Steps in Starting an Online Business | 4 Keys to Epic Success

Hello and welcome to this article where you will learn the four steps to starting a long term, successful online business. 

[This Atricle also features a video from WA.  Please see below.]

Firstly, I want to put before you that running your own online business is something that you should look at as a passion, a hobby, something you love doing and can find enjoyable and fun.  

You are going at it on your own terms, at your own pace, following your own ideas, albeit with some guidelines and training here and there.  This is something that is your own brand, your own goal setting and your own goal achieving adventure.  

This is not something that you should come into with the wrong approach.  Here, you will be shown how to make money online very authentically, the robust, tried and tested way that has always worked in the past and that has the roots of long term sustainability.  

In the online world of digital marketing, a core asset and perfect foundation is going to be a website.  This will be the cornerstone of your online business.  Build whatever else you want around this, but let the website be your foundation.  

Right, let’s have a look at what these 4 Steps in starting an online business are:

  • Find a Niche
  • Build a Website around this niche
  • Attract visitors
  • Earn revenue

So, here we are.  Before you even go ahead with your website, you will need to find a niche that is suitable for you.  

You niche should be:


  • Something you are interested in
  • Something you know about/have experience with
  • Something you love and can talk freely about 
  • Something you are prepared to keep researching

If you’re going to start a blog based around a particular niche which will target the kind of people who are looking for solutions to their problems in that niche, you are going to need to be interested enough in this particular niche yourself.

This niche should be something you know a good bit about and have a fair bit of experience with.  People are going to look to you for answers, for information, for recomendations, etc.  And you are going to be there for them; to help them out, to point them in the right direction.  This is going to be an online business that actually helps other people.  And that is very rewarding.

You will definitely need to love this niche as well.  You shouldn’t be taking on a niche which you are half-hearted about or have no interest in much at all. 

There are numerous significant problems with this, including how you will not come across as particularly competent to your readers, which will lead to less conversions. 

You will not be producing content that is high quality because you will be really struggling to fully invest your energy and time into it on a regular basis.  Worst of all, it is very likely that you will not persevere. 

Unless someone else is over us and monitoring us, like a boss, it is extremely difficult for us to keep going with a project, important though it may be, if we are not passionate about it.  That’s just how human nature works.  We will waste time, our progress will slow down and gradually, it will virtually become non-existent.  

I’ve been there myself when I got into affiliate marketing.  I went for something that seemed popular, something that I would get good profit from.  I was focusing on the money, which is the last step in the process here.  And what happened?  Well, I burned out.  I failed.  That’s why I keep reminding people not to repeat this common mistake that new online entrepreneurs tend to fall for.  

Loving your niche does mean that you can talk about it with ease and confidence.  But this brings us to the last point, which is that increasing your knowledge around it is also going to be a must.  

Your niche that you will build your online business around, should be something that you are prepared to keep researching and refreshing your knowledge on.  The more you learn about it, the more of an authority you will become in that niche.  Your content will naturally get better and better and lead to more conversions.  People naturally prefer to learn from an expert, than from an armature or intermediary. 

Believe me there are hundreds of thousands of niches that you can choose from, that you can specalise in and turn into a wonderfully profitable online business.

Building a Website

As we’ve said, your website is the anchor, the foundation of your online business.  With your website, you are going to be creating content around your chosen niche.  If you have more than one niche, you can always create another website for that.  But if you are new to this, I would recommend sticking with one site and one niche for the time being.

You will either be putting display ads on your site, or promoting affiliate offers.  This is what makes it possible for you to earn revenue.  But there are still two more steps to go.  

It can get quite tricky and technical starting a website and getting it off the ground.  There is a lot to learn in the process, even if you already have the basics down.  That is why, if you haven’t already, you could take a look at what Wealthy Affiliate offers, to really give you that boost and core knowledge required for running a successful online website based business. 

Below, you will also see a video from the cofounder of Wealthy Affiliate where this process will be explained in full detail.  

>>Build a Beautiful Website in 30 Seconds!  High Quality Trainig! Join Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership Today for $0!<<



>>Build a Beautiful Website in 30 Seconds!  High Quality Trainig!  Join Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership Today for $0!<<

Attract Visitors

As you grow your site with good quality and regular content, you should begin to rank on search engines, mainly, Google, Bing and Yahoo.  For this you will also need to have done keyword research and learned the basics of SEO.  

Ideally, you will want at least some of your website articles to rank on the 1st page of the Google search results.  This is a great achievement and milestone to accumplish in the online business industry.  

This step is most definitely where things start to get exciting – getting traffic!  Free/organic traffic to your website!  But 4th step being achieved will depend on whether these visitors find your website to be reliable and helpful to them.  

Earn Revenue

If your site is attracting visitors and the keywords leading to your site are relevant to your blog content, as well as useful to your readers, you should start to see conversions.  

And that’s the process of making money online.  It is a blueprint that works, that helps other people, that’s reliable and has been around for a long time. 

But this is just a brief sketch.  To get competent at this, there is every reason for you to get involved with the Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate and check things out there.  This is the best way to get off the ground with a steady, informed and ethical Affiliate Marketing/Online Business.  

Wishing you every success!


4 thoughts on “Steps in Starting an Online Business | 4 Keys to Epic Success”

  1. Hi Dominic. I am a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member. Your article has covered all the amazing features that come with the membership of this amazing platform. I started with them over three years ago. At first I was sceptical about there so called free offer, then I thought, what have I got to lose, they didn’t ask for any money up front. I completed the free training and I chose a niche that I was interested in, and knew I could write heaps about. I then went on to build a brand new website. The rest is really history, I now have half a dozen websites covering a number of different niches. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a truly amazing place to learn Affiliate Marketing. Thank you for letting the world know about them. Jim

    • Thanks very much for this Jim.  Wow, I loved reading about how you started with WA some years back and now have several websites and are successful!  How rewarding that must be! 

  2. Hello. Good day and hope you are doing well. I so much appreciate your efforts in putting this together to educate us on how to start an online business. What I live most is the fact that it is a long term business. Starting an online business is one thing, and making sure it is long term is another.


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