TubeStorm Review – This Is Not What It Claims!

Hello and welcome to this TubeStorm Review. Ever wondered if this software might be the answer to getting traffic to your YouTube channel the fast and easy way?

Well that’s exactly what TubeStorm claims to do for you. They say their system can make you money in no time – in as little as 43 seconds to be exact.

Do I believe them? Not in the least. After doing extensive on this product (I actually want more traffic to my own YouTube channels myself) I discovered that the methods they use are actually pretty hopeless, like really hopeless. Doomed to fail in other words.

Why would I know this? I’ve been in affiliate marketing for over 5 years and I know a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

TubeStorm will most likely disappoint you if you invest in it and I’ll be showing you why that is in the main section of this TubeStorm review.

TubeStorm Review – Quick Summary

Name: TubeStorm

Product Type: Software tool for YouTube channels

Creators: Ray Ogundele, Johnny Rose, and Sasha Ilic

Price: $17.45 plus 5 Upsells

My Rating: 0.3 out of 5 Stars

Do I Recommend It? No, this Software will not deliver as promised.

Essentially, what TubeStorm is, or what it tries to do is provide you with a way to use other people’s videos and reupload them in order to grow an audience quickly and make money by monetising the videos.

There is a filter option when searching for videos. You can select ‘Creative Commons’ and these videos are supposed to be copyright free.

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TubeStrom Sales Page

However, as part of their instruction video, they get you to upload a popular affiliate marketing video by Naite O’Brian which isn’t marked as Creative Commons.

Also, you may also need to verify that a person really is the creator of they video you want to use.

Now aside from this being a dodgy, lazy approach to making money with YouTube, the real issue I see with it in terms of whether it works or not is that creative commons videos reuploaded just don’t rank or get traffic.

I even tried that myself at one point. It sounded great, but the videos gained next to no traction at all.

The algorithm isn’t so easily fooled. You can’t just use other people’s work and rank the same as the original or better.

The tools they offer in the software look interesting, but really, you have pretty much all the same tools and more within your own YouTube channel Backoffice/studio.

But anyway, let’s crack on with this TubeStorm review and get a closer look at what’s really going on with it.

A Video Review of TubeStorm:

What is TubeStrom?

TubeStrom is a software that helps you leverage other people’s work, specifically videos, to your own advantage using a 3 step process.

It goes something like this:

  • Find usable videos
  • Add your affiliate link(s)
  • Republish and hope for commissions

They use common sales tactics which in the case of selling a product which is meant to help you make money online, they say you need no internet marketing experience, no email list and no website.

They also create false scarcity on the sales page by having a counter that is ticking away and at the end of which you’ll start missing out on stuff. But of course, the counter resets itself before ever actually hitting zero.

About the Founders

These guys, Ray Ogundele, Johnny Rose, and Sasha Ilic are often coming up with low value MMO products and selling them on WarriorPlus.

By their marketing approach which is the standard ‘get in quick and get rich quick’ sort of jargon, I’m not a fan of them to say the least.

I don’t think they’re really there to help YOU and I to make money online. I think their only priority is filling their own pockets.

What’s Included in TubeStorm Before the Upsells?

The base package which you purchase for $17.45 is going to give you a few things:

  • TubeStorm web app – get the sofware set up and the rest can be automated.
  • Video training – they give you video instructions on how the system works.
  • Live support – you can get help with questions you may have.
  • Money back guarantee.

TubeStorm – The Process Explained:

Once you gain access to the backoffice, you will need to plug your own YouTube channel into the system.

TubeStrom Dashboard

The give you a search feature so you can find videos with large view counts. Anything you think might be useful for a marketing video.

You will also be able to select whether you want only creative commons videos to pop up or standard licence videos.

There’s an option to download any video you want and as well as that, you can also copy the keywords and tags that have helped that video to rank high in YouTube.

They also let you create backlinks with a wheel feature and you can link several videos together.

As a means of helping your channel grow fast, you can have auto-replies set up on the comments feature. Ouch! Kinda goes against the community spirit of YouTube. No one wants to be talking to a robot do they? Anyway, there you go.

Again, there’s no need to buy TubeStrom to follow that kind of process. It’s not a wise way to do things at all in my opinion but you already have the ability to do all that stuff if you want to using the YouTube studio that everyone has if they have a Gmail and YouTube account.

TubeStrom Upsells

A product like this can do well if people are not only buying it for the cheap frontend price, but also upgrading, or buying extra offers within the program.

In the case of StromTube, upsells amount to some $600! That’s a long way from the original $17.45.

Let’s take a look at these upsells:

  1. TubeStrom Unlimited – $37. Remove all the channel and usage limits. They talk about unlimited edition and being able to get unlimited traffic, though it seems a little vague to me.
  2. TubeStorm Traffic – a whooping $197. You get to use the traffic they have/recommend. Whether it’s any good is anyone’s guess but they say it’s amazing. Ugh, I’m not convinced to be honest.
  3. TubeStrom Automation – $97. You can unlick additional traffic sources. Somehow, they say things become a lot more automated.
  4. TubeStrom Done For You – $67. You get 20 ready-made campaigns. Instant approval.
  5. TubeStorm Reseller -$197. With this you get full resell rights meaning that you can keep 100% of the commissions for selling the program to others.

The Pros

Well, a 30-Day money back guarantee has got to count for something right?!

I’m afraid I can’t see any other pro for a system like TubeStrom.

The Cons

  • It’s all based on taking advantage of other people’s work which can easily backfire
  • There’s no way the upsells are worth all that money, for example $197 just to keep the full commission for TubeStrom which is a very misleading and low quality product in my opinion
  • They actually want you to believe that you can get a ton of free buyer traffic from YouTube and Google in 43 seconds! Come on! That’s not even remotely realistic
  • Creative commons videos are unlikely to get you many views
  • They blatently tell you to use other people’s videos, regardless of the licence type
  • You could lose your entire channel if you get 3 copyright strikes

Is TubeStrom a Scam?

If you are careful and know what you’re doing, it’s possible to use this system without actually breaking any rules. So when you look at it that way, you could say TubeStrom isn’t a scam.

However, you are being told to do things that are against the YouTube rules. You are being led to believe that you can make money in 43 seconds. But you won’t, trust me.

So, all things considered, you could say that TubeStrom is a scam, at least in a moral sense.

Why Invest only $17.45 Into Your Business?

You get what you pay for with systems like this, or even less. But my question to you would be, why are you only prepared to invest 17 quid into an online business?

TubeStrom isn’t really going to make you rich, much like the countless other DFY systems and get-rich-quick schemes out there.

For $17.45 you get a tool that helps you download videos, add your link to them and reupload them. And that’s about it.

But if you want to learn a serious strategy to make money online, read on a little further.

A Better Way to Make Money Online

For a better way to make money online, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme – quite the opposite in fact.

They teach you to build a business of your own from the ground up. You learn and build simultaneously.

After spending a number of years falling for crappy products like the one we’ve seen today and wasting my money on them, I finally came across Wealthy Affiliate, signed up for the free starter membership and realised, ‘this is the real way to do affiliate marketing. This is for me!’

It provided me with a friendly and helpful online community, high level training with action steps to take after each lesson. It was in video walkthrough and written format and I just saw my knowledge, skills, experience and best of all, my own business all coming together and constantly improving.

If you want the same thing, you are free to check it out down below. All the best with your noble pursuit of entrepreneurship!

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