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Persevering with affiliate marketing is the only real key you need if you’re worried about success. By persevere, I mean keep following your plan, the goals you have set for yourself and the strategies you believe to work if only you can keep going.

If your strategy is good, why go off and change it to another method? This is something a lot of us marketers fall for in the beginning of our online career. We are all impatient for results, or at least tempted that way. We want success, even long term success in the form of revenue right now!  Or next week, or within a month.

Okay, look, most people who get into this just can’t do that.  And anyway, that really isn’t how this business works even though successful marketers will tell you that it’s not only possible but easy to go from absolutely nothing to 10k+ a month.

Nonsense!  There may be some elite few who can pull that kind of stunt off, but they do not represent the average person who sets out to achieve success online.

Work Now, Get Rewarded Later

For long term success with a career like affiliate marketing, there is a process that makes sense, is realistic and works.  Wanna hear it?  Okay, this is how it goes: we put in A LOT of work NOW and get paid LATER.

And when I say now, this could mean for several months to a year.  A bit like going to college before earning a lifetime salary.  This is the path to Passive Income.  We have to forget about the reward for the time being and concentrate on building assets, producing quality content, planning, learning on the go, all that.

And this is the great challenge; working hard with no hope of an immediate reward.  Well, at least no reward in the form of money, especially any significant money.

Unfortunately, those who are already experiencing success are often the kind of people that will prey on beginners instead of really helping them.

They know perfectly well that what sells well for beginners is ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes.  Make the money fast, have it in your bank by tomorrow and all that gibberish.

And so the newbies waste a huge amount of time and money trying to take the faster route, but only to be hit with the harsh reality that what they are doing doesn’t work, or at least does not work long term.

Isn’t it enough that there will be sustainable passive income for years and years to come after some honest, hard work in the beginning rather than trying to plug into someone else’s system or scheme but without ever really learning how to hold your own and properly understand affiliate marketing and how to generate sales from your own learning, experience and efforts?

They use words like, No Experience needed!  No Website!  No Videos, no this and no that…!  Wait, what?!  That is encouraging ignorance from the very start!  Keeping someone ignorant is a way to keep milking them, keep taking their money.

This isn’t the way to your dream.  It’s just giving money to someone else and hoping to see a profit.  It’s not independence or financial freedom.  The real way to passive income is to run the long mile and then have your reward a good bit further down the road.

The Question of a Niche

Choosing a niche is definitely a good idea for beginners. It helps prevent burnout. What does this mean? Your niche is what you base your content creation, your business on.

Some affiliates go for any niche, or one that they think will produce sales whether or not they have much interest or knowledge about it. The problem here is that it gets very hard to persevere with something like this.

It just isn’t easy to produce consistent, quality content around a niche you’re not into. Moreover, it can end up rushed and misleading, resulting in little or no sales.

You want to enjoy your work; you want to be able to put your heart into it and offer high quality, honest, well informed content around your chosen niche.As for getting eyes on your offers, when you consider that there are literally billions of potential buyers online every day, that shouldn’t be your primary concern.

There is always going to be a large enough target audience for you; in fact, larger than you need to make a successful full-scale business online.

But if you are someone who has learned how to run converting ads, it won’t hurt to promote offers that you are not especially passionate about.

You only need to produce an ad with perhaps a good quality landing page or bridge page. But even then, there are surely offers you can promote that you have bought yourself or that you are interested in and have learned about enough to make converting ads for.

Get Rid of Negative Thinking

There’s nothing more destructive than negative thinking. Constructively critical thinking is good and necessary to some degree, but in this case you can still be thinking positively, finding out what’s wrong, what’s lacking or what needs improving with your online business.

But running yourself down, believing you can’t do this, thinking you’ll fail is not only completely unhelpful and unrealistic, but leads to discouragement, inactivity and ultimately, failure.

I personally found that blogging was going to be my primary way to create an online business. I had to face facts when it was going too slow because I was in a niche that I thought would bring in sales but which I had no passion for. But instead of thinking I was doomed to fail through lack of progress, I put my motivation into a niche I was passionate about, even though it was a competitive niche.

I kept believing I could do this and decided I’d get rid of what didn’t help me and go after what did help and just keep doing that. This is how I became successful. I went with a positive attitude combined with persistence.

It All Comes Down to Persistence

The buzzword for success with anything and especially with an online business where results usually are anything but immediate, is Persistence! Persistence! Persistence!

And the good news is that this is not difficult to achieve when you are knowledgeable and passionate about your niche as we’ve seen above. Pick something you’re good at, a strategy that works and you are comfortable with and simply keep going with it.

Keep updating and improving your content. Keep going all in and following your formula. You will get better and learn as you go and this will continue adding to your experience level which is always a huge bonus to have in this industry.

My Own Method of Perseverance

My method for persevering was to go for a long-term strategy that I actually enjoyed.  I joined Wealthy Affiliate and have since enjoyed so much support and been able to interact with a super positive and enthusiastic community who are all of the same mind and share the same interests.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit way to start a serious, authentic business online.  You can get started with it today for absolutely Free if you are still struggling to find something that works and you are happy with.  There is a place in WA for everyone and for every niche.

They offer a very generous starter package and you always have the option to go Premium but in the meantime you get a free website and free in-depth, high quality training with action points to take at the end of each lesson.

All you need is a niche you like and you will really love your time in this online community.  As well as all the benefits of this platform which you can find here in my full Wealthy Affiliate review, I can become your personal coach and help you get off to a great start, make progress and persevere in your online career.

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