Online Entrepreneur Ideas | Building Digital Assets

Hello! And welcome to my article on some of the best and easy to implement online entrepreneur ideas!

To be an entrepreneur, you need have or create assets; things that are your own and that you have gradually built up over a period of time.

Another word for asset as you know, is property. In the online world, you can build what is called digital property.


Some Examples.

Examples of assets that are your own could include a website, a YouTube channel, an ebook, a course, a digital product, a supply of physical products, an email list, a large, targeted social media following, a proficiency in some skill that you can use to sell as a service to others, and so many other things besides!

Let’s take a look at some of the proven and popular ways you can use your passion and creativity to make money online as an entrepreneur.

We are going to be looking at something specific that you love and are good at, or at least potentially good at as an individual, and we are going to turn this love, passion and energy into an online business that allows you to create passive income for years to come! Let’s go!

The ideas below are going to become your assets. Once you go with some of these ideas and take action on them, you will have the power, the materials and the assets to make money.

The Best Asset – Your Own Website

Okay, let’s start with something fairly fundamental to an online entrepreneur: a Website. There is so much you can do with a website and so many ways you can use it to generate revenue.

Let’s explore some of the things you can achieve with a website and how many sub-assets you can build from it.

  • Share with others your knowledge and passion about a particular interest.
  • Promote affiliate products within your blog articles
  • Use Google Adsense to display ads on your website and get paid by Google
  • Generate organic traffic and passive income through consistent content creation
  • Use your blog posts as core material to produce an ebook (an audio and/or physical version are also possible)
  • Use your website content as inspiration for a YouTube channel
  • Promote your YouTube channel on your blog (and visa versa)
  • Use your blog content as core material to put together an online course
  • Use the revenue from your website to invest in ad campaigns
  • Use your site to build an email list

As you can see, a website is a great place to begin. And don’t worry about the writing aspect since the key is to turn something you already love to talk about and communicate with others about, into a blog.

And remember, that everyone communicates through writing these days. We are always on our phones, typing things out to friends, family and people we know. A blog post is just more of the same stuff, but with a bit more structure and perhaps more depth.

Let’s break this down into some actionable steps.

Step 1. Build Your Website. To build your website you can go to trustworthy service such as Blogger, Wix or WordPress and fill in your details. It won’t be long before you have the basic structure of a site created.

If you want to be helped along the way by lively online community and led through the process with expert training in both video and written format, I would suggest you give Wealthy Affiliate a go and at least set up your free account with the starter membership. This is the best online training platform for anyone getting into blogging as a way of building an online business. Websites can be confusing if you go at it all by yourself.

Step 2. Choose a Niche. Okay, you have just created a website and now you need to produce content around something that really interests you.

Let’s say you’ve chosen to build a site around Drones. Now you need to share the knowledge you’ve acquired about drones through blog posts. Make sure to use a good keyword research tool so that your site will rank on search engines and generate traffic.

Step 3. Become an Affiliate. While you are still building up your new website, make sure to sign up as an Affiliate for products within your chosen niche. Every now and then, embed your affiliate links into your blog posts, promoting the relevant products, such as DJI Drones and accessories. You would just need to head over to their official website and sign up as an affiliate there.

Step 4. Sign up with Google to Display Ads on your Site. With a Google Adsense account, you should eventually be able to place ads on your site, provided it has a good bit of traffic coming to it on a regular basis. Each time someone clicks on one of your ads, you will earn revenue from Google.

Step 5. Use your Blog as Material for a Book. Okay, you may not have a mind to produce a book on drones, but hey! If you already have so much quality content already written down on your blog, this can serve as the base work for a book!

The easiest way to start is with an ebook. You can then go on to produce an audio version and then maybe even get a physical copy published! Then you’d be an author! How awesome is that?! What’s more, this book is now going to be another feather in your hat! Another asset for your business. Check out this article on Where to Sell eBooks Online!

Step 6. Start a YouTube Channel. If you’ve ever wanted to start a YouTube channel but been at a loss for where and how to begin, well, just use your website for inspiration! And with the amount of content you produce on your website, you will never be short of subject matter for your YouTube channel.

You can also promote the same things through your channel as you do on your website. Add to this the fact that you can drive more traffic to your site through referring the traffic that comes to your channel, to your website. It works both ways: on your site, you can have an image, a caption and link to your YouTube channel.

So far, we’re really starting to see how you can turn an interest of yours into a cool, fun, money-making online business! How exciting is that?!

For more information and guidance on running a YouTube channel, see our article on What’s the Best Ways to Make Money Online.

Step 7. Create an Online Course. With all your resources, a website, an ebook, a YouTube channel etc. you are now well-equipped to build your own online course. Once you have created it, you can sell it on sites such as Udemy and Skillshare, as well as your website and YouTube channel.

For more information about how to create an online course and what software options are available and recommended for you to use, see this article on Small Home Business Ideas.

Step 8. Run Ad Campaigns. Once you start to generate revenue from your blog you should be able to start running ads. I especially recommend Bing/Microsoft Ads. These are far more affordable than Google Ads.

And if you’re still new to it, it is wiser to start on a cheaper platform before you gain the experience and confidence to tackle Google Ads. Again, there is a very comprehensive, easy to follow module within Wealthy Affiliate for this.

Step 9. Use Email Marketing. If you have been following some or all of these steps, you should have the experience and the website traffic to start email marketing. If you are using WordPress for example, you will be able to create a pop-up for when people land on your website. This is to capture their email and you will need provide some kind of incentive to get their email address.

You will also need an autoresponder such as Aweber, GetResponse or Mailchimp. I personally like the simplicity and affordability of Aweber, plus the fact that your first 500 subscribers can all go be part of your Free account. Once you have more than 500 you’ll need to upgrade to Pro which is only $16.50/month

For a faster and perhaps more efficient way to build an email list, see this article on How to Build an Email Subscription List for your Business.

Content, Growth, Assets!

The process we’ve been exploring is based around your website. It’s an example I chose because I know it works and I certainly recommend it.


It’s a simple step but not an easy one: content! That’s the building blocks of your online business; content, content, and more content! It doesn’t have to be very good content at the beginning. It’s all going towards a glorious end. You learn on the job, you learn by doing, you learn almost without noticing it.

A business built from your own doing, your own content is all yours; it’s powerful, it’s long term, it eventually gives you the credibility and authority to have a significant presence online.


As we’ve seen, it all starts with content, and once you as a business start to really grow, you will be ready to either do more of the same thing, such as add to your existing website or create another one, or start creating assets and expanding your business in the other ways we have seen above.


With enough content and revenue, you can add all those other assets to your business as outlined above. But there are more things besides. You could even hire other affiliates, other bloggers, other content creators for your business. The possibilities go on and on!

Leave some of your thoughts below if you enjoyed this article and found it inspiring. And share your own ideas!

Wishing you every success in your online business pursuits!


10 thoughts on “Online Entrepreneur Ideas | Building Digital Assets”

  1. I think anyone who participates online should have their own website. Unfortunately, so many people still find the whole idea of having their own website completely foreign and beyond their capability. So instead, they will waste their talents on contributing to Facebook when they could actually be making something of them.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you.  People do tend to assume that a website is beyond them when in fact it really isn’t. It is also a far more fulfilling way to do business! 

  2. Hi there

    Great article.

    I agree that we are able to turn our PC and the internet into an asset that could earn a passive income.

    I like all the different options that you have included such as a blog and then use that for advertisements, a book or a course.

    I like the different things you suggest to help build the business such as Aweber and Jaaxy.

    best wishes


    • Thank you Sheen, yes!  There are actually so many ways to expand an online business once we have got it rolling!  

  3. Hi Dominic
    Thanks for sharing your views on the Online Entrepreneur Ideas and building digital assets. Creating digital assets on the website is an excellent idea which can be very much useful in the years to come. Though it is a slow process but very much rewarding. Some people purchase domains with impressive names and sell them at a premium in future. Your blog gave many such ideas.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Thank you Gaurav!  Happy to hear you enjoyed the article.  It’s a great thing to be able to branch out with an online business and do more and more things with it.  

  4. I’d have to agree with your list – these options are definitely the most well-researched and most suitable for entry-level marketers. Having your own website and then utilizing many different income opportunities is something very powerful.

    Many experienced folks have mentioned ideally not to use Google AdSense along with affiliate links. Would you agree with that? 

    • Good points Julius.  Thanks for the feedback and also for the heads up about using Google AdSense with affiliate links.  I had read in a few places that it could be done but now you mention it, I’ve done some more research and sure enough, it’s not the most wise option.  I should clarify that in the article.

  5. What is you have an affiliate program that gives you a ninety day notice for commissions?

    As a general rule of thumb, how long should you wait to sign up for affiliate programs? Which ones?

    Would each chapter of the ebook need to be an extended version of the blog post(s)?

    Is it okay to not start a new YouTube channel but rather add on to a pre-existing channel?

    What are some incentives to encourage users to join the email list?

    How do you display ads on your site if you have already been accepted?

    Above all, I find this post extremely thorough, comprehensive, and thorough. I feel inspired to look back at this post as a source of innovation, capital building, and investment into a greater future. Thanks!

    • I’m not sure about a program that gives a ninety day notice for commissions?

      I would join an affiliate program after researching it thoroughly which could take a few days to a week.

      With the ebook, chapters can be as long or short as you want.  It depends on how lengthy your average post it.  I would probably change a few things and perhaps extend some of the chapters, yes.

      You could start a new channel if your existing one is in a different niche.  But if you already have one in another niche, maybe just focus on monetising that one.

      You could tell users that they can be notified when more awesome content comes out, or offer them a free copy of an ebook from Resell Rights Weekly.  

      I don’t use AdSense but they can be placed in-between paragraphs or on the sides like widgets.  

      Thank you for your appreciation of this article! 


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