3 Step Method Review | Easy Money or a Big Scam?

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Welcome to this 3 Step Method review. So perhaps you’ve stumbled over this program called ‘3 Step Method.’ Maybe an email showed up in your inbox, followed by a lot more…? Are these people on to something? What is their product like, and is it any good for you?

Welcome to this comprehensive review of the 3 Step Method program. Here I will show you what it promises, what it delivers, the reasons for whether I consider it trustworthy and the reasons for whether I recommend this particular program.

What it Promises

If you follow a link to the 3 Step Method Program, you will land on a fairly hyped up sales page which will prompt you to get access to the sales video by providing you name and email.

As you can see in the image, under the main heading which says ‘Say hello to your new online income…’ there are three points about the program which, most likely, you will discover to be misleading to say the least.


Firstly, it promises that you can create an automatic income stream that pays you each week like clockwork using the 3 Step Method. As we will go into further on, this is a misleading, if not false claim. With the generally sloppy training provided, and the actual work you have to do, it is not possible to know that you will get those automatic commissions or income, much less every week like clockwork.

Secondly, it says you need no experience or special skills. A lot of make money online programs like to use this kind of statement because it appeals to the lazy, ‘get-rich-quick’ approach that so many people believe they can have with digital marketing.

In reality, to make something like this program help you succeed, you will need actually need a significant amount of experience and relevant skills.

Thirdly, it uses another very common sales tactic of applying pressure through a sense of urgency. But it does this using a completely false statement. No matter where you’re from, it will say that there are only limited spaces available for people in you country.

The example given in the picture shows the Philipines. But here is a completely different example, showing the same landing page but this time mentioning the United Kingdom.

I was in Ireland at the time I stumbled over this program and sure enough, it was telling me that there were limited spaces available for new members in Ireland! Pull the other leg! It’s a digital program. There are no ‘limited spaces available.’ You just pay for it and then get access.


What it Delivers

If you sign up for the 3 Step Method you will next be directed to a video that also features the so called ‘creator’ of the program.

The content of the video completely lacks any concrete information about what’s inside the 3 Step Method. They simply drone on about how great it would be to make money online, how great it would be to make fast money, and that this program is going to be the key to getting you there.

It’s emotion based marketing. Rather than talk about the actual 3 Steps, they will instead appeal to you desire to make easy money from home. It will also make use of two so called ‘testimonials’ from apparent successful users of the program.

Again, we have misleading and false information because the speakers for the sales video are just a few guys hired from the website fiverr.com to speak about the product and tell you that it works and, as one of them said, ‘it’s basically a way of making money online with no BS.’ No BS? Really? Well, right here we have some more Red Flags when it comes to the 3 Step Method program.

The content of the training itself is something that you are likely to find very general, very generic and just not very in depth or informative. The core training is literally one blog article.

Compared to other training platforms out there, this one is lacking significantly in detail as well as overall quality. Aside from the 3 steps themselves, you are likely to find the training to be frustratingly vague, if not boring.

So What are the 3 Steps?

What they basically teach is that you need to pick a niche, create a blog and then promote products on that blog from ClickBank. This is all well and good, however, a process like this requires a lot of learning, a lot of practice and a good bit of experience.

There is so much that goes into a serious online business like an affiliate website, so many complexities and things that need to be learned gradually and with good coaching, if one is to succeed. The number who succeed at affiliate marketing is already less than 1%!

The 3 Step Method is not honest about the amount of time and of hard work it takes to make money with a blog. It doesn’t show you how to do this with any real clarity.

With these facts in mind I can say with confidence that a program like 3 Step Method is not going to be of much use for the average person towards long term success.

Is the Program a Scam?

Strictly speaking, the very general outline they give of how to make money isn’t false – you can make money using a blog and promoting affiliate products on it. So as far as that goes, it can’t be said to be 100% a scam.

However, it is a product going for $37 (with hidden upsells), created by an unknown person and promoted using fake testimonials.

The content is very unthorough and low quality. It’s a bit like me selling you a program on how to lose weight, but after you buy it, all I tell you inside the program is to cut down on junk food and eat more green vegetables. And then go on and on about how awesome it would be to lose weight fast. This is very much the feel I get with the 3 Step Method and which you are most likely to experience as well.

My Verdict and Rating

Due to the issues I’ve raised in the article and because I view the 3 Step Method as a typical product made solely for the benefit of the unknown producer, it should be no surprise that my verdict is a big NO and my rating is 1/10. This product is untrustworthy and while it’s possible that you may take 3 steps forward with it, you are bound to take a thousand steps back!

If you are looking for alternative and far better ways to make money as an online entrepreneur, please see below.

Wishing you every success!

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4 thoughts on “3 Step Method Review | Easy Money or a Big Scam?”

  1. Hi Dominic. Thank you for interesting review. I was reading before about 3 step method program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your post Its clear for me I wouldn’t invest money into it. Maybe its not a scam but with hidden upsells, fake testimonials and lack of proper training definitely this is not a good choice. There are much better programs to earn decent money online.

    • Thank you Cogito.  Great to get your feedback.  I also noticed that the marketing emails associated with this product eventually started to get aggressive.. Hahaha.

  2. Wow, I really dislike when a company is dishonest and uses fake testimonials and also doesn’t put their name on the product. It definitely feels scammy! Thank you for pointing out these things that are always dealbreakers for me. I don’t want to share my credit card info with a company that seems to mislead their prospects from the very first interactions.

  3. Hey thanks for this article and for clearing things up!

    It’s super important to check softwares or any website or program thoroughly before signing up to make sure they are legit and not scams. If anything seems get rich quick or too good to be true chances are they are probably fake and scams! Watch out people!


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