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Hello and welcome to my article where I’ll be sharing with you some insights on the Keyword research tool, Jaaxy. 

We who operate online all know very well that we need to be able to reach people. If we simply produce enough content, we might get lucky sooner than we thought and have hungry eyes on our site, on our YouTube channel, our ad, etc.

But if we know the power of finding and using the right keywords relevant to our content, with the right keyword research tool, our results will be a lot better and appear a lot sooner.

We want a keyword tool that helps us quickly find a keyword that is calculated to get us ranked as high as possible on search engines. We want one that is highly accurate, recognised as efficient, easy to use and reliable.

Right! Let’s take a look at a tool that will tick all these boxes for us!

Introducing Jaaxy

Jaaxy Will Bring Traffic to Your Site. I did use some pretty efficient keyword tools on my journey as an affiliate. For example, WordTracker, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner and a few others. Now Jaaxy is produced and owned by Wealthy Affiliate. It’s what the members learn about and use to get their websites ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but especially Google.

I won’t be putting down the other keyword tools and giving them a bad name, but I am here to tell you that this one works! Jaaxy has it all; you will not need to look any further for a keyword research tool for SEO.

Jaaxy is no Stranger to Google’s Search Engine. Jaaxy is designed to make your site visible as soon as possible on Google by providing very in-depth, extremely accurate and up-to-date information. It will even show you exactly where your site and your articles currently rank on the world’s biggest search engine on the internet. It lets you know how high your chances are for ranking on page 1 of Google with every keyword you are thinking of targeting.

It has a feature called Alphabet Soup where it uses Google instant to help you come up with keyword ideas that are ready to automatically pop up on Google for any keyword you have in mind.

A Brainwave Masterpiece of WA. Jaaxy is the ingenious invention of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, an online training platform for anyone interested in building an online business through blogging. They specialise in websites, in affiliate marketing through written content and reviews. They give you the A-Z of WordPress, the Google algorithms, building your business, running ads and Keyword Research.

Jaaxy is the pride and joy of WA as far as keyword research is concerned.

It Works with all Devices – No Download Necessary. Jaaxy is not some software that you need to download. It’s entirely based online and uses proxy servers. So it will work the same on PC, Mac or any other device that is connected to the internet.

Generous Affiliate Program.  Below you can see the commission structure for those of you who promote Jaaxy to other bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

Only those of you who have an account with Jaxxy may promote it to others.  But, the good news is that Yes!  You can promote Jaaxy even with a Free Account!  

Give it a Quick Test!

To back up what I’m saying and to give you a first-hand experience of the tool, there is a search bar below that enables you to try Jaaxy for yourself. Think of a keyword; don’t worry, it can be anything at all, and Jaaxy will come up with the stats on it.

They say we should keep our SEO Score under 100 and our Average Monthly Searches (Avg.) above 40, unless you already have a significant presence online.

Wishing you every success in whichever Research Platform you choose to go with for your online business!

2 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review | An Affordable Keyword Research Tool”

  1. I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate and now I have discovered there is this good keyword tool that goes with it. Bot platforms seem to deliver high quality in their services. But particularly Jaaxy, seems to be a perfect fit for me. I am starting with affiliate marketing and need a good and affordable tool to find keywords. I was researching other tools and their prices are way to much!

    • Good to hear!  Keep going and yes, I would say give Jaaxy a try; it really is great value for money.  It will help you progress towards free traffic to your website(s). 


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