Traffic Beast Review – Will It Help You Make Money?

Traffic Beast, by Glynn Kosky is a software tool that is supposed to help people make money quickly and easily using affiliate marketing. Traffic Beast, like so many of Glynn’s other products, promises to deliver training and tools that can be used to make money online in large amounts, starting today.

I’ll explain the details about Traffic Beast in this review. But take note, that I’m not a promoter of this product. That should eliminate the idea that I’m writing this to sell it to you.

I will however mention an alternative to Traffic Beast that I believe may be more suited to what you’re looking for if you decide Traffic Beast isn’t for you.

I commend you for reading up on this. It is a good habit to check unbiased reviews of programs that you need to pay for, especially if they are programs that claim to help you make money online.

We’d all like to make money on the internet and Traffic Beast is not the first or last program that claims it can help you out with that.

I’ve been studying and applying myself to internet marketing for 5+ years and experience is on my side.

Overview of Traffic Beast:

Product Name: Traffic Beast

Type: Basic resources for affiliate marketing

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Cost: $17 plus 7 upsells amounting to $100s

Recommended? No.

Glynn Kosky creates new MMO products every month on the WarriorPlus platform. Looking closely at his programs, I notice that they are generally LOW QUALITY and many of them are very similar to each other; they’ve pretty much just got different logos slapped onto them.

However, for investing only $17, can you really expect to get a lucrative online business out of it?

My Rating for Traffic Beast: 0.5 out of 5 Stars

Feel free to learn more about Traffic Beast below. Knowledge is power. And it does offer SOME value.

Alternatively, you can read about my top recommendation for a successful formula that will help get you to where you want to be. You need to be serious though, and ready to learn and put in a good bit of work.

What Is Traffic Beast?

Traffic Beast is a program that supposedly allows you to generate massive amounts of free internet buyer traffic without you having to do any work.

The idea is that you will make money using affiliate marketing by promoting your affiliate offer to hordes of people out there online.

To understand the process of affiliate marketing, click here.

The program is much the same as many others by the same owner, only the interface and logo are changed.

It is a system that gets you to give away one of the owner’s products for free in the hopes that anyone who signs up to it will later go on to purchase some or all of the upsells of that product. When/if they do, you will earn a commission.

The sales page for Traffic Beast displays the usual cheap and cheerful nonsense that is typical of programs of this kind and of those created by Glynn Kosky:

Sales Page for Traffic Beast

It claims to be a super affiliate system that will bring you buyer traffic in under a minute; free buyer traffic from 800+ million visitors.

Okay, in the nicest possible way people, you will need to wake up a bit if you are really taking this stuff seriously.

It’s a lot like 1 Page Profits by Brendan Mace.

And Commission Blaster. DFY Systems that tend to be poor quality and very disappointing.

But as to whether there is any merit in what is promised by Traffic Beast, read on to find out more.

Who Is Glynn Kosky?

Glynn Kosky is a guy in England who is always coming out with new software products that are supposed to help people make money online.

He seems to aim them at newbies since he uses the shiny object marketing technique which consists in putting an offer in front of you that is usually too good to be true but at the same time can be enticing and convincing for some.

He works with some other friends but we don’t hear so much about the other two.

Glynn makes money by having affiliates promote his programs. They are not the kind of things he can rank organically for. If one of them stops selling, he no longer maintains it and then it’s just useless.

Every month he comes up with another DFY MMO software but people now report that it is every two weeks.

Most, if not all his products are basically the same thing. He just changes a few things up with each new release and gives it a different name.

He’s also the kind of person who has no shame in creating false testimonials for his products. But more on that later on.

How Does Traffic Beast Work?

Once inside the back office of Traffic Beast you’ll be given some basic training videos on how to set up the system and get it running.

You’ll also see the heafty list of upsells on the side.

Plus you’ll learn some affiliate marketing basics. (Not that I consider these affiliate methods to be effective – especially not for beginners).

Here is a breakdown of how the system works:

  • You choose one of 3 products created by Glynn to give away for free
  • You create an opt-in and sales page (they help you with this)
  • You connect it to an autoresponder
  • You share your link on social media and other sources they provide/recommend
  • Then you hopefully make money from people who purchase upsells from the free product

The products you can give away for free are free anyway on WarriorPlus, minus the upsells. But anyway, you are paying $17 for the privilege of promoting Glynn’s products for him.

He doesn’t actually teach you email marketing, but that is also part of the system and you will need an autoresponder for that.

How Much Does Traffic Beast Cost?

With Traffic Beast, you get the program for a frontend fee of $17 but once inside, you are presented with a whopping 7 upsells!

Upsell 1: Unlimited Version – $37

Upsell 2: 100% Done-for-You – $47

Upsell 3: Unlimited Traffic – $47

Upsell 4: Automation – $37

Upsell 5: ATM – $47

Upsell 6: Ultimate – $47

Upsell 7: Licence Rights – $37

I’m not going to bore you by going into every detail of these flashy looking upsells.

They don’t come down to anything much, largely because the traffic sources are pretty hopeless (as I’ll explain in the next section and because the actual stuff you’re selling to people is low quality and you aren’t being taught to build any trust.

You also need to pay for an autoresponder which is free to get started with but if you take this kind of business seriously, you’ll need a paid membership.

Anyway, in describing these upsells to you, they use hyped up and vague language, for example:

“Use this (Upsell 5 – ATM) with Traffic Beast to generate hands-free revenue.”

“Scale to 20k per month.”

“Make money in your sleep.” (Upsell 4 – Automation). “Set and forget. Enjoy freedom.” Blah, blah.

True, upsell 7 makes sense. You get to keep 100% commissions on all sales with resell rights. But why would I be promoting misleading, useless DFY systems by Glynn Kosky? Anyone who is smart either won’t buy or they will soon refund his stuff.

To do marketing properly, you need to show people that something works, not just tell them it does.

To do that you need a good product to sell, not just something, cheap, buggy and inapt for the job.

Programs like this get replaced with new ones and the old ones eventually cease to be maintained and so they become insecure and simply don’t work.

Traffic Beast Uses Bad Traffic Methods

In Traffic Beast they teach you to use traffic strategies that tend to either be quite useless at generating sales or they cost you a lot of money, and hardly ever give you a good ROI.

One method they teach is solo ads. It is often difficult to profit from these and they are generally expensive and just not a good traffic strategy in my opinion. When I tried using paid traffic from solo ad vendors I nearly always lost my money and got zero sales.

Solo ads are simply other people’s email lists. These leads are already being promoted a load of other stuff and your promotions to them probably don’t grab their attention much.

The also teach a traffic method that involves posting links on social media platforms. I’ve tried that too. It doesn’t work.

The reason is because you are not giving people any reason to trust you. They won’t just come along and buy just because you have a link up there on a social media platform.

If you are doing it on Facebook, it’s best to create your own group first and build trust, otherwise you are literally going to be spamming your friends and family. Who wants to do that?

Also, you have no idea what people are looking for on social media. I wouldn’t call it a targeted traffic source by a long shot.

Often, if you go down that route of spamming links on the internet, this is what usually happens and the outcome in both cases is the same:

  • Nobody will care = no sales
  • You’ll be banned from the platform = no sales

So what looks like a great strategy to a newbie is just a bad traffic method that won’t work.

They also teach some other method involving bitcoin. Now I never really got into bitcoin and look, it’s complicated and unnecessary. You don’t need to study bitcoin and have a bitcoin account to make money online.

Better methods of traffic in my opinion and from experience are to get organic traffic from search engines using a blog.

You can also use YouTube and there are various ways to make money with YouTube, both paid and unpaid methods.

You can also use PPC campaigns; a safer and more reliable option, plus it’s properly targeted if you know what you’re doing.

Fake Testimonials Used For Traffic Beast

There are some glowing testimonials for Traffic beast from random users.

After a quick plagiarism check however, a chap called Richard who runs a YouTube channel, (thanks Richard) soon discovered that the testimonials were dishonest; just copy and paste nonsense.

The images aren’t too sharp I’m afraid, but you will hopefully be able to see that Victoria Green’s testimonial for Traffic Beast is exactly the same as Brendan Mace’s testimonial for a product called New Year Profit Bot.

By the way Brendan Mace (who I recognise in the above picture) is another shady WarriorPlus guru and the creator of a similar product to Traffic Beast called 1 Page Profits.

As you can hopefully see, we have two copy and paste “testimonials” here. These guys can’t even get real testimonies for their programs.

Next up Italo Mourinho’s testimony for Traffic Beast is the same as this fellow called Mike for New Year Profit Bot. They’ve literally just swapped the names out.

All this dishonesty and tying to pull the wool over your eyes is disgraceful, don’t you think? Of course you do.

This system isn’t a solution to make YOU money but to make the OWNER money. They are exploiting you with a shiny object but something with no real value.

If their system really worked, they wouldn’t need to resort to shady activity like getting people to put up fake testimonials or simply making them up themselves.

You will also get spokespersons that you can hire on Fiverr for cheap enough, like they do in 3 Step Method for example and many others I regret to tell you.

Other Problems I Discovered With Traffic Beast

Traffic Beast has a lot of red flags going for it. Like pretty much every other DFY system by Glynn and others like him.

Traffic Beast also features a bunch of random video tutorials and at first you might feel like you are getting something of value. But those videos can simply be watched for free on YouTube by going to the creator’s channel (someone who isn’t Glynn himself) and watching whatever you want.

The site Traffic Beast, like many other software programs that are essentially websites, needs to be maintained, but Glynn and others like Brendan Mace don’t actually maintain their older ones since they are not worth it and yet they still have them up for sale on WarriorPlus.

The reason you sometimes have to pay monthly fees for joining a program is because they have to pay hosting. They need to maintain these sites in order for you to keep benefiting from them. But as soon as too few people buy into them, and they have new stuff out that is selling, they will abandon the site maintenance and you will be left high and dry.

What this means is that with most DFY systems out there, you don’t know how long they will be available. You could drop $100s or even $1000s on them only to eventually run into a brick wall when the site no longer functions properly and becomes insecure.

A DFY system is not a long term solution to making money online long term.

Alternative? Yes

If you want to stop being cheated and disappointed with programs like Traffic Beast and for that matter, any of Glynn’s programs and so many other DFY systems, it’s time to take a more mature look at affiliate marketing and learn to do it properly.

That is why, I’m sure you’ll be 100 times better off using my top recommendation which I recommend for its in-depth and high level training, its all-in-one deal at an affordable price, plus a starter membership that is completely free.

Here, with a passionate community and live, expert help 24/7, you will learn to build a business around a niche/interest that you love and we’re talking about a long term, ethical and enjoyable business online.

It is the largest affiliate training community out there and has tons of success stories.

Feel free to leave a comment if this Traffic Beast review has been useful and if it’s given you any inspiring ideas.

Wishing you the best and if you are ready, I hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate soon.

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