The Key for How to Make Daily Progress With Your Blog

Welcome to Affiliate Knowledge Base. In this article I’m excited to share with you my secret: The key for how to making daily progress with your blog! Ever struggled to make progress on a daily basis with content creation? You’ve come to the right place.

Long after I decided that blogging was something I wanted to do as an affiliate marketer, I still struggled a lot to simply get down to work. It was such a frustration and my progress was terribly slow.

Eventually, I came up with the 10 & 20 blogger’s rule for daily progress. For me this was a real life changer, enabling me to skyrocket the success of my online business!

A Video Explaining How to Make Daily Progress With Your Blog – My Secret:

Two Key Factors of Blogging:

In blogging, you need roughly TWO things:

  1. Research
  2. Content creation

Okay, there’s a lot that goes into running a blog. But if we narrow it down to two key points, I would say you need research, which is what you usually need to do before you write anything down. And actual writing, or content creation.

I had been making the mistake of expecting too much of myself when it came to getting down to the actual work of blogging.

For example, I wanted to write an article a day. But a good blog article that is SEO friendly and all the rest is about 2000 words long and you need to do your research before you dive into the writing.

It was like there was this phycological barrier to actually applying myself to the work and I think that barrier was simply me setting the bar too high and as they say, ‘if you ask too much, you get nothing.’

And that was the reality. I was asking too much and often ending up with nothing being done. I mean, I thought what’s the point in starting, only to do a little bit and leave it unfinished and not know when I’d be back to complete the article.

Or why not wait until there’s a better time, or a time when I’m more in the mood.

Well, that proved to be a hopeless approach. There was no structure. There was some structure in my head, but it wasn’t being followed through.

Another goal was to get four articles done in a week. But that still didn’t work for me. There were distractions, putting it off, believing I had to sit down for long sessions when I wasn’t quite feeling it or had other things on my mind.

There was essentially no daily commitment to the blog.

The 10 & 20 Blogger’s Rule for Daily Progress

Then one night as I lay down, having achieved nothing on the blog that day, I said to myself, I’ve got it! I need a smaller goal to meet on a daily basis: 10 minutes researching and studying my niche and 20 minutes actually writing content.

These two things could be done at separate times but I had to get that much done every single day. That was the deal.

I was excited at the thought of actually making daily progress. I also knew that if I was meeting this daily goal, it was likely that I’d often, if not usually go beyond the time limit and thus make even more progress.


Finally, I was a daily blogger, making daily progress on my site! The whole business felt so much more real because of that daily grind, that daily clocking in.

I felt so much better about myself, I had more hope, I had a real business. I could look back and see a steady increase in it’s growth.

Removing the Psychological Barrier

For me, the phycological barrier was removed simply by giving myself a much smaller goal. Smaller but consistent.

And as I predicted to myself, once I got rolling with this one little blogger’s rule strategy, I found that I was doing more work, more research and even building up the YouTube channel.

Now, maybe you’re not at that level where you are often not getting anything done at all on your blog. Maybe you haven’t even started blogging yet, or maybe you’re doing okay but you’d still like to be doing more, getting more content out there. Whatever the case is, there is always a small goal you can set yourself to propel your blog forward.

It all comes down to the power of setting that very achievable goal for yourself.

Let’s unpack that a bit more – it’s calculated to be an incredible source of productivity.

The Power of “Just a Little” at a Time

The thing about blogging, especially if you are going to monetise it and intend it to be your business, is that you are your own boss.

That sounds good right? One of the difficulties however is this: you’re probably going too easy on yourself. You may be your own boss but are you a good boss to yourself? How do you handle being behind the wheel of your own business? How self-disciplined are you?

A typical boss will work you 9-5, every work day. That’s a lot of work and who would commit to it if it was possible to do less and still get paid? Pretty much no one right? Unless you are a full blown workaholic.

And what can happen is that although you want to get loads done, somehow you just don’t. Because it’s harder than you might imagine to just keep going, to keep clocking in and getting into that daily grind.

Now a planner is also a well known way to make progress with any home business project including blogging. But what I found with that is that still, there’s no minimum or maximum time limit. I could have a blog post planed ahead of time, no problem. But how long does that take? What’s my timeframe? How long is the article supposed to be? When do I do the preparation and research? That could take as much time, if not longer than writing the post itself.

So for me, it still wasn’t enough to really get me to work consistently.

The brainstorm as I said, was literally to do something everyday rather than nothing. With just a little at a time, everything changed for the better.

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