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Welcome to my article on where to sell ebooks online.  So you’ve written your eBook, or you are still in the process of writing it, or perhaps you’ve written more than one by now and you’re wondering what’s next? Which places online are good for selling my work? In this article, I’m going to answer your question about where to sell eBooks online.

Before putting any book up for sale online, it’s always a great idea to have it really thoroughly checked over and edited. No place online is going to be good enough to sell an eBook that isn’t good quality.

There are some very helpful ways to get this done before you put your eBook out for sale on the various online marketplaces.

Since the internet is such a big place, there is nothing stopping you from leveraging multiple sites to sell your content on.

Before we go into where to start selling, take note that most sites that allow you to sell your eBooks will take a small cut from each sale you make for the privilege of doing the selling for you.

Ok, let’s dive in. Here are 10 places you can easily sell your eBook online.

#1 Sell your eBook on Amazon

Amazon has a whopping 300,000 active users! It is an easy process to upload your eBook on Amazon, fill in some details and get it in front of a massive online audience. All you will need to do is go to the Sell Products page, choose the eBook category and follow the steps provided to get that book up for sale.

With Amazon, you might be wise to start with a relatively low price to kick off your first few sales. Meanwhile, you may get some positive feedback if your book is valued by customers. After that, you can increase your price a few notches and hopefully get even more positive ratings and reviews. Since Amazon is such a big place however, you will need your book to be well targeted, catchy, good quality and within pretty much everyone’s budget.


#2 Sell your eBook on Shopify

Shopify may give you even more chances of making sales since, while there are 1.2 million users on it, you have a higher chance of actually getting eyes on your offer to begin with. Remember, the more crowded the particular online market place is, the more competition you’re going to be up against.

To sell your ebook on Shopify, you will need to follow a few steps. Once complete you’ll be good to go. Shopify is certainly regarded as a highly efficient e-Commerce platform.


#3 Sell your eBook on Payhip.com

You can host your eBook on a site called Payhip.com and take advantage of their promo tools to set up promotional campaigns which will allow you to get maximum eyes on your offer.

PayPal is available which is always handy and free of complication.

The company takes a very small 5% commission on each sale you make, allowing you to really stack up profit.

Some authors get other affiliates or bloggers to promote their offer using this site and in return pay them an agreed commission rate.

#4 Sell your eBook YouTube

Ok, this one is mostly for anyone who is already managing a YouTube channel, however, it’s not actually essential to have your own channel in order to sell to the enormous world of YouTube.

Wherever your eBook is stored online, there will be a link to it. If you have it up on Amazon for example, all you’ll need is a redirect link to Amazon where you eBook is up for sale. Either leave a link in your description videos and mention to your subscribers, or get in contact with other YouTubers and see if you can make a deal with them to promote your eBook link on their channel. Alternatively, it is also possible to drop your link in the comments section of videos that are related to the subject matter of your eBook. However, I don’t especially advise or encourage this since it can be difficult not to come across as a spammer and there’s no guarantee that your comment and link won’t be removed. Finally, if you have the budget for it, you could create a short video advertising your eBook and then run some YouTube Ads aimed at your target audience. However, with this method, you’d want your eBook to have a high enough price so that you could actually make a profit after paying for the ads.

#5 Sell your eBook on Online Forums

There as forums online with hundreds of thousands of members where you can participate, engage with people and potentially sell your eBook.

One place for example is Find A Forum.  Pick a niche relative to your eBook and join some of the discussions.  After some time, you can leave a link and some helpful comments, offering people the value contained in your eBook and with so much free and targeted traffic, especially if you manage to avoid looking spammy, you have every chance to generate sales completely for free!


#6 Sell your eBook on Your Own Website

One of the best and probably the best place to sell your eBook is from your own website.  If you do it right, one website can give you free traffic to your offers in the tens of thousands every single day!

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To your success!



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