Traffic and Funnels Review | Is It Right For You?

Hello and a warm welcome to our Traffic and Funnels Review.

We all rely on traffic and sales in order to keep a business alive.  Can Traffic and Funnels provide us with this essential element?

All in all you could be paying up to 10K for the full package.  But will this pay off in the long-run and be worth your investment?

You will be creating a lead generation strategy for the growth of your business with the help of the Traffic and Funnels Client Kit 2.0.  This is what you will be putting your money into.

In this review you will learn the facts so that when you are done you should have all the information you need to make your own decision as to whether this program is for you.

Is this something you want to spend your time and money on?  Let’s crack on with this review and find out!

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Traffic and Funnels Overview

Product Name: Traffic and Funnels


Product Type: Lead Generation and Funnels Course

Product Creators: Taylor Welch and Chris Evans

Price: Up to $10K

Recommended? Yes and No.

The first important point to make before we go further in depth is that this course will only be of use to you if you already have your own existing business that needs boosting and scaling up.

This being the case, Traffic and Funnels definitely isn’t for newbies who have not yet learned the process of creating and running an online business.

The program contains multiple businesses, each of which will need to be paid for separately.

Another factor to include is paying money out on ads.

These costs do not include the investment in ad spend.  Ads are a crucial part of making this system work.

As a business model, this is super expensive and there are alternatives around for a fraction of what this costs that can teach you a lot more!

Already, at this point, this seems like a very pricy program to go with and I just think it’s difficult to justify such an expensive investment while there are other alternatives out there that give even more value at a far lower cost!

My number 1 recommendation is very valuable, especially for newbies and can be started free of charge and no credit card required.

Who Are the Creators of Traffic and Funnels?

The creators of Traffic and Funnels are Taylor Welch and Chris Evans.

Before parting with a single cent on any business you should carry out your due diligence and find out about the creators.

However, there is no ‘About Us’ page on their website.  This should always be regarded as a red flag in the online world.  A lack of information about program creators often indicates that they have something to hide; they are avoiding transparency.

For example, another scammy program called My Mobile Money Pages gave a name, Andrew Davidson but no more information.  It is very likely that there is no such person as Andrew Davidson and that the real creator is staying in the shade.

There is however a LinkedIn account for Taylor and Chris and some basic pieces of information.

Taylor Welch

Taylor also has an Instagram account as well as a Linkedin profile.  He has a sizable following of 125k.

He attended the university of Memphis where he studied marketing.

That is all I was able to find out about Taylor.

Chris Evans:

There is only the LinkedIn profile for Chris where we learn that he was originally from North Carolina but later in 2012 moved to California.  In 2015 he and Taylor became business partners and produced Traffic and Funnels.

Chris also worked for GoDaddy for 3 years, assisting with the provision of hosting services and domain names.

What is Traffic and Funnels?

This program focuses on young and growing businesses.  The point of it is to facilitate growth and increase income rates.

Essentially, Traffic and Funnels is designed as a lead generation system for those wishing to grow and scale an online business that they already own.

While many of us affiliates have been taught to promote several offers to our customers, the creators of Traffic and Funnels concentrate on promoting a single high ticket product per funnel.

The idea is that you only need to sell a few of such products per month to generate a sustainable income online.

Already and affiliate?  This training could be used to help you make money with your existing business.

What’s Inside Traffic and Funnels?

Upon visiting the Traffic and Funnels website you will be met with various different offers at varying prices.  It is a program with multiple packages and only by booking a coaching call can you really discover the full cost of all the combined offers.

Let’s go through what they have.

News Feed Authority:

This is a course that teaches you how to acquire your own clients for your business.  But the focus is on utilising free ways to bring this about.

In the First Module you will be taught about organic client acquisition.

In the Second Module you will be taught about finding your ideal clients.

In the Third Module is about your implementation roadmap.

With this course, priced at a one time fee of $197, you will be given the following bonuses:

  1. The 2-Step Strategy training
  2. The 8-Figure Organic Swipe File
  3. 10 Organic Post Template

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The Consultant Next Door: 

For $19.99 you can get Taylor’s book, The Consultant Next Door.  It takes the reader through all the advantages of the consulting business model and how it does better than various other ones because it meets three criteria that he considers to be essential for the success and survival of any business.  

These could be summarised in the form of three questions:

  1. Does the business turn over a good profit?
  2. How well does the business stand up against competition?
  3. Can it endure economic recessions and other external threats?

From his own experience, Taylor takes explains all the steps involved in setting up a successful and sustainable consulting business.

There are many good tips and nuggets of information in this book.  Again, it’s aimed primarily at those looking to run a consulting business.

The Productivity Pack:

The Productivity Pack V2 is a program that provides training and advice for how to double your productivity and implement good time-keeping strategies.

Drawing from his own experience and what he has taught others, Tayler helps people to shorten their work day but still get a lot done by the end of the week or month.

The program, which has no specified price, consists in:

  • 3 videos that train you to maximise your output and productivity and schedule your workloads for optimum success.
  • Various resources for effective time management including cheat sheets.
  • the ‘Morning Formula’ special training which is all about the ‘secret’ to showing up to work disposed to succeed.

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iOS Ad Lab:

iOS Lab was created by Chis when he realised there were some problems with Facebook ads in relation to iOS 14.  He noticed that this version of iOS was getting in the way of paid ads and causing what he calls a ‘data black hole.’

He produced iOS Lab for the use of consultants and various kinds of client based businesses.

It comes with 3 modules and 1 bonus.

  • Module 1: Facebook Ads and API Conversion Hack.  Here he teaches Facebook Ad creators how to feed ‘clean data’ into Facebook in order to produce effective and cost efficient ads.
  • Module 2: Facebook Ad Copy Frameworks.  Here Chris teaches people the same methods and approach used by Traffic and Funnels to really get the most out of your budget when it comes to paid advertising on Facebook.
  • Module 3: Advertising to Clients Training.  In this module the focus is all about learning from an experienced client business owner how to attract clients through carefully structured ads.

Along with this, the bonus is the ‘Battle Tested Ad Swipe File.’  It contains 50 proven ad swipes that have generated millions in revenue.

A one time fee of $197 is charged for this course.

The Packaging Blueprint

The Packaging Blueprint is a course designed as a ‘ready to go’ packaging blueprint, helping users people to effectively promote high ticket offers.

Inside the $197 course you will find 4 modules and 3 bonuses:

  • Module 1: Achieving clarity and focus for more efficient marketing.  Chris develops the concepts and answers of the ‘who, what and how’ of your client business.
  • Module 2: Expert Positioning.  Here you will learn how to convince your clients that your business solves their problems and is the most suitable option for them on the market.
  • Module 3: The Structuring of a High Ticket Package.  This teaches you about how you can effectively create a high ticket package that converts well.  It includes methods for charging more for existing offers without adding to them.
  • Module 4: Offer Presentation.  This is about improving your phone skills and is geared towards methods of gaining clients rather than getting rejected.  A done for you transcript is available to facilitate this.

The bonuses for this package include a report that helps you to market yourself and your brand, an interview with Super Affiliate Jay Abraham, and the ‘Sphere of Influence Strategy’ consisting of a guide on how to make more sales.

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The Client Kit Workshop:

The Client Kit Workshop is a rather lengthy course – 10 weeks.  At the end of it, you should have a solid blueprint for earning a 6 figure monthly income.  They call it a flagship program.

To find out how much all this costs, you are required to hop on to a coaching call.

Inside there is a lot of training and useful resources including 5 core modules:

  • Module 1: Priming Yourself for Success.  This module is mostly about mindset.  How the rich guys think and act.  A lot of programs have some sort of ‘mindset’ video or training before they actually get into the meat of their offer. Useful and valuable but there is also plenty of mindset tips, training and advice out there for absolutely free.
  • Module 2: Defining Your Dream Avatar and Crafting the Perfect Offer.  The focus here is on preparing and selling high ticket offers.  It also teaches lead generation.
  • Module 3: Creating Opportunity and Validation.  You will be learning about how to provide opportunities and validate your clients/customers.
  • Module 4: Earning from your Opportunities.  This teaches the art of making sales and benefiting from your opportunities by making more money.
  • Module 5: Paid Opportunity Acceleration.  If you are starting to do well, you will also want to learn all about improving your business by scaling up.  That is what this module teaches.

Along with these modules you will get coaching calls on a weekly basis, access to the online community and advice from those advanced in the industry, tailored to your specific needs and based on reviews of your work.

Is Traffic and Funnels a Scam?

While there are some mixed reviews, the majority of those who have invested in the program say it has helped them.

For examples of reviews of Traffic and Funnels, you can head over to

It’s not something I would consider a scam because it does provide real value to those who are interested in the particular line of work promoted by Traffic and Funnels.

There are two factors that frighten most people off who consider this program.  The first is the cost!  This is a big investment.  You could put $9,000+ into it.

The second is that, being a client business, it focuses on and teaches sales calls which are often difficult to master and tend to be annoying for those who are on the receiving end, with many people saying that they wanted to say no but felt too pressured by the sales person.  However, that does not mean to say the Traffic and Funnels program is a scam.

It is a way to grow an existing business but definitely not the route I would take or necessarily recommend to the average person.

I focus on Affiliate Marketing and know by experience how much better it is.  How much less hassle and how much more cost efficient.

Concluding Thoughts on Traffic and Funnels

I think Taylor and Chris have packed a lot of work and value into this program and that it has benefited many people.

But due to the cost of it and the particular methods involved, such as sales calls and client management, I personally wouldn’t invest it.

I would recommend the road of generating organic traffic to a website and monetising the site with affiliate marketing.

Learn about this here and get free training modules from an officially recognised Super Affiliate.  

However, if a client based business is what you are already into, this could be for you, provided you have the budget for it.

Funnel creation is also a great skill to have when growing an existing business. There are definitely perks to this course, or shall I say, bundle of courses..?

Alternative and Free Way to Make Money Online.

What I tend to promote primarily to my readers is Commission Academy, a highly informative crash course on Affiliate Marketing by British ex-electrician, Dale, now an officially recognised Super Affiliate.

Here you will learn all about setting up a website in a niche of your choice and using affiliate marketing to earn revenue.  This is a very successful and easy to follow business model.

You will be taught to master the 4 step process to start and run an affiliate marketing business:

  1. Find your niche
  2. Create a website targeting this niche
  3. Attract organic traffic
  4. Earn revenue

Perfect for beginners looking to make money with affiliate marketing without having to learn ads and lose a load of money in the process.  This is the organic, free way to earn passive commissions online.  You can learn it fast and the entire crash course is Free of charge.  Of course, within the course you can upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium for example, but here you have a full training course going for Free.

It draws most of its inspiration from Wealthy Affiliate, the largest affiliate community, which it is also partnered with.

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  1. Dominic, Thanks for this great and honest review of Traffic and Funnels. While there does, indeed, seem some merit in the course; as you say, the price alone is prohibitive. Many people enter the online business field because they want to learn how to make money online without major expenditure. Therefore, it is unlikely that they would have the funds to invest in such a course. Also, those of us who are already set up and trying to make a regular income often do not have that kind of money to invest This was a great review, thank you.

    • Thank you Jenni.  I agree, the price and also the method are bound to put a lot of people.  Since I do affiliate marketing, I wouldn’t get involved with a consultant business. 


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