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It’s definitely something we bloggers could all do with: tips on how to get your blog noticed on Google. Not so long ago, quantity used to be a vital part of this business. Today, with a billion blogs online, it’s more important to focus on the quality of your content than the quantity of it.

The first phase towards getting ranked is really about three things:

  • Finding keywords.
  • Writing content consistently.
  • Having patience.

So you’ve got your blog and your niche and all you need to do to head in the right direction is to find keywords for your blog post titles, write the content and stay consistent with it. You’ll want to place these keywords in one or two other places within the body of your articles but you should never overthink this or worry about it too much as you will naturally rank for many keywords if you just get down to writing.  As a blogger, you will probably already know the basics of keyword research.  The tools I recommend are Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner and Jaaxy.

Your site is going to need time to grow, to get recognised and trusted by search engines.  Now the key is to ignore the fact that it takes time and just keep going.  Have patience and never give up – that’s the golden rule here.

This is a tough position to be in; that of the new blogger I mean. It’s about trying to get off the ground and there will come times when you experience some pretty strong temptations to quit because after all, it’s a human thing to get put off by our desire to be rewarded in the now rather than later on.

Well, let’s get into some of those tips and hacks that will hopefully ease things up for you and put your mind at rest as you make steady progress towards your goal.

Quality through Passion for your Niche

Quality is going to be essential to your success as a blogger who gets ranked on Google. Poor quality articles tend to rank very low or not at all. So you’ll really want to apply your skills when producing content.

But if you’re still quite new to blogging, remember that you get better at writing simply by writing. Just keep writing and the more you do this, the sooner you’ll get good at it.

Another simple tip is to go on Google and search for articles similar to the one you are going to write and have a good look at the first five or six that come up. See the quality, the thoroughness, the bullet points, the images, etc.  Then produce your own article and aim to make it even better than your competitor, or at least as good as theirs.  But never be tempted to copy someone else (you won’t rank anyway if you do this) or write just like how they do.  Develop your own unique style, get good at it and be proud of it.

The most powerful motivator for producing quality content should be the love and interest you have for what you’re writing.  You care about the facts, you want people to understand and share your own knowledge and passion.  And this translates into well written articles with a good structure and often, a compelling call to action throughout or at the end of the article.  However, be careful not to have a site that’s riddled with affiliate links.  That’s another thing Google frowns on and could result in penalties/lower rankings.  Aim to refer people to a product review that you’ve previously created rather than straight to the product you are promoting.

We can become quite literate when we want to express something we really care about. But the less we care about our subject matter, the more this is likely to show in the content we produce. It will lack flavour, it won’t go sufficiently in-depth, it may come across as generic and boring, etc.

The key to making your article engaging, which is an important aspect of quality, is to add your own spark and flare to it, your own vibe, your personality.  Essentially, this boils down to putting your heart into whatever you write.  That is one of the things they emphasise at Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve always loved that about them.

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Focus on the Progress you’re Making

We always have a long way to go in the business of making money online. There’s always more to learn and things get updated all the time and we need to continually stay up to date and refresh our knowledge. But we should never make the mistake of thinking about how far there still is to go, but instead look back on how far we’ve come since we started.

It’s a really bad habit to go looking at other successful affiliates and then allow that thought of how much more advanced and experienced they are than you currently are. I only read their stuff or watch their videos to learn something new, not to compare them to myself.

If you’ve been making progress, just stay on that road and continue to make more and more progress. All comes with applying yourself. Experience and knowledge grows, the process gets easier, you really get confident in your niche and can always find new things to talk about and build content around.

Don’t give negative thoughts any power over you and you won’t be able to go wrong. It’s never true that you aren’t good enough. If you do fail it is because you listened to that voice in your head that told you to give up. It’s the same for everything in life. Success is simply the fruit of learning and applying that knowledge by taking massive action.

So maybe you are a bit lost from time to time. Well, doing something rather than nothing keeps consistency alive and while you will have ups and downs, you will always be heading in the right direction provided you are doing something, no matter how small to reach your goals. As Jordan Peterson said, ‘make a bad plan; that’s better than no plan at all.’ The idea is that if you stick at something, you’ll get good at it and what may have started off in the wrong direction will be set right sooner or later.

Rewarding Yourself in a Creative Way

While growing my website, I got the entertaining idea of getting some small building blocks for myself. Every time I completed an article I could add another block to my edifice. With medium and large blocks available I could add a medium block for regular articles and a large one for extra lengthy ones. This allowed me to have the satisfaction of adding a brick to the building every time I achieved another piece of content on my blog. I would look forward to being able to add another one and see the tower continue to grow.

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But there are so many ways and ideas you can come up with to give yourself that extra bit of incentive to keep building that blog. You can simply have a page with 100 boxes or 200 boxes and tick them off each time you produce some content, gradually working your way to that 100 or 200 mark, or whatever your goal is.

Things Will Fall into Place

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Google will rank you for all kinds of keywords within your articles. Once you have enough of them, you will experience a snowball effect – rankings, organic traffic, clicks and sales.

Enjoy the process, get busy with it, make it your hobby and when you put yourself into something that you love, eventually things do fall into place and you get the success you are striving for.

The real challnge with blogging is having to wait for your results and not knowing how soon they will arrive. But to have an online business that makes you passive income is definitely something worth working and waiting for. All other difficulties can be overcome simply by applying yourself and becoming better and better while on the go.

You don’t have to get too technical when it comes to SEO. And overthinking never got anyone anywhere. Blogging just takes time. That’s what many experts on SEO and websites will tell you.

Leave some comments below if you have found this of any use or inspiration. Onwards and upwards!

6 thoughts on “Tips on How to Get Your Blog Noticed on Google – SEO Hacks”

  1. I created a new blog recently and trying to find out how to get it noticed quickly. I’ve heard many times that keyword research is the most important step in writing content and getting ranked is the key to bringing natural traffic to our websites. Thanks for helping me understand SEO a little better and I will be sharing your website. 

  2. Hey thanks for this post! I actually was looking for something like this, especially now since I’m having doubts whether my online business will ever work as it has been 2 years and I’m still feeling lost! But reading this has definitely given me that boost to keep going, as long as you are trying and not giving up you’d get somewhere hopefully success, right?

    • You’re welcome!  Yes, it’s tough!  But keep learning and keep producing content!  Sometimes success is just round the corner when we are thinking of giving up.  You just never know.  Wishing you the best!

  3. By consistently writing good, quality content you will be on the right path to being indexed by Google, but that is only the start. You must also practice good SEO and filling the meta title and meta description out correctly. Failure to use good SEO practices can hurt you in the long run until you find out why your ranking is not where it should be. 

    Being passionate and consistent about your niche is good and should be rewarded, but do not forget that you are writing for your audience. If your audience is not engaged with your content then perhaps you need to look at Google Analytics and Google Search Console for ways to help your content index, rank and engage your audience.


    • Thank you sir!  Good point about the meta title and description.  Oh yes, rewarding oneself does not mean taking little care of the target audience.  As was mentioned in the article, it will be engaging if you are passionate and write good, in-depth reviews/posts.  Cheers.


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