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Hey there. Welcome to my Partner With Anthony review. I want to share with you what Anthony Morrison’s program PWA, is all about, how it’s designed to help you make money but also about the issues I personally have with it after signing up to his webinar and later doing my own research on the PWA program.

It’s a tempting offer I think, for beginners that is; for those looking into ways to make money online and if possible to make that money in an easy and fast way.

Oh, and that fee of $7 also looks like signing up is a no brainer!

But really, this isn’t something I’d recommend, especially not to newbies and I’ll be getting into why that’s the case in a bit.

I run my own online business that I do not have to invest much money in.

This stuff can be learned without it costing you a fortune and my number 1 recommendation has been going since 2005 and is a great way to get into affiliate marketing as a way to make money online.

With that said, let’s get into this review.

Partner With Anthony Review – Summery

Product Name: Partner with Anthony

Product Type: Lead generation and affiliate marketing program

Creator: Anthony Morrison

Cost: $7 or $97 one time fee, plus traffic costs and extra upsells

Recommended? No

Anthony Morrison is a well trained marketer and it is possible to make money with his system. For me, he came across as very self-promotional which is okay so long as what you promote is of good value.

But I think he is showing people a way to help him make more money while they make money as well but at a high cost if they really invest in the program. The small entry fee isn’t going to be enough to make money with PWA and I people aren’t exactly made aware of that from the outset.

Alternative? Yes.

I think there is a better and more affordable way to make money online where you will be able to build your own business in a niche of YOUR choosing, not be pressured into promoting someone else’s business as in the case of PWA.

100% Free to Test Drive – No Credit card required

Partner With Anthony Review – How Does PWA Work?

PWA is essentially a program that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Now those are big, in-depth things to get into. But the focus in this case is learning how to promote Anthony’s products, with a special emphasis on promoting the PWA program.

That’s why it’s called Partner with Anthony. When you make money, he makes money, so you are a team.

In the webinar there’s a lot of talk about money and how wealthy you can become by partnering with him.

Inside the program you will be given 30 lessons ranging from the benefits of being an affiliate to email marketing; building your list and sending your leads through sales funnels.

The $7 entry fee is like a sort of gateway to all the other stuff that he recommends later on.

To promote successfully according to Anthony’s methods, you need Clickfunnells which is known to be on the expensive side at $97/month to $297/month.

Besides that you need an email autoresponder such as GetResponse or Aweber. These will also cost you monthly fees.

Plus he offers you a total of 8 upsells! Most of these are his own programs.

And there is the cost of paid traffic and domain hosting as well.

One product he recommends, Mobile Opt in, comes close to a cost of two grand.

Anthony teaches you to use Solo Ads which I have many problems with from both research and experience.

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When I realised this, I could see that this program is focused a lot on getting you to buy stuff and spend a lot of money.

And I just didn’t see enough value in it for money, especially as I’ve said, there are better ways in my opinion to make a living online.

Video Review of Partner With Anthony

Who is Anthony Morison?

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison is a fairly well known internet marketer and the producer of many programs that are meant to help others follow his own methods and make money online.

His most notable program is Partner With Anthony (PWA).

He has brother is also an online entrepreneur. But he got into Dropshipping while Anthony went for affiliate marketing.

A bit like John Cristani, he is known to be very self-promotional and has many courses, all of which are primarily about making him money, with the help of others who buy his stuff.

That being the case, Anthony does not have a good reputation by a long shot. Some even say he is a scam guru.

Building a good relationship with your audience is essential to a business. And your reputation is important.

You want to be able to build trust and respect throughout your career. Unfortunately, there are many internet marketers who don’t care so much about all that and are basically just after the money.

I remember his “live” webinar and his dog interrupted him so he made a joke and said it must be live otherwise that would have been edited out.

Turns out it’s always the same webinar. It’s not live and he creates false scarcity to pressure people to buy before it’s too late.

Who is Partner With Anthony For?

PWA seems to be aimed more at newbies. That’s how I see it anyway. Most newbies want someone to show them a simple and quick way to make money online.

Anthony claims to provide that with PWA. He offers training on setting up funnels and email campaigns.

Then he recommends people to send traffic from solo ads to the offers which are all his programs.

PWA could also be for those who are more experienced and want to make extra money.

But I’d say it’s a lot more of an attraction to those who are new in the game. Those who are more experienced would probably be less likely to sign up for something like this.

Do Many People Make Money With Partner With Anthony?

It’s hard to see how many people would make much money with this system. If you’re already spending money on all the other services needed to start promoting, plus the solo ads, getting a profit seems more of a challenge than Anthony would like you to believe.

In fact, if you look on the Facebook group and elsewhere online, you’ll find very little claims and evidence that students of PWA are making good money.

From what I’ve seen, it’s really hard for me to come to any other conclusion than that most people who try PWA as a means of making lots of money in a short time will end up disappointed.

Can you make money with it? Sure! Is it easy? The process is easy enough, yes, but getting good results, well, that’s another thing. I would say most people do not get good results and that many end up losing their money rather than making profit.

This system is quite similar to other products I’ve revied.

While there is affiliate/email marketing training for a good price, I still think that PWA is too much like an MLM program.

The idea with Multi Level Marketing (MLM) systems is that you buy the program and then start promoting it to others straight away.

It’s not about the value in the program but about being able to sell it to others who in turn are encouraged to get more people signed up to the same thing. So you’ve just got a potentially valueless program being bought and sold so that we all get rich quick together.

The problem with these systems is that they have a tendency to hit a road block and then everyone in it experiences their “business” come crashing down.

It also has the problem of brining a bad reputation down on the creator and his or her followers/promoters.

But we’re not here to go into all the issues that exist with MLM programs and pyramid schemes.

Is Partner With Anthony A Scam?

I don’t think it’s technically a scam, no. The reason I say this is because for $7 you do get a decent amount of video training from Anthony on promoting products as an affiliate.

So if you know what you’re doing, you could benefit from learning what Anthony has to teach inside the PWA program.

30 lessons for $7 isn’t bad so long as you’re smart enough to leave the rest. There’s no need to go along with all the pressured advice to jump into all the upsells and extra things.

Now what is problematic is Anthony’s lack of transparency on the sales page about backend costs and his questionable marketing tactics, like telling you that you need to hurry up and buy into the system before it’s too late. False scarcity essentially.

He is also fixated on you helping him make money by becoming a marketer of his products. All he’s really offering is the opportunity for you to help him make more money by sending traffic which you have to pay for, to his digital products, especially PWA.

And unless I see new, updated evidence of this working for the average student, I think it’s just not trustworthy or an ethical approach to affiliate marketing.

Pros – What I Like About PWA

Probably the best news about PWA is that it does have a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the program, you can get your money back. Although by that point you may have bought into several upsells and blown money on solo ads, but anyway, that’s that.

Next up, I like how it’s possible as I said above, to learn the marketing tactics which he uses via the video walkthrough tutorials, all for only $7. This of course includes learning about the use of paid tools and services like ClickFunnels, autoresponders and solo ad traffic.

Cons – What I Don’t Like About PWA

I don’t like how Anthony gives us a very hyped up sales page and offers loads of talk about making money and all the money he has made, etc. but without telling you how much you’ll really need to spend to “attempt” to make money.

I don’t like how he creates false scarcity.

I don’t like how he isn’t honest about his webinar being live when it isn’t and there’s no hurry to buy any of his stuff.

I also don’t like how he has so many courses including PWA which are all focused on making him richer and the chances are, statistically, that you will get poorer while he gets richer.

I’m really not a fan of teaching newbies things like email marketing and solo ads. Email marketing is more for advanced marketers and solo ads are notorious for not delivering results.

Finally, I don’t like how Anthony is an advocate for leading people down the DFY/get-rich-quick road of business.

Overall, I see way too many Red Flags with this program to invest in it or recommend it to others.

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Are you hear to learn a better way to make money online? If so, read on a little further.

A Better Way to Make Money Online

I think there is a better way to make money online. One that will give you much more value for money and much more comprehensive training on affiliate marketing and getting free organic traffic to your business.

The program I’m talking about is Wealthy Affiliate. After wasting so much time and money on crappy get-rich-quick schemes and DFY systems, I finally came across WA which showed me the real way to succeed in this business.

Here you can read a page linking to 70 success stories from Wealthy Affiliate members. 90% of these are not from promoting WA itself.

It teaches real marketing, not just things like getting an offer and promoting it with solo ads.

It’s a far more advanced and enjoyable way to run an online career.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can:

  • Learn to build a business in a niche YOU love and that helps other people
  • Build a website or multiple websites with included hosting
  • Learn keyword research and use the included research tool, Jaaxy
  • Enjoy the company and help of other community members in a family like atmosphere
  • Be in control – you don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself
  • 27/7 live help and website support and backup from experts
  • Weekly live updates
  • A Free membership with a Free website and first part of the training so you can test drive the program for yourself
  • Your own WA blog to share thoughts and updates with the community
  • And more!

I hope this post has been useful to you and that if you don’t think PWA is for you, perhaps you will join me today inside Wealthy Affiliate! Wishing you the best of luck going forward.

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