Passive Profit Pages Review – Exposing the Truth

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In this review of Passive Profit Pages, I’ll be sharing with you in detail what I’ve learned about this program and why I definitely do not recommend it as a way to make money online with affiliate marketing, which is what I teach on this website.

Like many similar products of this nature, Passive Profit Pages starts off with an overhyped sales page, telling you that you could make $1,000 today with this system, plus much more in time to come, and that you need to hurry up because you have 19 minutes to go ahead before you lose your place in the queue.

Be assured there’s no time limit and there’s no ‘limited spaces available’ for a digital product that you can buy from ClickBank and download whenever you feel like it.

So, no, I will not be promoting this product in this review but I will be recommending something far superior which comes with a free membership to try things out.

Let’s first get a summary of Passive Profits Pages and then a more detailed review.

Brief Overview of: Passive Profit Pages

Who is the creator of Passive Profit Pages?

The producer of this product simply goes by the name Bill, but doesn’t show himself. For me this is already a red flag.

How much does Passive Profit Pages cost?

$17 along with the option of 3 upsells.

What’s it about and how does the program work?

Essentially, this is a program that provides you with pre made blogs, 5 in total. These sites promote products from Clickbank so you need to enter your Clickbank ID in order to get started and chose one of the 5 websites, each of which is in a different niche and already built.

In theory, you are supposed to send traffic to your website using solo ads, (these sits are hopeless for SEO as we’ll get into further on) and then make ‘tons of money’ online passively.

That’s the idea, but as I’ll be showing you, this system does not deliver even close to what it promises and is loaded with problems, besides just being low quality in general and very difficult to be successful with as I see it.

My Ranking for Passive Profit Pages: 1 out of 10

Do I Recommend Passive Profits Pages? No!

My first problem with this kind of program is that it claims, like so many others to be a ‘done for you’ system – an approach that very rarely works when you weigh everything up and all the money and risk involved.

I always tell people not to look for the tempting, so called ‘easy’ approach when it comes to affiliate marketing and making a living online. Instead, I encourage them to adopt a more authentic, reliable business model that requires interest, learning, time and honest work. There is huge potential for scalability for this kind of formula.

An Alternative? Yes.

From the knowledge and experience I’ve gained of so many different programs and methods of affiliate marketing, the most competent and reliable formula in my opinion, that’s not a ‘get rich quick scheme,’ and that has a great many success stories, is the Wealthy Affiliate formula – (free to try). While a slower approach than most others and also a very rare and affordable program, you will be shown all about how to build your own affiliate website, from the ground up, in a niche you love, with limitless potential moving forward. Right, that being said, let’s get back to our review.

Passive Profit Pages: Comprehensive Review

Red Flags you can spot on the Sales Page before buying the Product:

If you follow a link to the sales page for Passive Profits Pages, you will find a statement at the top of the page telling you about making money today ($1,000) and down below a counter, telling you that you have 19 minutes to purchase before your position in the queue is pushed back – complete nonsense! Just refresh the page after any amount of time and it will say the same thing. It’s a basic and common marketing tactic to apply pressure and prevent you from thinking logically. But in this example, it’s just so blatant that it made me laugh.

Anyway, in the middle of the page, there’s a video where this random guy, Bill talks about the program. By the way, you never get to see Bill himself. Go to the sales page or even try Googling this entity – you won’t find him.

Besides telling you about how he and other members are making huge amounts of money, he begins a story about how he used to be running a coffee shop but it went out of business. However, someone (I think he said it was a former customer) one day told him about internet marketing. Then, without much explanation, he says that from there, he began to make money online and wanting to help others, he created Passive Profits Pages and that it is a secret to making lots of money fast with minimal work. He says it’s such a low price because of his wish to help others out. Humm. I’ve heard that line before more than once from other creators of what I deem to be low quality, and low value affiliate programs.

Well, I was able do identify roughly 3 Red Flags from all this:

  1. Lots of hype about making easy, fast money with hardly any work, but without going into any substantial detail on exactly how this works or what you’re supposed to do to get these kinds of results. If you see this tactic, and believe me, it’s very common with these kinds of programs, beware; you can’t afford to be someone who believes everything they hear, especially in this industry.
  2. According to other reviewers of Passive Profit Pages, there are fake testimonials in the sales video. One such man, claiming to have made $200,000 could clearly be identified on Fiverr under a gig stating ‘I will record a spokesperson video in full HD.’ (See image below). There are various random people making crazy income claims while the Disclaimer (if you buy into the product) warns in 3 places that there is zero guarantee of any results.
  3. Fake “minutes expiring” thing which we have already mentioned.

Misleading Pitch and Hidden Upsells

Passive Profit Pages comes at a base price of $17. Bill tells you in the sales page that his system is All you need to make big money and succeed online.

However, what he doesn’t mention a word about in that sales page is the extra 3 upsells. But he wants you to buy the program first, thinking that it is all you need to make the kind of money he talks about, and after that he promotes other things, all costing a lot more than the base price and so effectively, he invalidates what he just said in the sales page which was that his system (for only $17) is All you need.

Again, I have seen this many times before. A sales page which is very hyped up and tells you to buy into a program that is remarkably cheap because the owner wants to help you succeed. And not only is it cheap but it is All you need for success and there are limited spaces available… whatever that means. Then, typically, after you purchase, you are strongly encouraged to buy other upgrades, (if you really want to succeed) amounting to $100s.

And so we can see more red flags, this time after buying the product.

How does Passive Profit Pages Work?

After you pay the $17 for the product and get access to the members area, this is what happens:

Firstly, let’s assume you skipped the upsell pages. You will then be given the tool as shown below:

This may appear rather complicated, so let’s break down exactly how it works:

  • To get started you will need to sign up to Clickbank and become an affiliate.
  • Once you have your Clickbank affiliate ID, you will need do enter this into the members area.
  • You then select one of the 5 passive profit pages, such as ‘Affiliate.’
  • This will be your site, so you don’t need a website of your own for this, but you will need to create a title or name for your site and also a domain.
  • Once this is done, your page will be automatically built for you and will include articles, links, various banners etc.
  • To make money, you will need to send traffic do this site which will promote various Clickbank offers to visitors.
  • One of the traffic methods recommended by the program is solo ads from Udimi.

Sounds easy? Here’s the issues you should be aware of:

A big problem I have with this kind of system is that you are buying a site that has exactly the same content as every other customer who buys Passive Profit Pages. Only the site name and affiliate links are different. Now this means we have a huge SEO problem on our hands:

Duplicate content does NOT rank in search engines: this means NO organic traffic.

So you’re sending traffic to a website that’s never going do rank on Google? Who wants that kind of website? It’s duplicate content, it’s fairly dated, it’s not well organised (you’ll find missing pictures spam links in the comment section and broken links) and just really isn’t great quality in my opinion.

For me, it’s very hard to imagine this kind of site making sales. People don’t usually buy just because you send them to a site like this. And even if you make a sale which I believe would be surprising, you’re still probably not making profit because you’ve had to buy the solo ad traffic just get a bunch of people to visit the site.

So the issues really are that the owner doesn’t show himself and isn’t transparent, there’s too much hype talk, followed by upsells, no proper training on affiliate marketing, the site doesn’t rank, but requires paid traffic and is generally low quality and not likely to produce conversions, let alone solid income.

What I will say is that Clickbank does have a good refund policy, (60 days in this case) which is one of the things I do like about Clickbank.

Also, you are able to edit the content etc. of these pre made sites. However, the average person won’t necessarily know what they’re doing since no training on this is provided by the program.

Concluding thoughts on Passive Profit Pages:

Although it would be possible to edit the pre written articles and make them better, it’s still a site I wouldn’t trust to rank in organic search. And again, running and editing a website isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Since the focus of this program is based on the ‘done for you’ idea, it’s not the kind of thing you can expect to get good website training from.

Nevertheless, they are apparently bringing in ‘new training’ at a later date. But with the issues I’ve discovered so far with this program, I’m not too stoked about what’s still to come.

With so many holes in the system, I just wouldn’t buy into it, and am reminded of similar over-hyped programs:

These programs have a lot in common with each other, but essentially, they get you as excited as possible by the product, but fail to deliver the results you were hoping for.

To succeed with affiliate marketing, you need solid training and honest work:

People have this idea that affiliate marketing is all about the cop out from work strategy. They often rely on done for you systems or look for easy, fast ways to make money in this business.

Now, this not only makes you look bad and spammy to most people, but generally just leads from one problem to another, where you waste money and never learn anything really valuable.

The fact is that affiliate marketing isn’t easy to do on your own. It requires proper training and consistent effort, as well as learning on the go and eventually gaining a lot of hard-earned experience.

Here’s a much better way for you:

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