What is Wealthy Affiliate About? | A Walkthrough From Inside

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Hello, and welcome to this walkthrough and review from inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform. My name is Dominic, and in this article as well as in the video attached, I will be giving you a basic walkthrough and inside look of the platform so as to give you a taste of what to expect if you sign up for your Free Membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

First of all, I will say that this is the top program on my Recommended list for anyone either starting or already in the pursuit of making money online, especially as an affiliate marketer.

When you visit the landing page for Wealthy Affiliate which you can see right here and partially shown in some of the images below, you will begin to get your first taste of what it’s all about.

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As you will find, it is essentially a way to build an online business that helps other people and that generates organic traffic. To me, this already ticks all the boxes for a genuine, ethical, authentic online business. You will be helping people by building a website in a niche you love. It’s going to be fun! And exciting to see it grow.

Your website will reach the point where it attracts Free Targeted Traffic.

At any time, you may also check out my full Wealthy Affiliate Review right here.

Once inside the training community you will find Two Training Courses: The Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp. It is recommended that newcomers start with the first one. It has a total of 50 lessons, while the Affiliate Bootcamp which focuses on the Affiliate Marketing or Make Money Online niche has a total of 70 lessons.

As you go through the training, you will be taking action steps along the way and in no time you will have a website up and running in a niche that you are interested in.

Everything website related will be in the Websites menu. This will include the Website Manager, Website Builder, Website Content creation, Website Comments, Website Feedback and all you need build, improve and grow your business.

The Home screen will feature the latest extra classes that proficient marketers have uploaded, as well as Success Stories and many other things. You and all the members have a personal Wealthy Affiliate Blog where you will be able to share thoughts and achievements with the community.

You will also have the option to ask questions to the community under the Help tab. These will be answered promptly and in this way, you have expert coaching right there 24/7.

You will be able to access the program details under the Dollar symbol and many other things. It will show you the commission structure for if you are promoting WA to others.

Wealthy Affiliate does not simply focus on self-promotion. In fact, even in the Affiliate Bootcamp they expressly tell you that you do not have to promote WA. You can use all the information and training to promote other offers if you like. This is how we can know that WA is not an MLM or pyramid scheme.

Under the Research tab you will be taken to Jaaxy, the keyword research tool created by Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy will give you accurate data on the competition, the traffic and the amount of monthly searches of keywords. It has many tools and functions, all of which you can discover with a Free trial or right here in my Jaaxy Review:

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO? | My Jaaxy Review

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100% Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required. Start Free.

WA and the Psychology of Success

One of the most powerful features that distinguish Wealthy Affiliate and set it, in my opinion above most if not all other online business training platforms (including its great affordability) is that fact that it is so well-designed to make you take consistent action and ultimately, become a real success as an online entrepreneur.

They have everything you need in the platform. As you will come to observe if you give it a try, it is positive in a good, human way and makes you really feel like a valued member of a progressive and loyal family.

The program is designed in such a way as to bring out your potential, to make you put your heart into your business. It allows you to reward yourself by clicking on those completed task check boxes at the end of every lesson.

Growth going hand in hand with learning is really the key to making good headway with affiliate marketing. You are doing that while going through the courses at WA, ticking off those task boxes, having the opportunity to private message a personal coach, or to ask open questions and being an active part of the community; members you can individually connect with. People who are all of the same enthusiastic, or at least online business orientated mindset as yourself.

4 thoughts on “What is Wealthy Affiliate About? | A Walkthrough From Inside”

  1. Hey Dominic! This informational piece is excellent and valuable, especially for new WA members and those who don’t know about this opportunity yet. I love how you navigate the reader through all the training and skill development stages that this platform offers at no cost! That is what makes WA the ideal space for those just starting or those who are already experts in this cyber world. Again, I enjoyed very much reading and watching the videos.

  2. Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life for the better so every time I see something that is remotely linked to it, I just get excited. This article will help other people understand what WA is all about and the benefits they will get from it. They will also see how easy it is to utilize WA. 

  3. I’ve just joined Wealthy Affiliate, and the community there is really warm. I’d like to get started with the training and create my first website. For the first time in my life, I’m hoping to learn a lot and achieve success online. Most importantly, I’d like to upgrade to a premium membership since the first month is $19 and I’m hoping to gain more useful knowledge this way.

    Thank you kindly.

    • Oh, this is really wonderful to hear Lio!  I’m truly excited for you and fully believe you are making a wise decision that can really help your financial future! 

      Best wishes my friend!



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