John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Review – The Good And Bad

Looking for a work from home opportunity?  There are thousands of options out there but unfortunately the majority of them suck.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program does have some good things going for it but there are other things that would make me hesitate before jumping in and that’s what I’d like to tell you about in this review.

I’ve tried many DFY programs with the hope of making money but I always ended up doing nothing more than spending money.

Many programs and courses teach people to use affiliate marketing as a means to make money online but while it’s a great business opportunity, it does get abused a lot.

The program I follow to make money with affiliate marketing is one of very few that doesn’t promise the world and deliver nothing.

John Thornhill is a very successful internet marketer, but I still think there are better options out there besides his program when it comes to learning how to start an online business in affiliate marketing.  

Who is John Thornhill?

John Thornhill is a British online entrepreneur and Super Affiliate with a ClickBank Platinum Award. He worked very hard through years of trial and error to become the success that he is today. One of his favourite sayings is, ‘learn it, do it, teach it!’

And he’s done it…

He learned the process, he put it into action and now he teaches it.

You could say the skill he mastered to earn his wealth comes down driving traffic to affiliate offers.

If that is something you can do, then you can make money online.

John advises his students to consider being a vendor (seller) as well as an affiliate, so in his course, as stated in his webinar, he teaches affiliate marketing but also how to become a vendor and sell your own product(s).

As expected form a Clickbank super affiliate, he highlights why selling digital products is a better route to take than selling physical products.

Once a member of his program where he teaches people to make money online, members will even get to hire other affiliates which is something I found very interesting and unlike most other products I’ve seen.

He says that you as an affiliate will compete with many other affiliates, but someone who sells their own product will be able to hire affiliates to drive traffic to their product for them.

Why Did John Create the Ambassador Program?

I think he really believes in teaching and passing on the knowledge and success he has gained and mastered as a successful affiliate marketer.

Also of course, he created it as an income stream. As a member of his program, you are his affiliate with a licence to promote his business and earn big commissions on each sale.

Your task is to generate leads while John does all the telling and selling.

It’s a win-win situation but with the exception that it is his business at the end of the day, not yours.

What’s Inside the Ambassador Program?

The program is divided into modules where he will take the learner through all the steps he has learned in order to create an automated online business.

The idea is for them to purchase the Partnership to Success offer through the sales funnel which is what the ambassador program actually is.  It is a licence to use John’s funnel.

The webinar is a mixture of giving you limited but valuable information and taking you through the steps to success with easy to follow and good quality videos.

The bulk of the training is about teaching you how to drive traffic to his webinar/sales pitch with the hope that some of it converts into sales.

The Webinar. The webinar that introduces you to the Ambassador Program is a 2 hour long training session all on its own.

In it, John reveals his methods and how he was able to make so much money online. He talks about the struggles he experienced and how he wants to help newbies to avoid common pitfalls by working in a partnership with him.

Here he will also give you several bright ideas and strategies for selling your own digital products.

Other Affiliate Networks. You will be learning from a highly experienced marketer all about other affiliate networks, which ones are good, which are not so good and what are some of the very best for promoting and earning commissions on.

Traffic Secrets. He will reveal to you the methods he uses for generating traffic to your site and offers. Methods such as SEO and PPC.

Since getting buyer traffic is something new affiliates tend to struggle with most, John spends a long time on this topic and speaks from many years of experience and success.

Making Sales. There is also the invaluable skill of closing sales and that is another entire section within the training. You will be taught sales tactics from basic to advanced based on John’s methods.

Running Your Own Website and Online Business. John will teach you a comprehensive amount about WordPress websites and running a sustainable SEO based business just like one of the formulas he follows himself.

This is a business that, if done correctly, eventually becomes more and more automated.

John even says that you don’t need to stop at his ambassador program or stay as just an affiliate all the time.  You are encouraged to move forward and eventually be something more independent – a Clickbank vender for example.

What Members Receive:

The image below details what members of the Ambassador Program receive.

Among John’s products is his Partner to Success coaching program which costs about $2,000. If someone purchases this through you the affiliate, you will earn about $1,000.

Top Benefits of this Program

Follow Proven Ways to Make Money. You will learn step by step how to generate leads using the methods of a highly successful marketer. If you follow the training, you should be able to make decent money.

Normally I’m not an advocate for high ticket offers, but there are people who will benefit from from this program and make good money with it. Personally, I think it does offer considerable value but mostly from the money point of view rather than the knowledge you get as a result of the training.

Well Structured and Easy to Follow. We all want something that teaches us something very important to be as straightforward as possible. You will find that the course is easy to follow and you don’t need to be especially experienced, although it may assume that you do know some basic terminology .

Secure. This program does work for those who follow what John says. Not only is it scam-free, but you also have the option to refund the product if it does not deliver what you expected. (The refund policy however, is due to Clickbank through which the program is sold, not John).

Below, you will get a glimpse of how the whole business model works. There is the potential to earn mid to high commissions using this program.

What Does It Cost?

To purchase this program you can either pay 12 months instalments of $49 per month, or you can go all in and buy it in one go. In which case you would need to pay $497. Personally, I much prefer a program that I can own for life once I purchase, rather than having a subscription with all those recurring rebills.

With the first option, you will end up paying more.

Pros and Cons of John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program


  • You will get step by step instructions to replicate a proven and successful business model.
  • Your coach can be trusted since he is one of the top ClickBank Affiliates who has created a MILLION Dollar Business
  • You learn a lot in the course but it is also very automated, eventually allowing you to work little and earn a lot.
  • The sales funnel system allows you to sell both medium and high ticket affiliate products.
  • You will learn one of the most crucial strategies in the online industry – Traffic Generation and Sales.
  • You will have access to a Done For You 99 day email follow up series.


  • The price can be daunting, especially if you are on a tight budget. (See here for a more affordable way to start an online business).
  • You will need to be online to use the program since there is not offline version.

My Overall Thoughts

In conclusion I would say that John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program is worth investing in if you don’t mind being his affiliate and just generating leads while he does all the telling and selling.

I do not think however that it should be your only source of income.

This is because if John decides to close shop, you’re paydays are over. (Not that I think this will happen in this particular case).

I think this would be good for someone who either already has another income stream or has a few and money to spare.

I would prefer it if the program taught you more about creating your own business rather than focusing so much on selling his product.  But that’s what it’s basically about – you working for him and getting rewarded.

That said, there is still a fair amount of informative value in the course. You are taught what to do to make money with his system and let’s face it, that’s what most people are looking for – a system that brings in money.

Do I think it’s expensive? It would be easy to say yes but if it does lead to good commissions, you’ll make that money pretty soon, with a lot more to come. Some people will go through the training and develop a knack for driving traffic to the offer.

There is also a cheaper route, but one where you’ll need to put a lot more work in. It is a training platform I myself use and prefer to most other courses because of the value of the training and resources, as well as the very positive and supportive community. Go here to check it out.

As always, I wish you the very best in your journey as an online entrepreneur!

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6 thoughts on “John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Review – The Good And Bad”

  1. Sounds Interesting but I’ still not sure abouta few things;

    1. What is the price?

    2. Does the program have a platform and network attatched? For example, I use the ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ Progra which is a Training Program buut also has a network of members you can interact with and support network with it. Does this offer anything similar?

    • Hello, well as stated in the article, the price is $497, but can be broken down into 5 instalments of $97.  

      There is a Facebook group where you can communicate with other members.

  2. Thank you, Dominic, for a detailed article on John Thornhill. He sounds like a genuine entrepreneur and cares for his fellow entrepreneurs. I like the concept of Learn Do and Teach. It becomes difficult when the help becomes the business in such a way it becomes too expensive to be helped. This program sounds great but it is quite costly for us newbies who are seeking help with our online business.

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity, it is worth looking into.


  3. This seems like it’s a legit program to help get a business started online but I do have a few questions:  Is this a program that helps me sell my own products or is it an affiliate marketing program to sell other companies’ products? Is it all digital products or does he cover the selling of physical products as well?  Is there a free trial?  I would be hesitant to pay almost $500 for a product that I can’t “test drive”.

    • Yes, I agree it’s a bit much, but you can get a refund remember.  Yes, it is mostly digital products that you are encouraged to sell but he has many good reasons for this. 

  4. Honestly I have not heard of John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program so far so I can not say if it is good or not. If something new and useful can be learned and earn of that knowledge I certainly support it. About the price we can debate whether something is expensive or not, people are different and value knowledge differently. I will certainly explore the details of the program.


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