Profit Nucleus Review – A New Way to Be an Affiliate?

Hello and welcome to this Profit Nucleus Review. Maybe you’ve heard that the program Profit Nucleus is a new way to do affiliate marketing; a great way to make money from the comfort of your home?

Well kudus to you for doing your research because in this Profit Nucleus review, we’re going to be analysing this program in detail and see how well it stands up.

You can then make your own decision as to whether you think this is going to be a good investment for you or not.

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Overview of Profit Nucleus:

Product Name: Profit Nucleus

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Creators: Will Weatherly and Bill Hugal

Price: $9.97 with 4 upsells

Recommended? I do not recommend this program.

Already, by the low frontend fee, followed by multiple upsells, some of you will probably spot a red flag already. This program looks like low quality. Do you really want to invest $9.97 into an online business? Do you think that’s all it takes?

I’ll tell you right off the bat that if you are paying $9.97 to learn affiliate marketing, then you’ll get $9.97 worth of information which in my opinion, based on experience, is nowhere near enough.

But okay, let’s crack on with this Profit Nucleus review.

What is Profit Nucleus?

Profit Nucleus provides a step-by-step blueprint in video format for creating a hub for your online business.

If you don’t already have a business, there are some instructions on creating a blog and YouTube channel.

This is part of the training section on how to earn money online.

There are also 4 case studies that are designed to prove that the system works. Only problem is that he says 80% of the traffic you get should convert into sales, which given the method he recommends can’t possibly be true. More on that further on.

The idea of the hub is to give you better control of your business and to greatly increase the flow of traffic and sales.

Inside the Members Area

Inside the member’s area you will get access to the following:

  • Welcome and Members area orientation
  • Overview of the program
  • Case Studies & tracking
  • Niche selection & how to create bonuses
  • Nucleus Powerhouse, YouTube, and Blog
  • Email blasts to your Nucleus
  • Social Media Traffic to Nucleus
  • Hub Exit strategies
  • Profit Nucleus Set Up

The Case Studies teach 4 lead generation methods:

  • Ways to use Quora traffic
  • Ways to use video marketing
  • SEO for you blog and how to lay out reviews
  • Keeping track of sales

About the Creator

Really, the main creator for Profit Nucleus is Will Weatherly. He has created a few other programs and has a YouTube channel with 1.77k subs.

On his channel he posts reviews on a regular basis.

As far as his social media presence goes, he’s not very active. He has a Twitter post that goes back to 2018 and has tweeted nothing after that.

He is supposed to do coaching, but that isn’t easy to verify.

Base Price and Upsells

On the front end you’ll be looking at just under 10 quid. But add the upsells and suddenly, this turns into a product that’s just over $400!

Here are the upsells:

#1 Profit Nucleus Traffic Pro Edition – $27

With Traffic Pro, you’ll get more detailed case studies and further training on traffic methods and monetisation strategies.

#2 The Done For You Model – $47

Here you will have access to ready made tools including email swipes and marketing content templates.

#3 The 2X License Rights – $67

You get to sell and keep 100% commissions for Profit Nucleus with the Deal of the Day and another product called Profit Code with the full license rights offer.

#4 The Coaching Bonus – $197

This simply consists of an hour’s coaching with the creator of the program via zoom/skype. You also get ongoing support via email/skype.

Who is Profit Nucleus For?

He says it’s for beginners to affiliate marketing, as are a lot of cheap programs like this. It is easier to sell to someone new to the game, especially if your program is one of those that has a hyped up sales page, promising you lots of money in a short time with no experience needed and a low frontend fee and a bunch of upsells on the back end.

The training offers nothing new and there is an emphasis on Quora traffic which just isn’t a very effective traffic source in my opinion. So, you wouldn’t want to sell this kind of program to an advanced affiliate who knows what they’re doing.

Problems I See With Social Media Traffic

Many get-rich-quick schemes and DFY systems teach either solo ads, or spamming forums and social media as a way to get traffic to affiliate links.

With Profit Nucleus, there is training on leveraging Quora to get buyer traffic. Now there are some problems with that. It may sound like an easy traffic source but here’s a few points to keep in mind:

  • People don’t come to Quora with buyer intent
  • Quora isn’t a marketplace
  • The platform isn’t meant for affiliates to go dropping links
  • There is always a risk of getting banned from Quora for trying to sell to people
  • It’s arguably a lazy and spammy approach to reaching a targeted audience
  • There are better and more ethical ways to find your customers online

Add to this, he says you can expect about 80% to buy from you using this stragety of posting on Quora. But that data is wrong! There’s really no way you’d get that much success using Quora. It is generally unlikely that people will simply buy from you while visiting the Quora website because they aren’t usually there looking to buy something.

It takes time and you as the affiliate need to first build trust. But should a person trust an affiliate who is trying to use a question and answer forum to sell stuff? Seems a bit shady doesn’t it?

Now, you might make some money, sure, but really, this isn’t seriously a long term strategy that you can rely on in my opinion.

And I would say the same thing in regard to posting on other platforms such as Facebook and Redit.


  • The refund policy allows for a 30 day money back guarantee
  • You’ll get some very basic information on affiliate marketing


  • The training doesn’t offer anything new
  • It’s not enough for someone to succeed long term
  • There is a claim that you can get 80% of people to buy from you but nothing much to back it up
  • The sales page is misleading and overhyped
  • It promotes the get-rich-quick mindset
  • The upsells are expensive and not worth your money
  • Quora traffic is a poor approach to a marketing strategy

Is Profit Nucleus a Scam?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a scam because you’ll still get some small amount of value for your money.

I would however say this program is misleading and not a good way to go about making money online.

Wild claims, false hopes, lots of talk about quick, easy money. Similar to many other programs including some that I’ve reviewed previously such as:

But if you are here looking for a legit way to make money online, read on a little further!

The method I myself use is trusted and proven to work over a long period of time by a huge number of people.

It teaches you to get free, targeted traffic from Google using SEO.

You will be creating a business in a niche you like and providing real help to other people.

If this sounds more like your thing, then I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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