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So you’re considering a side hustle and wondering, ‘What’s the best ways to make money online?’ I have long considered this myself as I searched Google, YouTube and social media for answers. There are actually innumerable ways to go about this. Some of the most common and successful ways include paid ads, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, selling your own products, blogging and YouTube.

3 Best Ways

After almost two years of research and experience, I came to the conclusion that three of the best ways to make money online are with Microsoft Ads, (also known as Bing Ads) YouTube and Blogging. I want to go through each of these three methods of making money online.  I would advise you use all three, but after reading my points, I hope you will be able to decide for yourself that at least one of them is the right way forward for you.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising, which used to be called Bing Ads, is probably the best form of PPC advertising out there on the web, at least as far as cost is concerned. This Ad platform’s CPC is on average 33% lower than the Google equivalent. The ad auction is so much less competitive that beginners can afford to experiment with Microsoft Ads and get good at it before losing too much money.

Running ads is a difficult and risky way to go about making money, but it is certainly one of the fastest ways and on top of that, it can be highly lucrative. Most of the difficulty is in learning how to set up an ad campaign that is likely to convert.

And really, it usually comes down to testing low cost ads first. You can set up a similar ad to the one you are planning on running and just change some details and keywords. You then run both ads and see which one performs better.

You can repeat this process until you have a really sharp idea of what works and what doesn’t. By this time, running ads won’t be difficult to you and the risk factor will be low because you will have learned enough to start profiting more often than you waste your ad spend.

It really is a cost-efficient way to enter the world of online advertising. For the best, comprehensive training on running Microsoft Ads, I found the PPC training module in Wealthy Affiliate to be the game changer.

It was so clear, so structured and had clear action points at the end of the lessons. I also bought a course on Udemy which I found to be useful as well.

If you start small, practise with your ads and later scale up, running ads on Bing can turn into a full-time online business. I started by selling ClickBank products like many other advertisers. But now I have plans to sell products from various other sites.


  • Microsoft Ads will appear on both Bing and Yahoo, giving you two audiences.
  • They cost less to run than Google.
  • Keywords are less competitive than Google keywords.
  • It’s easy to transfer Google Ad campaigns to Microsoft Ads.
  • Ads are more often placed at the top of search results when compared to Google Ads.
  • There is a larger character limit for your titles: 40 characters allowed for Bing as opposed to a 25 character limit for Google.


  • With a far smaller audience size than Google, it will not be possible to reach the same amount of potential buyers.


Although it takes some time and effort, YouTube is actually one of the easiest and best places to make money. First of all it’s completely free to get started with; anyone can create a YouTube channel and begin to build up a following.

YouTubers are able to do all sorts of things to generate income: join the YouTube partnership program and earn revenue from ads, sell merchandise and products, setup a Patreon, get fan funding, operate with brands as affiliates and influencers etc.

There are a huge number of strategies out there for making money with YouTube but my advise to the average person would be this: firstly, start a channel along the lines of something you know you can talk about or do and make sure it is something you have  a real interest in and even a passion for. Go all in with your channel and think long term.

Use keyword tools to help you rank such as vidIQ and TubeBuddy; the more you optimise your channel for visibility, the faster it’s going to grow. As for what to do in the meantime while preparing your channel for monetisation, you can leave affiliate links to products related to your channel’s content.

In fact, you could start a channel based solely on reviewing products that people are already in the market for, such as laptops, guitars, drones, etc. With Amazon Associates you can be an affiliate for Amazon which pretty much sells everything under the sun!

By the time you have even a few hundred subscribers, you could already be making money. Or you might have one or two videos that go viral and get thousands of views in a very short time.

Some YouTubers also simply create background music videos using royalty free music tracks and make an absolute killing from it. With a little editing and imagination, they produce 1 to 2 hour long videos at a time.

These channels have the potential to make the creators a lot of money because of how quickly their watch time builds up. And again, they can sell related products by leaving links in the video description box.


  • YouTube is free and easy to get started with.
  • You can start selling products immediately.
  • As you grow your channel, your earning potential increases with it.
  • YouTube can be both a hobby and a full-time online business.
  • There are many different ways to make money with YouTube.
  • YouTube is a great asset for affiliate marketers.
  • If you are a blogger, you can base a YouTube channel on your blog.
  • YouTube can be used to provide backlinks for your blog or website, giving it better ranking in search engines.
  • The feedback from your followers makes YouTube an engaging and exciting business adventure.


  • It’s easy to feel discouraged in the beginning; a YouTube channel takes time to grow and master.
  • It can be ‘full on’ or ‘endless’ in the sense that it can start to really dominate your thoughts, making it difficult to take a good brake from.

Building a Website

The third and for a lot of people including myself, the best way to go forward with an online business is to build an affiliate marketing based website.

The process is really quite straight forward: find a good training platform, learn the process and build your website simultaneously, attract free traffic, make sales and earn commissions.

Website Affiliate Marketing should always be based around a niche you are interested in and passionate about; something you geek out on. This enables you to persevere with your online business and get results.

If you try to start something like this yourself, you’re almost certain to have a rough and difficult journey. It takes so much longer, with a great deal of hassle to go at this all alone, using only random articles online and YouTube videos.

But with the proper training, you can really make regular progress, overcome all the hurdles easily enough and skyrocket your success.

The training platform I recommend as the best and most comprehensive in the industry is the Wealthy Affiliate community.

The Free starter membership provides you with all you need to have your very own affiliate website up and running before you go to bed tonight. If you are interested in receiving special coaching from me besides all the in-depth support provided by the training and the Wealthy Affiliate members, all you need to do is sign up for your Free membership today.

Everyone who signs up for their starter account will receive a personal coach. With my several years experience and 4 websites, I would love to be a support and guide for you as you move forward.

Wealthy Affiliate lets you join a thriving, friendly and professional training platform. For my full review of the program and all that comes with the Starter and Premium memberships, click Here.


  • A website is a great way to get free, targeted traffic to your offers.
  • You can become a real authority in your niche with a good quality website.
  • A website is a great way to make sales with social media; it works far better than direct linking.
  • A website provides a lot of value; it’s an authentic, robust way to run an online business.
  • Microsoft Ads and YouTube can be used to promote your site and generate more sales.
  • Running a website keeps your knowledge of online business sharp; you grow in experience and ‘know-how.’
  • A website can become the core or foundation for an ebook or course.
  • A website is a great asset; it’s something you’ve made yourself, something you can be proud of and use to generate leads and passive income for years and years.


  • Building a website can be a daunting process, especially if you go at it all by yourself.
  • There can be security issues if you are not on a reliable platform.
  • It may take several months to generate income from your site.

Brief Conclusion

Overall I have found a website to be the best foundation for an authentic, long term and profitable online business. Everything can grow from your website and everything can refer back to it when promoting offers in the same niche as your site.

I believe the most helpful and secure place to start a solid and profitable website based business is with the Wealthy Affiliate community. You can then base ad campaigns (which are taught in detail within WA) and a YouTube channel around your website.

If your site has good rankings, it can be used to get more followers to your YouTube channel (if you have one) and to your other social media accounts, giving you greater overall visibility and presence online. I wish you the very best in your journey as an Online Entrepreneur.

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10 thoughts on “What’s the Best Ways to Make Money Online? | Proven Methods”

  1. Hello there! I think these are all great ways to make money online. I am currently working on developing my own website. It hasn’t been an easy journey and still have yet to earn an income (just like the con that you mentioned) but I will definitely keep trying. I am also doing it through the Wealthy Affiliate which you were promoting too! I learned so much from that platform, I feel that I am very close to seeing some success but just need to keep on going for now. Thanks for these ideas!

    • Hello and thanks for your feedback!  It’s great to hear that you are also going for a website as the core of your online business and are making good progress.  Putting the work in now prepares the way for the reward that will come later in the form of income.  I’d love to get an update later on from you if you hit another milestone!  The very best of luck! 

  2. This is a very engaging post. I found your suggestions to make money online very compelling. Especially, the YouTube option as I already have a website. 

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a good way to get trained and create a website. Having an Internet presence today is critical in connecting with others looking for what you have to offer. 

    Thanks for writing this article.



    • Thank you very much. It’s great you got some value out of this article.  Yes, I believe having more than one potential income stream is important when it comes to online business creations.  With YouTube, I’d say go for it!  Don’t be afraid to start; you learn by just doing it, as with most things.  

      Wishing you the very best! 

  3. Thanks for the great information in the article What’s the Best Ways to Make Money Online ?. I also joined the Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago and started creating my own website, and I also have my own YouTube channel.
    Both require a lot of perseverance, creativity, time, and work, the results are not showing overnight.
    I haven’t tried Microsoft Advertising yet. First, I want to lay a solid foundation for my site and channel before continuing with advertising and more concrete promotion.
    I joined WA as a complete beginner, and I am truly pleased with all the knowledge I have gained, with all the support they offer me, and with the whole community.
    I wish you much success,

    • Thanks Nina!  I really appreciate your positive feedback.  Well done on creating a YouTube channel as well as a blog.  I hope that’s going okay for you currently.  

      Yes, I agree that running ads is not something to dive into right away.  Focusing on producing consistent, quality content on your site (and YouTube channel) is the best way to go when building a business from the ground up.  

      I really hope you keep at it and reach your goals! 

  4. Thank you for pointing me out on the 3 best ways to make money online, it is really helpful. For the first method, do you know what the price is on those pay-per-click ads? It cant be much more than a few cents, right?

    I think I am going to give number 3 a try, and make good money with affiliate marketing, Wealthyaffiliate seems promising, can I make an account for free there to start?

    thank you !

    • Hi Lizzy, yes, you can bid 5c per click or higher.  You’d need to learn about Bing ads a bit and experiment.  It’s not a great thing to start with if you really are new to affiliate marketing.  Yes!  I would definitely give Wealthy Affiliate a go. There is a lot in the starter package.  

  5. Dominic, I really enjoyed your site. Clearly it’s focused on Wealthy Affiliate, and this makes sense. But I assume you’re an affiliate for other offers you’ve written about, and these get lost in the shuffle– yes, they are listed to the right but the list is long and will only get longer. You may want to create one or two more menu categories to place these under, I like that you’ve learned the power of the menu system– too many people ignore it. And congrats on telling a great personal story, and on getting real comments from people. Goes a long way!

    • Hello Brien!  Nice to meet you and to get this very useful feedback on my site!  Yes, the focus for me is very much on WA.  But it is true that there are some other products out there that I would also recommend and others that I wouldn’t.  I definitely that I should restructure the top bar menu section and have one for other product reviews.  Happy to hear you also liked the About Dominic page as well!  Thank you sir! 


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