Simple Sites Big Profits Review – Will It Make You Money?

Simple Sites Big Profits by a guy who calls himself ‘the affiliate marketing dude’ is supposed to be a smart way to earn big profits.

Let’s take a look.

In this review, I’ll be talking about what the program claims, how it works and what it actually offers. You can then decide whether it suits you or not.

After studying it thoroughly, I have enough knowledge and experience to know that it is something that can make you money, although for reasons I’ll go into further on, I’m not a fan of Simple Sites Big Profits.

The program I use has been going steady since 2005 and is updated regularly. I think it is far more efficient at everything, including the feature of walking people through the process of building their own business online from the ground up.

Simple Sites Big Profits Overview

Name: Simple Sites Big Profits

Creator: Marcus Campbell

Type: Training program on building and monetising small sites

Price: $297 or 3 installments of $127. $777 for Fast Profit Plan

Recommended? Not really.

Simple Sites Big Profits will show you how to build small websites in niches that are rare but still worth targeting.

But there is a big focus on using PPC campaigns in order to drive traffic to these sites. PPC isn’t the best way to drive traffic, especially if you are new to online marketing.

I think it’s better to focus on getting organic traffic to your site, rather than paid traffic. I think paid traffic is something to invest in when you are already getting a good flow of traffic from SEO.

While this is taught as well in the program, I still think the price is too high and you can learn the same thing at a significantly lower cost elsewhere.

Marcus Campbell doesn’t have the best reputation in terms of helping his customers/students and he does not offer refunds on SSBP.

Alternative? Yes:

Video Review of Simple Sites Big Profits:

What Is Simple Sites Big Profits?

It is a training program where you are taught how to build small sized websites and monetise them using ad networks and affiliate links.

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It is said to be a good way to make money and the owner claims it works for him and that he wants to show others how to do it.

Normally, it will take some time, perhaps even a few months for a site to get a high ranking in the search results of Google but you can also drive traffic to a new site immediately if you use PPC.

Also, if the niche/micro-niche is well chosen, you can expect good rankings and probably in a relatively short time.

That’s what this program is about.

Who Is Marcus Campbell?

I’ve seen quite a bit of his stuff on YouTube and I did rather like Marcus Campbell. He has an interesting background and his channel, rather comically called ‘Affiliate Marketing Dude,’ has a subscriber count of 172K.

He went from being a magician to an online entrepreneur and nearly died of alcoholism somewhere along the way.

Anyway, Simple Sites Big Profits is something he created to help people make money online.

Unfortunately, his sales video goes on for an exhaustingly long time and a chunk of it consists in him telling us about the money he has made with the method he teaches.

I was interested in it however, and wanted to believe that it was a good product. But upon further research I discovered two things that worried me and actually put me off the guy.

Firstly, people complain that he’s barely responsive and often simply doesn’t answer when they try to contact him with queries about the product or when they need some kind of assistance.

He also sells it at quite a high price and with NO REFUND POLICY.

I’m mentioning these facts under the ‘About Marcus’ section because I think they are relavant to understanding what kind of person and marketer he is.

He’s a clever guy and no doubt, has plenty of valuable stuff to teach, but there were some pretty big disappointments for me when it came to how he treats his customers.

A 90 minute video, lots of talk about money and how he made money himself and leaving many people frustrated by taking forever to explain how his product actually works and then once people buy it, they often can’t get hold of him and are stuck with no option of a refund. You gotta admit, that’s bad.

But perhaps at this point in time his service has somewhat improved and after all, can it make you money?

Let’s look at how Simple Sites Big Profits works next.

How Does Simple Sites Big Profits Work?

When purchased, you will get access to the training where Marcus teaches you how to generate something like 5 small websites in a short time.

The sites won’t have a lot of content on them but will be in particular niches with carefully chosen keywords etc.

The idea is to find a niche that is low in competition, or that is less common than most but for which there is still relatively high search volume.

You then monetise these sites by affiliate links and ads. He shows you how to connect it to a display ad company who pay you for clicks on the ads.

In this way, you are supposed to be able to make money.

For me, it’s hard to believe that this would work well, let alone in a short time because it takes time to get good ranking on search engines. They are very clever these days and your sites need to gain some kind of trust.

But that is the basic idea of how Simple Sites Big Profits works.

What Does the Training Cover Inside SSBP?

Inside SSBP you will get training in written and video form that will cover:

  • Finding keywords
  • PPC and other traffic driving strategies
  • Finding good offers
  • Ad creation
  • Using Adsense
  • Building a site
  • Building an email list

There are more things as well that he teaches but these would be the main focus points of his training.

Also, there is a section called ‘Starting your Site with Little or No Money.’ But you need to pay the $297 to access this since it is part of the program.

Is Small Sites Big Profits a Scam?

Oh no, I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a scam. In fact, it’s actually quite a clever strategy in my opinion.

But whether it’s very effective in practice isn’t all that clear from the research I’ve done so far.

What I take issue with is the price, the hype, the long sales video and the reportedly rubbish customer service. Also, there are buyers of the product that have called SSRB a scam because they felt that they had been ripped off and couldn’t reach Marcus to resolve their problems.

There are some clear red flags, although as stated already, I don’t think this program qualifies as a scam since you do get a course with some sound training for your money.


  • Has some useful training on building an online business
  • It is possible to make money with SSBP


  • The price is too high for a strategy that isn’t original
  • There is very little support and many complaints about Marcus Campbell
  • No refund policy
  • No free trial
  • Overhyped sales page

Concluding Thoughts

While the program isn’t too bad, I would steer away from it due to things I’ve already mentioned like the price, the no refund policy and the poor customer service.

But, as to what is a good way to make money online, my top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. That is where I finally learned the real way to create an online business.

It takes time and work, plus you need a solid amount of quality training and help along the way to get there. WA provides all this and all the tools you need for this business, all in one.

It offers a free membership and 1 free website and if and when you decide to upgrade, the whole program with it’s two courses and all the tools costs no more than $49/month.

This is where I’m sure you’re money would be better spent and your time and efforts better invested as is the case with me and so many other of my friends over at Wealthy Affiliate.

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