The ABC of Affiliate Marketing – Let’s Drill it Down

What is the ABC of affiliate marketing? That wonderful process of making commissions online, of being, a digital nomad, an entrepreneur! In this article I’ll be going over with you what I consider to be the most basic and important parts to affiliate marketing.

In this case, ABC doesn’t have to be the initials for something, but if it were, those initials could stand for Affiliate, Business and Commissions.

What I think it comes down to is this:

  • Believing in what you promote
  • Providing value
  • Always moving forward

Okay, let’s take a good look at these three things.

Believing in what you promote:

You need to promote what you believe in, not just what you think will sell and there are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, it’s ethical. I want to buy from someone who is ethical, not someone who is dodgy and only there for my money and so it’s only fair that I be ethical myself towards others.

It is good for building trust. People trust someone who offers them something that actually solves their problem or supplies a certain need they have.

It is good for your reputation. You want a good reputation going forward. Remember that affiliate marketing is a business and so you need to think long term and that will include guarding your reputation. What you get big one day in the online world? Will you be known as someone to look up to and learn from or a scammer? The answer will be as a result of how you do business today and moving forward.

There is less risk of losing customers. If your product is good and you know this either from seeing it in action or preferably, if you use it yourself, you are far less likely to get complaints, refunds and loss of followers and customers from your business.

It will turn out to be lucrative. The good stuff stays on the market and the garbage doesn’t last nearly as long. That’s the general rule. People are attracted to quality, not just to cheap stuff, or what looks flashy. People are also smart and on average, they’ll be able to tell what’s going on; what’s worth buying and what isn’t. If you’re selling the good stuff, you will build up a good profit.

Providing Value

Value! That’s where it’s at! You want to always put VALUE FIRST, and money second on your priority list. It all works out anyway. Where there’s good value, there’s good money. The money will come as a result of the value you are providing to your customers.

Value doesn’t just mean the quality of what you’re selling, but information; accurate information about products and services. Solid information also, about things related to the niche you are in as a business owner/affiliate marketer.

If I’m given poor service, I don’t want to give my money. If I’m given excellent service, I’m happy to pay for it! That’s how it goes. All very simple, yet all too often overlooked by those who are focusing too much on the money making side of the business.

Money is normally earned; not tricked out of people. And again, a business that thrives and lasts a long time is one that keeps people happy and returning for more.

Always Moving Forward

As an affiliate marketer you should always be moving forward in terms of sharpening your knowledge, carrying out research, producing more content and implementing ways to increase the outreach of your business.

There should be no reaching a point where you can just let your business be static for a long time. Sure, you can take breaks from it and enjoy more quality time once it’s brining in decent revenue, and that’s a big perk of running an online business and one of the main reasons perhaps, why people get into it in the first place. But still, your business becomes part of who you are and what your about. Your brand is a real part of you.

Neglecting a business once it gets going will lead to a decline in growth and profits sooner or later.

You want to be clocking in on the regular with a lot of drive and passion. You step back from it now and then, but you always come back afterwards with renewed motivation and energy.

And when you have mastered one strategy, learn a new one! Or stick with what you’re good at, but never be afraid to up your skills, to set another goal, to strive hard to reach another milestone.

That’s what I would say is the ABC of affiliate marketing. I hope it has brought a little inspiration to you!

Wishing you the best!

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