Perpetual Income 365 Review – Can It Make You Money?

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Hello, and welcome to this review of Perpetual Income 365.  Here we’ll also address the question: Is Perpetual Income 365 Legitimate?

Okay, so first off, it is a program where you are going to be advertising the system itself and using automated email swipes to send out to your leads.

Maybe you heard about this potential money making opportunity. Maybe someone recommended it to you, or maybe you received a marketing email from somewhere that told you yes, Perpetual Income 365 is legit and a good, solid way for you to earn money online.

Well, I’m here to tell you that, this is not a program I recommend and not something I would ever promote to others as an affiliate. Keep reading to find out why.

Hyped up and Misleading Sales Page

When you arrive at the landing page for Perpetual Income 365, you will be told that you have 24 hours to act before registration expires. This is simply a common tactic to make you act in haste, rather than take your time to make an informed decision.

You will be told about very specific amounts of money that you are going to make every day. In the first place this is highly unrealistic because money that you make online is never a steady amount. You either lose customers/leads or gain more and so your income is usually either going up or slipping down, not sitting at a steady rate and coming in like clockwork.

In the second place it’s also false because of all the hidden upsells that they don’t tell you about on the front-end.

You will be told about how you will be let in on secrets of exploiting big tech companies and they will appeal to your curiosity by talking about how you’ll be tapping into a secret loop-hole concerning the Netflix algorithm, which as you later find out, if you sign up, simply boils down to how your referrals are like subscribers to Netflix.

Solely A Self-Promoting Program

Perpetual Income 365 is one of those make money online programs that really just focuses on getting others signed up to it; a valueless loop where the only reason to buy it is so that you can promote it to others.  Pretty similar to Easy1Up, a classic MLM system, full of upfront fees before you can even start promoting.

You don’t learn anything about affiliate marketing by signing up to this program. And you don’t help anyone else in any way other than by getting them to repeat the process that you are doing by promoting Perpetual Income 365.

I do not think this is a legitimate, helpful or fulfilling way to do affiliate marketing. And already this is sufficient reason for me not to promote it to other people. This system has all the marks, as we shall see further on, of something designed simply to benefit the producer.

Hidden Upsells and Extra Costs

Yes, there are many hidden upsells that you discover are necessary if you really want to promote the program. The entry fee is very low (though I wouldn’t even pay $9 for this program) but that is only a 14-day trial, after which you will need to pay $47 a month, and that’s just the basic level.

You will be unable to receive the full benefit of the program via promoting it without upgrading; plenty of things like tools and guides won’t even open or activate for you unless you have upgraded; things such as the 3-Day Challenge, the 5 Clicks Profit, the Email ATM, the Perpetual Asset Multiplier and Income Streams.

Two of these are priced at $197 and $127: The 5 Clicks Profit and the Perpetual Asset Multiplier. Then another one, the Email ATM is priced at $297. We’re already looking at roughly $500 here, not to mention your monthly membership, Solo Ad traffic and the indispensable autoresponder to which I’m coming.

To use this system, you are required to buy GetResponse, an autoresponder for email marketing and you are required to buy your own web traffic in the hope that this traffic, after landing on one of your 2 landing pages for Perpetual Income 365, will buy it and upgrade so that you can earn 50% commission.

The owner of the product in the meantime is making a handsome commission out of you as you upgrade, purchase the autoresponder and buy the web traffic from his recommended Solo Ad vendors.

Bad Overall Money Making Strategy

To illustrate this point, here’s a few questions for you to consider. Do you really want to join a program where the owner is not being honest with you and is using backhanded techniques to get as much money out of you as possible?

I’ve reviewed many other low quality MMO products on this site such as:

And others…

Do you really think it is a good affiliate marketing strategy to be selling something to people just so that they can sell it to others like yourself? No proper training provided, no progression steps, no educational value, no help towards becoming more proficient in the internet marketing industry.

Is it, in your mind, a good strategy to have to keep paying for traffic, almost like a gambling machine in the hope of making sales?

Even if you do get the odd sale, how likely is it that you will actually start to make a profit? You are encouraged to pay for traffic if you want leads and sales, but is this really a sustainable way to run an online business?

If your answer is no to some or all of these questions, then it looks like Perpetual Income 365 isn’t for you. In which case, I would recommend to you to a far Better Opportunity which you can read about here.

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2 thoughts on “Perpetual Income 365 Review – Can It Make You Money?”

  1. Thank you for your honest review on Perpetual Income 365 Dominic. I find these ‘fly by night’ types of online opportunities most annoying. They usually sucker people in with a cheap or free deal and then slowly reveal the many upgrades and purchased you need to do to be able to be successful. I call them fly by night because they usually disappear once they’ve made a few million dollars by scamming people. Your review reveals these people to ones to totally avoid. 

    I clicked on your link to a better deal and was surprised to find you were talking about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member of that organisation and have been for over three years now. Thanks to them I have built three websites that all earn a passive income and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of that without their fantastic training system and ongoing hosting platform. Jim

    • Thank you Jim.  These are interesting thoughts, especially about ‘fly by night’ programs which I think is a great name. Great to know you are also a Wealthy Affiliate member.  I certainly believe in putting in work in order to earn money and paying your way and trying to get someone else to do it for you doesn’t seem right to me. It’s also just a bad long term strategy.  

      Thanks again for your feedback here. Dominic


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