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Hello and welcome to our home business tips. This article, ‘sell your products instead of your time,’ is all about really getting you to open your eyes to the possibility of selling other people’s products online for money, instead of trading so much of your time for the same end.

If you’ve come here, you’re probably not a fan of your day job, (or night shift job) and you have asked yourself, ‘could I find another way to earn money?’

At a Crossroad

I’m here to tell you that yes, there are two business models here. There is stick it out at an ordinary job that only just covers your financial needs, and there is also a more creative, ambitious and potentially far more lucrative pursuit – affiliate marketing.

I know, it probably sounds either daunting and scary to go there, or else, it may sound easier than it really is.  But the first step here is to tell yourself that it’s okay to not want a “normal job” and to start doing things your own way.

That’s right, doing affiliate marketing, even in today’s society with so much potential on the internet, is still considered pretty radical, if not foolhardy.  But so what?  It’s really called ‘thinking outside the box.’  Believing you are worth more than a measly paycheck for so much of your time and doing something courageous and adventurous about it for you and possibly your family as well.

For so many people out there, it really is tough going, being tied down for so much of their time to a job that they are only sticking at for the payslip at the end of the week or month. Imagine the massive amount of quality of life they are sacrificing!

Sure, if a job is more meaningful and you love it that is a very different thing. But I’m talking about the more mundane kinds of jobs with many hours and low pay – things that are boring, repetitive, robotic, and believe me, the world is full of these kinds of jobs.

Now what if this is your situation and right now, and you simply aren’t qualified for a more engaging and exciting role? Or, you just can’t think of anything else that you want to do as an alternative.

Your Way Out

Well, there is a way out for you. It may not be immediate, unless you have enough money to sustain yourself without a job for the next while. The way out for you is to sell products to companies or other people and to do this without having to own these products yourself, and without having to sell so much of your precious time in order to do this.

So, you will have heard about affiliate marketing if you have ever looked into home businesses or researched how to make a full time income online, etc. That’s what you can use to replace your day job if you go about it correctly.

To do this, you won’t want to go for the “easy and fast” options out there because for one thing they’re usually not easy and fast methods when you really try them out, and secondly, they are not a sustainable way to build a business.

For example, yes, you might manage to find a digital product, go to its sale’s page, modify it and use editing software to have it include your affiliate links and then join a load of relevant Facebook groups and tell people that you have an ebook that helps out with their problems or needs. Sometimes your post might be approved and draw some traffic and other times the admins will catch on and reject you, but either way, that’s no way to run a serious, long term, business, let alone an ethical one.

You want a business that you enjoy working on, which means you’ll persevere with it, a business that’s fulfilling because again, you like it, and you are actually helping others with your knowledge and experience. And a business that’s sustainable long term.

So, in preference to the “get-rich-quick” approach, which is an illusion by the way, you will want to find a longer, but more solid method of affiliate marketing if you are really going to escape the grim, endless loop of a regular job.

All that being said, there are still some legitimate ways to run smaller kinds of internet based side-hustles.  But none of these will likely be able to replace a full time job.  However, you could run them alongside a more long term business which we are about to get into.

For these legit, smaller strategies, you can read my article on Small Home Business Ideas | 5 Legit Ways to Make Extra Money on the Internet.

Do it the Authentic Way – Other Strategies can Tag Along

Among the most authentic and sustainable ways to go about a self-employed career in affiliate marketing, where you can be your own boss, manage your own time and gradually generate passive income that will increase as your business grows, is to start with the foundation of an idea, or niche and your own website related to this niche.

When your site is sufficiently visible online, it will attract visitors – Free Traffic! That’s what you want. That’s a real online business. And once these visitors come, they will see your posts and your recommendations and your calls to action etc. Your website will be a place where, every here and there, you can recommend products as an affiliate.

This process may sound simple and yes, the overall strategy can be summed up in four steps: pick a nich, build a site, gain traffic, make sales.  However, there is plenty of learning and experience involved, all of which can get quite in depth and tricky if you’re not used to it. 

You can go with what you already know, but since this is a huge skill to master, you will hugely benefit from the right kind of training to actually get yourself to this amazing goal.

The program/online training community that really helped me to do this authentically and correctly can be reviewed and discovered here. Starter membership and training is all free with no credit card required.

This is going to be a great way to get you on your feet if you haven’t been in this industry before, and even if you have, the training is of a high quality and meant for experienced affiliates as well as beginners, with tons of written and video content.

As we’ve pointed out, once you are on track with a business like this on the way, you can always work on smaller strategies to generate extra income streams.  

This model of affiliate marketing will take a good bit of time to reach success with, but it is, as we’ve been saying, authentic, robust, and long term.  It may be something you have to work on when you have time off from your job.  But ultimately, provided you persevere with it, this is your way out and as we affiliates love to say, the way of financial freedom.

Leave some comments below, especially if this has been of some inspiration or help to you.  

[For a longer and more methodical walkthrough of starting an affiliate marketing business, see another blog post: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | Your Step by Step Guide]

Wishing you every success!

5 thoughts on “Sell Products Instead of your Time! | Home Business Tips”

  1. No matter our age we should never stop learning. Online marketing is an excellent vehicle to earn income instead of trading time for dollars working for someone. Passive income streams are a reality in the online world either full or part-time. All the best and thanks for this information.

  2. Affiliate marketing is so amazing and it has so many benefits, this business model can really bloom into a full-time business. The rewards in this business are there but you have to work hard and smart to accomplish this.
    Wealthy affiliate has the kind of training that can make this possible, the training at this community is so amazing and will help you to achieve your goals. I recommend wealthy affiliates to anyone who wants to live their dreams.

  3. Great post and agree that with you that affiliate marketing whatever niche you decide on has to be something that interests you. Will definitely require some perseverance but can be a great way to earn a passive income.

  4. Hi Dominic, Very well written I time is an asset that we really must try and find the best way to use. It’s almost 2 years for me and I am still struggling somewhat. A few quid from Adsense is probably my main catalyst at the moment but as I get more clicks, impressions and traffic that is also very helpful. I would probably say to people just keep going and improving things along the way and if they need to maybe look at a side hustle to help finance the costs if necessary. I think as long as you keep producing content that gets better then eventually the commissions should start to come. I know for some that this can happen pretty quickly especially with Amazon affiliates – you just have to stick at it I think till you can actually stand out from other people.

    • Hi. Thank you for this great bit of feedback and thoughts from your own experience. Yes, I think the hardest part of this business model is the long wait and no reward while the business is in the building process. But as you point out, it really is a matter of sticking to the formula and getting on with it, while also getting better at what you do. Onwards and upwards!


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