems in my opinion and while you can make money, I’m highly skeptical that you will get good ROI. 

But if you’re serious about making money through the internet and are thinking long term, then my #1 Recommendation is a lot better for you. 

Otherwise, continue reading my review of Perpetual Income 365 and then you can decide whether or not you want to give it a try.


What Is Perpetual Income 365?


Perpetual Income 365 is a software that’s going to teach you to find digital products from Clickbank and promote them as an affiliate using their landing pages.

There is an emphasis on promoting Perpetual Income 356 itself and to drive traffic, they teach you to go to Udemy and buy solo ads.

It’s nothing original. That is an old strategy but one that is very difficult to get into profit with which is a huge problem. 

They use attention-grabbing words like ‘secret Netflix loophole’ but all that really means is that when you refer other people to Perpetual Income 365, they pay a monthly subscription like Netflix users. And that’s your perpetual income coming in.

It’s got nothing to do with Netflix and there’s nothing secret or new about their strategy.  

Who Is Shawn Josiah?


Shawn Josiah is guy from Singapore who achieved a Super Affiliate status selling Clickbank products.

Later he went on to make is own products.

As a Clickbank vendor, Perpetual Income 365 is one of his income streams.

Although he is very successful, you won’t get to learn all the methods he used to make so much money by investing in Perpetual Income 365.

Due to this product, I can’t say I like the man’s style and I wouldn’t sign up to anything to learn from him.

How Does Perpetual Income 365 Work?

Once you buy Perpetual Income 365, you will be taken to a member’s area where you’ll see a welcome video from the creator.

On the left hand side you will see what’s available to you which will include several upsells. 

You will get some basic training which will show you how to use their done-for-you landing pages where people sign up for offers and hopefully buy.  

They’ll get you to open a Clickbank account or use an existing one if you have it and they’ll tell you to find offers and connect you’re affiliate links to their premade landing pages. 

Perpetual Income 365 – Traffic Method:

Then you will be taught how to go to a site called Udemy and find solo ad venders.

You pay the vendor for clicks on your landing pages. For example, $500 for 600 clicks. 

They you wait to see if you get sign-ups and sales from these clicks.

From experience I know that you can make some sales here and there using solo ads but in general they are BAD QUALITY. 

Solo ads are a bad idea in my opinion and here’s why. They are people who sell you clicks but sometimes it is bot traffic. Other times it’s clicks from real people but they are already being bombarded by offers everyday because the vendor sends you clicks from his email list.

So these people are already on someone else’s email list and are well used to offers pouring into their inbox. 

The fact is that solo ads are among the worst possible ways to make money with affiliate marketing and that’s because it’s extremely hard to get into profit.

Will you make some sales? Yes, but getting into profit is very hard due to the crappy traffic source that you get with solo ads.

To recap, Perpetual Income 365 works like this:

  1. You sign up and pay the front end fee
  2. You buy the upsells which allow you to follow the next steps
  3. You sign up for the GetResponse autoresponder (sooner or later you’ll need the paid version)
  4. You get DFY landing pages and sales pages
  5. You get your DFY email swipes 
  6. You buy traffic 
  7. You make sales (hopefully) 

Every member of Perpetual Income 365 is going to be a promoter of the program. That’s how it’s designed. I found one member who even admits on his website that the program is ‘a bit of a pyramid scheme.’ He then hastily adds that it does deliver what it promises (not that I’m convinced of that). 

Perpetual Income 365 does also have a Facebook group and members sometimes do report making a sale. A sale is great but not if you lost money on expensive traffic packages to make that sale which is often the case with the strategy they teach.

You’ll also discover that they want to upsell you a whopping 7 times which should be an alarm bell. 

Upselling a product with so many other offers which cost way more in total than the product itself is pretty crazy don’t you think?

It means that to really make money with the program, you kinda need all those upsells. That’s what they’re basically telling you. 

Who Is Perpetual Income 365 For?

It’s made for anyone who wants to make money online with affiliate marketing.

I think it’s aimed at beginners mostly. The reason for this is that I doubt that experienced internet marketers would go for it. Yes, it’s simple and beginner friendly but there are a lot of problems with it and those with experience will know that there are many better ways to succeed.

Ultimately, I think Perpetual Income 365 is made for the creator, not so much for you really. On average, he makes money while members of the system all struggle to do so. 

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Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam?

Technically you do get something for your money. You get this:

  • DFY landing pages
  • Basic training on how to promote the program as an affiliate
  • Training on solo ad traffic
  • A Facebook support group

I wouldn’t put any money into it because I don’t trust it one bit but at the same time I can’t exactly call it an outright scam… I don’t think.

What I can say however, is that because of how it works, Perpetual Income 356 is a great way to LOSE money and not MAKE money. 

What you don’t get is this:

  • Training on how to build your own business
  • Training on how to get your own traffic instead of buying traffic from solo ads
  • Honesty from the owner
  • Accurate claims about income
  • Forewarning about all the expensive upsells
  • Long term reliability
  • And more…

If you believe the hype on the sales page and go with it but then end up losing money and feeling scammed, it’s no surprise really.

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But Can You Make Money With Perpetual Income 365?

Yes you can and that’s why the owner is allowed to sell you a product that is marketed as a system for making easy, fast money online.

But remember that making money isn’t the goal – the goal is making PROFIT. 

If you’re not getting decent ROI, your business is failing, it will never take off and you will only ever lose money.

For example if you spend $400 on solo ad traffic and get 2 sales, you may make about $100 which I’m sure would feel nice, but all you’ve done at the end of the day is not make $100 but LOSE $300. 

You will probably make the odd sale with this system but I have strong doubts that you will ever once get into profit. 

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4 Red Flags I Discovered with Perpetual Income 365:

There are quite a few reasons why I’m really not happy with programs like this.  Here’s the 4 Red Flags that I suppose stand out the most and that so many other MMO programs share in common:

  1. Overhyped and misleading sales page
  2. Completely self-promotional 
  3. Numerous hidden upsells that cost far more than the product itself
  4. Bad traffic methods, e.g. solo ads. 

I’ll explain how Perpetual Income 365 has all of these red flags even though you might not have thought so after watching the sales webinar.

Red Flag 1: Misleading Sales Page

A huge number of make money online programs market themselves by a sales video that is very hyped up and has exaggerated claims. 

It tries to get the viewer excited and appeals to their need for easy, fast cash. They also tend to create false scarcity – ‘limited spaces available’ and ‘get in fast at a low price while you can.’

When you arrive at the landing page for Perpetual Income 365, you will be told that you have 24 hours to act before registration expires.

This is simply a common tactic to make you act in haste, rather than take your time to make an informed decision.

You will be told about very specific amounts of money that you are going to make every day.

In the first place this is highly unrealistic because money that you make online is never a steady amount.

You either lose customers/leads or gain more and so your income is usually either going up or slipping down, not sitting at a steady rate and coming in like clockwork.

In the second place it’s also dishonest because of all the hidden upsells that are waiting for you on the back end which you supposedly need in order to be successful with the software.  

You will be told about how you will be let in on secrets of exploiting big tech companies and they will appeal to your curiosity by talking about how you’ll be tapping into a secret loop-hole concerning the Netflix algorithm, which as you later find out, if you sign up, simply boils down to how your referrals are like subscribers to Netflix. 

Red Flag 2: A Self-Promoting Program

Perpetual Income 365 is more or less a pyramid scheme. That means people make money by recruiting others into the system. You buy it and immediately promote it to others.

With everyone doing the same thing, this business model gets harder and harder to make money with and ultimately collapses, leaving all members stranded with their income source dried up.

Perpetual Income 365 is yet another MMO program that focuses on getting other people signed up to it – a valueless loop where no one really learns to start their own, independent online business.

There are plenty of programs out there which are focused on recruiting others and nothing more.

I noticed for example that Perpetual Income 365 and many others like it are similar to Profits Passport by David Deckle. In this, your first income stream is Easy1Up, a classic MLM system, full of upfront fees before you can even start promoting.

With Easy1Up, you can promote the program but your commissions depend on the level you join at. There are many levels.  And once you join, it’s understood that you immediately start selling it to other people.  

You don’t learn anything much about affiliate marketing by signing up to programs like this. And you don’t help anyone else in any way other than by getting them to repeat the process that you are doing by promoting the system.

From my experience and after often falling for things like this in the past, I honestly do not think this is a legitimate, helpful or fulfilling way to do affiliate marketing.

To me, this system has all the marks of something designed solely for the benefit of the producer.

Should the owner cease to host Perpetual Income 365 or if it is ever discovered and classified as illegal, you’re business will die with it and you will need to start from scratch and with no adequate knowledge and experience. 

In the long run, trying to avoid the learning curve, the work and the gradual gaining of experience through thick and thin, you only delay your success and stifle your potential in this industry. 

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Red Flag 3: Hidden Upsells and Extra Costs

Yes, there are many hidden upsells that you discover are necessary if you really want to promote Perpetual Income 365. The entry fee is very low (though I wouldn’t even pay $9 for this program) but that is only a 14-day trial, after which you will need to pay $47 a month, and that’s just the basic level.

You will be unable to receive the full benefit of the program via promoting it without upgrading; plenty of things like tools and guides won’t even open or activate for you unless you have upgraded; things such as:

  • the 3-Day Challenge
  • the 5 Clicks Profit
  • the Email ATM
  • the Perpetual Asset Multiplier
  • and Income Streams.

Two of these are priced at $197 and $127: The 5 Clicks Profit and the Perpetual Asset Multiplier. Then another one, the Email ATM is priced at $297.

We’re already looking at roughly $500 here, not to mention your monthly membership, Solo Ad traffic and the indispensable autoresponder to which I’m coming.

To use this system, you are required to buy GetResponse, an autoresponder for email marketing and you are required to buy your own web traffic in the hope that this traffic, after landing on one of your 2 landing pages for Perpetual Income 365, will buy it and upgrade so that you can earn 50% commission.

The owner of the product in the meantime is making a handsome commission out of you as you upgrade, purchase the autoresponder and buy the web traffic from his recommended Solo Ad vendors.

Red Flag 4: Bad Overall Money Making Strategy

Most programs like this, as I’ve said, get you to use solo ads as means of driving traffic and I’ve explained that solo ads are a nightmare – possibly the worst traffic source on the internet.

But besides that, here’s a few questions for you to consider.

Do you really want to join a program where the owner is not being honest with you and is using backhanded techniques to get as much money out of you as possible?

I’ve reviewed many other low quality MMO products on this site such as:

And others…

Do you really think it is a good affiliate marketing strategy to be selling something to people just so that they can sell it to others? There’s no significant value in what you’re selling.

No proper training provided, no progression steps, no educational value, no help towards becoming more proficient in the internet marketing industry.

Is it, in your mind, a good strategy to have to keep paying for cold, expensive traffic, almost like a gambling machine in the hope of making sales?

Even if you do get the odd sale, how likely is it that you will actually start to make a profit? You are encouraged to pay for traffic if you want leads and sales, but is this really a sustainable way to run an online business?

Probably not right? As we’ve explained earlier. 

Alternative? We’ve Got You Covered:

If your answer is “no” to some or all of these questions, then it looks like Perpetual Income 365 isn’t for you.

In which case, I recommend to you to a far Better Opportunity which you can read about here.

To succeed at this business, you need to be prepared to go through proper training. Making money online with affiliate marketing is a skill like any other; it needs to be learned before you master it.

And with the right training, you then need to put in A LOT of work over many months.  Otherwise you will continue wasting your time and money on trying to get rich quick.

Programs like Perpetual Income 365 aren’t you’re friend in this business and I hope this is also the conclusion you have arrived at after reading this review. 

Get trained up properly if you want to succeed and do marketing the tried and tested way.

Wishing you every success on your journey!


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2 thoughts on “Perpetual Income 365 Review – The Facts You Need to Know”

  1. Thank you for your honest review on Perpetual Income 365 Dominic. I find these ‘fly by night’ types of online opportunities most annoying. They usually sucker people in with a cheap or free deal and then slowly reveal the many upgrades and purchased you need to do to be able to be successful. I call them fly by night because they usually disappear once they’ve made a few million dollars by scamming people. Your review reveals these people to ones to totally avoid. 

    I clicked on your link to a better deal and was surprised to find you were talking about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member of that organisation and have been for over three years now. Thanks to them I have built three websites that all earn a passive income and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of that without their fantastic training system and ongoing hosting platform. Jim

    • Thank you Jim.  These are interesting thoughts, especially about ‘fly by night’ programs which I think is a great name. Great to know you are also a Wealthy Affiliate member.  I certainly believe in putting in work in order to earn money and paying your way and trying to get someone else to do it for you doesn’t seem right to me. It’s also just a bad long term strategy.  

      Thanks again for your feedback here. Dominic


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