WorldProfit Review: I Can’t Say It’s Great

Hello and welcome to my WorldProfit Review. In this article I’ll be sharing with you my personal thoughts after the research I have carried out on the program.

I’ll also be telling you that while I consider it to be legit, (more suitable for advanced affiliates/online business owners) there’s still a lot of stuff I’m not happy with and in my opinion, there are better options out there.

I have over 5 years of experience in affiliate marketing and making money online and I do this full time and with ever-growing success.

I am not a promoter of Worldprofit but I know how it is supposed to help people succeed online and I use a lot of the same methods they teach myself.

I do not think this program is suitable for beginners in affiliate marketing. I think they will just get confused, overwhelmed and lose money. However, if used correctly, I do believe this can provide some value to those who have experience in the online business industry.

Right, let’s dive in…

World Profit Overview:

Name: Worldprofit

Creators: George Kosch and Sandi Hunter

Cost: Free or upgrade for $99/monthly or 149/monthly

What it Offers: Tools, hosting and training for new and existing online business owners.

Rating: 1.3 out of 5 stars

Recommended? Definitely not for everyone.

Potentially, this site could be used to learn about online marketing and could be leveraged to build an income-generating business. But it’s also pretty archaic and dated. When it comes to traffic packages, there are a lot of complaints about the quality and delivery time of said traffic.

That said, Worldprofit is still going and does have plenty of good reviews, such as those given on Trustpilot. Their homepage does look flashy and perhaps quite enticing.

But the backoffice and members area look very dated and confusing, with a bombardment of calls to action buttons telling the free member to upgrade their account to a paid membership.

They promote things like solo ads, and DFY methods as well as PLR products, all of which simply don’t work very well at all in today’s internet marketing world.

Anyway, we’ll get into more details in the main part of this World Profit Review.

My #1 Recommendation is a lot more efficient at teaching people how to build an online business and besides going back to 2005, it is updated regularly and has 1.4 million members.

A Video Review of Worldprofit

What is Worldprofit? How Does it Work?

Worldprofit is a site that helps online business creators with tools, site hosting, training videos and traffic that they need to generate leads and create their own success online.

The site provides various features such as:

  • general internet marketing training
  • website hosting
  • traffic packages
  • various tools needed for promoting offers
  • an affiliate program
  • PLR product offers
  • live assistance

From what I’ve researched, Worldprofit has a strong focus on simply sending offers to people, rather than content creation and SEO methods which are generally far more effective in the long run, especially if leads generated through things like solo ads are not really interested in your offers which I can assure you, is very often the case.

They also have a system whereby members can promote things to other members which I also find totally laughable and it must be so annoying to know that you are being promoted to from other members of the same program.

Although it’s been around a long time and does have a good amount of positive reviews from members, Worldprofit still has quite a focus on the ‘do whatever you can as fast as you can to make money’ attitude.

There seems to be too little focus on actually helping your customers and too much spammy methods being taught to the members within the Worldprofit program.

For example, they say you need to send out promotional emails everyday to anyone whom you manage to get signed up as an associate.

And you should buy expensive traffic packages as a shortcut to sales. Unfortunately, the traffic offered by Worldprofit has a bad reputation for being cold and useless.

They also encourage you to promote Clickbank products, which is fine, except that if you are promoting MMO products from Clickbank, well, they’re pretty much all a load of sketchy get-rich-quick schemes with over-hyped sales pages and very low success rates.

They do provide the tools for you to build a website, but I think they lead you down the wrong direction with it.

But if you’re smart, you could use the hosting they provide and do your own thing with your website, ignoring their training I suppose.

Who are the Owners?

The owners of Worldprofit are George, an ex-military guy from Canada and his business partner, Sandi.

George retired early and went on to learn ways to use the internet as a means to make money. Once he succeed, he founded Worldprofit to teach others his own methods and also to further his own wealth.

George Kosch and Sandi Hunter

He is the initiator of Worldprofit and Sandi takes care of the training aspects of the platform.

They started the site many years back in 1994 when affiliate marketing was far less known and still fairly new.

Since then, they haven’t really kept up with the more modern methods out there for establishing and running a successful online business.

A Closer Look at the Services of Worldprofit

Here is what you will be offered inside the Worldprofit program:

A Promise of 50,000 visitors to your affiliate site.

So you will be promised an enormous amount of traffic as a bonus: 50,000!! But don’t get too excited. I’ll explain the reasons why that shiny offer is bound to end up being a disappointment.

The problem with the promised 50,000 visitors is:

  • They don’t tell you how long it will take to deliver the clicks
  • They don’t tell you the source of this traffic
  • It’s likely to be recycled traffic
  • Others have complained that they got no sales from it

That’s right. Firstly, there’s no indication as to the delivery time for all these mysterious clicks on your site. Who knows? Could be anything from weeks, to years. They simply don’t tell us.

Also, the quality of this traffic reminds me very much of solo ad traffic which is often recycled and just a load of people worn out with marketing emails who have zero interest in the offers you are pithing.

Email Exchange Feature

Okay, this is actually a fairly odd feature. It allows members of Worldprofit to send out promotional emails to each other.

It’s a pretty crazy idea in my opinion. Imagine getting a ton of emails from other members of the same online community. Who’s going to buy?

It doesn’t just come across as spammy but it really is spam; you could hardly get more blatant. Honestly, if I was being bombarded with emails from other members, I’d just send them straight to the bin. And they would probably do the same with my own emails to them.

So this feature of email exchange is more than likely not going to help you make any money. That’s just how things work.

Again, I just think the psychology of Worldprofit is a dated and rather inefficient at helping people to market properly and make sales.

Login Pop-up Ads

Worldprofit provides you with large, whole page sized ads that act as pop-ups on it partner website’s login.

Again, this kind of tactic tends to just be annoying for people, especially if they are in the process of trying to login to a site.

I’d have no confidence in this kind of method being effective.

Solo Ad Deals

Worldprofit offers solo ad packages but it doesn’t tell you how much traffic you’ll get for the price.

These traffic deals are all priced at around $47. But it’s very vague as to the amount and the quality of the traffic. I wouldn’t trust it to bring in any profit.

In general solo ads are not a good marketing strategy. There’s too much guess work and blind hoping on your part. All too often its the case that you are left in the dark, you hand your money over and lose it.

Anyway they offer three traffic packages:

  • Ruby Solo Blaster Ads
  • Super Solo Package
  • Sapphire Solo Ads

Members seem to do a lot of handing over money to Worldprofit for deals like these. But they have no idea what they’re really paying for. And I really struggled to find any reliable income reports. Instead, all I tend to find is reports of wasting money or having many associates but none of whom upgraded to a silver membership.

You can see by now why I’m not a fan of Worldprofit. I’d be really uncomfortable with buying into a system like this or recommending it to others, but especially to newbies who can easily start to think that marketing is all about finding a secret hack to get rich quick. And let me remind you, it’s REALLY NOT.

Clickbank Superstore

For those with a Silver Membership there is a plugin which allows users to list all the Clickbank products with their affiliate links.

A huge Clickbank superstore! Well, that’s all well and good, but the same old problem is still there which is what about traffic?

How do you drive traffic to a Clickbank superstore? Something that isn’t the official Clickbank site. Most people are not looking for an entire store, but rather for something specific.

It’s fine to drive traffic to a webstore, but it’s a different thing to get your traffic to do anything else once they are there.

So again, this strategy, quite clever though it is, isn’t as easy to utilise to your advantage as it sounds.

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Traffic/Ad Exchange Options

Worldprofit features ad exchange and traffic exchange packages.

An ad exchange? Seems a bit dated. The idea is to buy and sell advertising inventory from various networks.

Quite frankly, people generally don’t do that anymore in the affiliate marketing world. Perhaps because online businesses need to be more specific and attract more of a targeted audience now than in the past.

It’s mostly if not all online business owners who are involved in ad/exchange. They are often competitors – not people who are going to buy from you.

PLR eBooks/Content

You will get access to various PLR (private label rights) content. But there’s problems with this as well:

  • PLRs are too dated to be relevant and helpful today
  • They are not a good idea in terms of building a relationship with your customers
  • You can usually get them on the internet for free anyway, if you know where to look.

So there’s a site called Resell Rights Weekly where you can get into all that kind of stuff. But if you look at the stuff on the site, you’ll see that it is mostly old stuff that no one who is serious is going to be too excited about.

If you own an online business, you don’t want to be doing too much that kind of thing: offering PLRs with your name on it but without it being your content at all.

You want your audience to like you! To trust you! I always people to be original with their content rather so as to maintain a positive relationship with their customers and followers etc.

The Free and Paid Memberships

Their free membership doesn’t seem to give you much. But immediately you are pressured to upgrade to a Silver Membership.

Other than a load of calls to action, telling you to upgrade, I couldn’t really find anything really significant or useful about becoming a free member of Worldprofit.

The other services are unlocked with either:

  • Silver Membership – $99
  • or Platinum VIP Membership – $149

For the actual value delivered, I really don’t think this is a good place to put your money. These are pricy memberships and I have strong doubts that the average person would be able to make back their money any time soon after purchase.

Who is Worldprofit For?

They probably designed it for everyone; people at all skill levels. But it’s easy to see how they would especially appeal to newbies since there is quite a lot of focus on DFY methods and making money in a fast and easy way – a tactic very common for making sales to the less advanced and experienced kind.

It’s for anyone wanting to make money, mostly as an affiliate marketer. Does it work? I don’t think so. Not in a big way.


There is a free membership which allows you to look around and use some limited services.

It’s been going for a long time and can provide some legit marketing methods for those who are interested.

The owner isn’t some mysterious person like with other programs such as:


Really, there’s no clear explanation about their traffic packages/deals.

I think $99 or $149 a month doesn’t make sense and in my opinion, there are some far better options out there at a much more reasonable cost.

I think they use a spammy, dated and inefficient method of marketing.

They don’t train people on SEO methods which I think is the best method of gaining targeted traffic to an online business.

They are also promoters of DFY strategies.

Related: 7 Problems with DFY Systems and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes.

Is Worldprofit a Scam?

No, I certainly wouldn’t call worldprofit a scam. It is a legitimate business model for those who follow through with it and know what they’re doing.

But there’s a fair bit to be said for it being on the misleading side. They make the whole money making process seem a lot easier and simple than it really is.

Concluding Thoughts on Worldprofit

This is a dated system that does offer some value to people looking to get into the online business world.

But generally, because of the kind of traffic methods and the type of offers they pitch, I would stay well away from it.

The cost is far beyond the kind of budget I’d be willing to spend on something of such little value.

Is There a Better Alternative for Making Money Online?

In my opinion, there is a far better way to make money online. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for it’s all-in-one and affordable offer and its high level, in-depth training on affiliate marketing.

It has a free starter membership which you can sign up to with no credit card required.

it’s the largest affiliate network and is regularly updated in terms of training and success stories from members.

It shows people the authentic and much more realistic way to create your own online business.

Top Recommendation

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